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Review: Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead

Review: Kohler Flipside K-15996-CP Showerhead Richard
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Do you like the idea of a fixed showerhead? Do you want a showerhead that still gives you different spray options, even if it is affixed to your plumbing? If so, then you may just find that you’re wanting the Kohler Flipside showerhead. With four unique spray types that can help to upgrade your overall showering experience, the price is nice for this showerhead as well at just over $50 on many online sites like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Flipside Showerhead

The primary feature we saw with the Kohler flipside showerhead was its overall design. Many of the showerheads that you’ll see utilize changes in waterflow to create different spray patterns. With this Kohler unit, there are different spray faces that are dedicated to the different spray types! This lets you fully customize the showering experience and not have to worry about going from a gentle flood to stinging needles on the wrong setting!

In addition, you may also find these features to be beneficial:

  • the flipside technology makes this showerhead easy to change spray patterns – just flip and go;
  • at 5 3/8 inches in width, this showerhead will fit most standard plumbing fixtures and showers; and
  • the finish on this fixture is specifically designed by Kohler to resist wear and tear on the unit.

The Advantages of the Kohler Flipside Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this unit is how easy it was to install. All you’ve got to do is take off your existing fixture and install the Kohler one. That’s really all you’ve got to do! There’s no plumbing tape or extra tools needed for most installations. You might need a wrench or a pliers if your existing showerhead is stuck on there like glue though.

You may also see these as advantages as well:

  • the PSI rating of this showerhead allows you to enjoy a decent shower without having to go through the hassle of removing a flow restrictor to be satisfied;
  • the rotation of the different showerheads is smooth, even when your hands are super slippery because of soap or shampoo; and
  • you’ll still experience good water flow even if your home’s water pressure is relatively low.

The primary disadvantage we saw are the two “side” settings of the rotational flipside showerhead. They are quite as pleasant or all encompassing as the the two settings that utilize the entire showerhead. With that being said, for the price tag, it’s a good showerhead that Kohler protects with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a metal showerhead, this is one that you’ll want to avoid. If, however, you’re looking for a unique showerhead that is reliable and gives your shower some variety every day, we think you’ll enjoy what this showerhead can bring into your home. Click here to save 33% off the list price by purchasing online from Amazon.

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