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Review: Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead

Review: Hansgrohe Raindance Air S150 3-Jet Showerhead Richard

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Have you always wanted to install a rainfall showerhead? Have you avoided doing so in the past because the showerheads you’ve seen just don’t provide the right level of water output for you? Are you also looking for a rainfall showerhead that can give you options while providing a full body experience? Priced just under $90 on sites like Amazon, the Hansgrohe Raindance Air 3-jet showerhead can provide you with the exact solution you’ve been looking to find for a great price!

The Features of the Hansgrohe Raindance

The primary feature we loved about this showerhead is the anti-limescale function that allows for a quick cleaning process with this showerhead. Hard water homes often struggle with rainfall showeres because the scale can quickly buildup and leave water jets clogged and showers feeling less than dynamic. Hansgrohe seems to have solved that problem with this particular unit!

These other features may also be found to be beneficial:

  • a 6 inch spray face allows for full body coverage in the shower without needing to increase water pressure or modify the showerhead in some way;
  • a lifetime limited warranty covers the components of this showerhead so that your investment is secured; and
  • modern styling helps to give your bathroom a unique interior design aesthetic with the installation of this fixture.

The Advantages of the Hansgrohe Raindance

The primary advantage that we noticed with this unit is the air infusion technology. The marketing of this product claims that every drop of water is infused with air to give your shower a more invigorating feel. While we can’t necessarily prove or disprove that there is more air in the water, we can say that the 86 water jets do a great job of making you feel refreshed after taking this shower!

The other advantages to consider with this showerhead are:

  • three unique spray patterns allow for some versatility in the rainfall design, giving you a whirling shower or a fully balanced showering experience as well;
  • made from stainless steel, an integrated chrome finish helps to reduce the risks of corrosion; and
  • switching between the different spray patterns mid-shower is extremely easy to do.

The problems that people have with this type of showerhead are the same with virtually any other showerhead. It is hard sometimes to get out the shampoo or soap from your hair fully while using the rainfall setting. We preferred the whirling setting to eliminate this issue, but some users may still see this problem in any setting. In rare instances, there have also been malfunctions within the showerhead that cause the different spray patterns to not work, but this is covered by warranty.

For a rainfall shower, this Hansgrohe Raindance provides a superior experience to other similar showerheads. Maybe it’s the air injection technology or it is just the fact that it is easy to use to maintain. Whatever the case may be, this showerhead is well worth the investment if you can make it because you’ll be enjoying showers with it for a long time to come! Click here to get the best price and buy online from Amazon.

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