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Review: LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect

Review: LED Color Changing Showerhead from ShowerDoorDirect Richard

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Are your kids struggling to take showers on a regular basis? Are you looking to make the showering experience more fun for all of the members of your household? If you are or you just want something different and unique in your bathroom, then this LED color changing showerhead could be the perfect addition to your home! For around $40, you get a shower head that has water-activated LEDs integrated in it that change the streams of water in your shower different colors.

The Features of the LED Color Changing Showerhead

Outside of the water activated LEDs, the primary feature of this showerhead is that it is incredibly easy to install. You don’t need any batteries or any tools beyond maybe some plumber’s tape. Just unscrew your current showerhead and then install this one. That’s all you need to do in order to have a shower that transforms into a rainbow of transitory colors!

In addition, you may also find these features to be of benefit:

  • the showerhead is able to swivel, allowing you to tilt/pivot the direction of the water stream in a limited capacity;
  • starting with primary colors, the showerhead automatically transitions into secondary colors while taking a shower; and
  • the showerhead has good flow output.

Is This LED Showerhead Worth the Cost?

To be fair, there are LED showerheads that do a pretty good job and only cost half as much as this showerhead. This showerhead, however, has an advantage over the others because of the durability of the showerhead. The LEDs are well placed within the showerhead, making cleaning it hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about batteries corroding or running flat inside the showerhead like some of the cheaper models either, because the power to light the LEDs is generated from the flow of the shower water itself.

Because of the technology involved in making this showerhead run, certain minerals or scale within the water can coat the electrical interfaces that power the LEDs. When this happens, the showerhead will still operate, but the lights will not. Considering the marketing is for a lighted shower, you may not wish to purchase this product if you have hard water issues that you know about, otherwise you will need to clean your showerhead regularly to keep it lighting up. A filtered showerhead may be more appropriate for you.

Is this Showerhead the Right One for Me?

This isn’t going to be a showerhead that gives you multiple flows of water or massage options. It’s a showerhead with a light gimmick that makes showering more fun or maybe romantic, depending on your viewpoint. This product is not going to be for everyone, but it is a unique item to install in a home if you’re looking for a fun conversation piece or a way to encourage your kids to get the dirt and grime off of them.

Is it the best showerhead we’ve ever used? It is not, but it is a way to make showers more fun. For that, the investment may be worth it. Click here to read user reviews and get the best price on Amazon.


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