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Review: American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead

Review: American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead Richard

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Do you have low water pressure in your home, but still want to have a good showering experience? Do you need to save water because of environmental conditions around your home? If you want to save up to 40% of the water you use with a shower without compromising the overall quality of your shower, then this water saving showerhead from American Standard is worth considering. Best of all, the investment is a fairly minimal one at just over $30 on websites like Amazon.

The Features of the American Standard Water Saving Showerhead

The primary feature of this unit, outside of the fact that is saves water by restricting water flow to 1.5 GPM, is that you still are able to get three unique spray patterns while still saving water. There is the turbine, full, and combination settings that each allow you to get the right shower every day! You may also find these features to be of benefit as well:

  • even though it is a fixed showerhead, you can still easily adjust the angle of attack for the water flow;
  • turbine technology provides better water force, even while water is being conserved; and
  • the chrome finish of this showerhead is wear resistant, while its unique shape will give your bathroom a cool, modern aesthetic.

The Advantages of the American Standard Water Saving Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this showerhead is that it automatically reverts back to its water saving settings after each use. You can manually adjust the shower to give you output of up to 2.0 GPM, but will automatically try to get you to save water with each shower. This helps you to better maximize the water savings that you can experience!

In addition, you may also find these advantages to be of benefit:

  • installing this unit is simple – just pull off your old showerhead and put this one on;
  • cleaning the unit is rather simple as well – just wipe the scale off of it when you get build-up; and
  • it is a durable unit that can stand up to some tough, regular use.

The primary disadvantage that we saw with this unit is how the turbine part of the showerhead is constructed. It holds the water within the turbine to then spin it out at a higher level of PSI. While this helps the water pressure, you’re essentially robbing your energy bill to save water because the heat of the water begins to dissipate within the turbine. The auto-reset function is helpful for saving water, but it’s also easy to see how it could become annoying for some users as well.

If, however, you’re in a position where you need to conserve water, this showerhead will help you realize a lot of the savings from the shower without compromising the overall quality of the shower. It’s a small investment that can pay off big when you see your utility bills each month! Even if you’re just looking to reduce water consumption, you’ll enjoy this showerhead immensely! Click here to get the best price from Amazon.

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