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Review: Delta Faucet 51708 Slide Bar Hand Shower

Review: Delta Faucet 51708 Slide Bar Hand Shower Richard
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Are you looking for a shower that will give you the highest quality result every single time? Do you want a handheld shower that can double as an affixed shower so everyone can have the personalized showering experience they want? If so, then this showering unit from Delta with universal parts might just be right for you. It is priced around $150, so it isn’t the cheapest showerhead you’ll ever find, but it does provide you with enough flexibility to justify the expense.

The Features of the Delta 51708 Showerhead

The primary feature of this Delta showerhead is the slide bar that comes with the equipment. It’s incredibly easy to install and allows for the shower holder to move vertically over a wide range of heights so that each person in the family can have a great shower that is consistent. In addition, you may also find this features to be beneficial:

  • it is solidly made, giving you a durable, consistent performance each and every time;
  • it helps to extend the heigh of fixtures that are mounted to low in your current bathroom setup;
  • it has a consistent PSI output so your water flow always feels natural and refreshing; and
  • it is incredibly easy to install, including setting the slide bar on the mounting brackets to the tile or other bathtub/shower backdrop.

The Advantages of This Delta Showerhead

This Delta showerhead’s primary advantage is the fact that it is universal in nature. It will work with most bathroom systems, most plumbing fixtures that are considered standard, and will still look awesome despite being such a generic product! You may also find these advantages to work in your advantage:

  • despite being made of plastic, the quality of the showerhead is excellent and you won’t find peeling or cracking issues creeping up with it;
  • the mounting hardware of this united is brass, plated with your preferred finish; and
  • it has multiple spray functions for you to enjoy a customized shower every time.

The one disadvantage that you may discover with this unique Delta showerhead faucet is the fact that is looks very similar to a shower grab bar. It also mounts like a grab bar would mount, so visitors using your bathroom may mistake it for one and dislodge the fixture accidentally. Other users may be disappointed to discover the plastic components of the showerhead for the list price of this faucet, considering cheaper showerheads are all metal, but the Delta durability does make this a reliable fixture.

Overall this showerhead is of fantastic quality and durability and will certainly make a wonderful addition to any bathroom! If you’re looking for a long-term replacement for your existing showerhead or need a new one for some reason, this particular Delta faucet has the capability to meet your needs for years to come. Click here to find the best price and buy the Delta 51708.

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