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Review: Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet Handshower Set

Review: Hansgrohe Croma E 100 3-Jet Handshower Set Richard

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Do you like having a shower that gives you a powerful spray, but some flexibility to be gentle as well? Are you looking for a stylish showerhead that you can used as a handheld unit, yet delivers a powerful enough spray when used in an affixed way? If so, then the showerhead you could be looking for is the Hansgrohe Croma 3-Jet handshower set. Priced right at just under $90 on websites like Amazon, you’ll get amazing quality at a fair price!

The Features of the Hansgrohe Croma

The primary feature we liked with this showerhead set was the length and flexibility of the hose for the handheld unit. At 63 inches, it is one of the longer hoses you’ll find on the market today and it is made from Techniflex, which means it’s a little better than plastic and you don’t have to clean it as often as you would a stainless steel hose! It even prevents kinking, but in return it can be a bit stubborn when you want to use the showerhead as an attached unit.

You might also like these features of this showerhead:

  • installation of this showerhead is easy and allows you to quickly convert to a handheld shower;
  • the sprays of this showerhead are particularly invigorating, even taking into account flow restrictions that are standard today; and
  • the 4 inch spray face allows for full body coverage without needing to install a massive showerhead to get it.

The Advantages of the Hansgrohe Croma

The primary advantage that we saw with this particular unit from Hansgrohe is the overall attractiveness of the unit. Certainly for others the different water flow options or even the shower arm mount might be more of an advantage, but we’ve seen a lot of showerheads here that work great, but look not so great. This showerhead does well in both style and performance!

These are also these advantages:

  • a limited consumer warranty helps to protect your investment in case there is a defect in the manufacturing of it;
  • the chrome finish is resistant to wear and does a great job of protecting the high-grade plastic that was used to manufacture this showerhead; and
  • its durability is higher when compared to other showerheads in its price class.

As for disadvantages, the primary one is the price because not everyone wants to spend $90 on a showerhead. The investment is worth it if your budget can afford it! Otherwise you’re not going to get a lot of fancy features or lighting or other bits of uniqueness with this fixture. It gives you a great shower, every time. What more can you really ask for than that?

Is This Hansgrohe Showerhead Right For You?

With a longer hose, good durability, and with quality construction, this Hansgrohe showerhead is worth the investment in our opinion. It might not be in everyone’s budget, but you’re also virtually guranteed not to have to replace this showerhead within a few months. Over time, it will definitely pay for itself and that’s ultimately why it gets a recommendation from us.  Click here to buy it online and get the best price from Amazon.

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