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Review: American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit

Review: American Standard Traditional 5 Function Hand Shower Kit Richard

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Are you looking for a showering experience that is better than average, but still your traditional type of shower? Do you want a showerhead that is handheld, but yet strong enough to provide the standard shower when affixed to its station? If so, then this 5 function shower kit from American Standard could be the right investment to make.

You can save 50% off the MSRP by choosing to buy this online from Amazon. Even with the discount, it isn’t the cheapest showerhead you’ll get – adding this to your bathroom will set you back about $130. It will, however, give you a durable, daily use showerhead that should provide you with many years of great showers.

The Features of This American Standard 5 Function Shower Kit

The primary feature of this shower kit is the five different flow functions that come with it. From a massage spray to a gentle flood, you can always create the perfect shower that you need on any given day. It also comes with one of the strongest finishes in the industry right now, which means you won’t be getting those little vapor bubbles in your showerhead any time soon.

In addition, you may also enjoy these features:

  • a 59 inch hose is shorter than many other handheld options you’ll find on the market today, but the hose is more flexible and useful than many of the hoses you’ll find on the market today as well;
  • a 25 inch standard slide bar is included with this shower kit;
  • the kit includes a wall supply and a double check valve; and
  • the product is covered under American Supply’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Advantages of This American Standard 5 Function Shower Kit

The product description says it all when it comes to the advantages received when you purchase an American Standard product. “Drip-free ceramic disc valves, high-grade lead-free brass alloys, and turbine shower heads cables name just a few of the features which make American Standard shower components the industry’s longest lasting.” You won’t find plastic parts that help the manufacturer save $0.30 here!

You may also see these advantages:

  • the showerhead pivot on the slide bar can be changed to give you a full array of spray angles, from straight vertically to a horizontal delivery to give you a near rainfall experience;
  • the choice of sprays may be basic when compared to other showerheads in its price class, but what you don’t receive in variety, you make up for in quality; and
  • you get a straightforward product with simple instructions that are easy to follow and understand.

It is hard to find anything negative with this product. Would it be even better if it were made of a tarnish or rust resistant metal throughout? Possibly, but you can’t really argue with the results that you receive from this product. In this price range, this showerhead is definitely one of our favorites. When you use it, we suspect that it will become one of the best showerheads you’ve ever used as well! Click here to buy it online and save 50% off MSRP.

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