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Review: Moen Enliven 21313 Multi Function Showerhead

Review: Moen Enliven 21313 Multi Function Showerhead Richard

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This fixed mount Moen 21313 showerhead from their Enliven Collection gives you a low maintenance option for your shower at a great price. Although the MSRP of this unit is $75.99, online stores like Amazon often sell this showerhead for less than $25. In return, you get a showerhead that has rub-clean nozzles and is fully adjustable so that it can accommodate people of different heights. Why not give this showerhead a try today?

The Features of the Moen 21313 Showerhead

The primary feature of this Moen showerhead from the Enliven Collection is that it comes with 3 unique settings. This gives you the ability to lightly customize your shower experience with the basic settings you love without having to pay a ton of money for settings that you’ll probably never use! In addition, you might find these features to be of benefit as well:

  • it is one of the easiest showerheads to install because you simply take your existing one off and screw this one on;
  • it provides good spray output, even with the 2.5 GPM modern limitations in place;
  • it looks great, especially if you’re in the market for a straightforward showerhead; and
  • the showerhead is especially light at just 1.2 pounds, allowing for installation in even difficult circumstances.

The Advantages of the Moen 21313 Showerhead

The primary advantage this showerhead provides is the value received. Consistently rated as one of the best showerheads in its class, you’re not going to get a lot of bells and whistles with this product. What you will receive, however, is a consistent shower experience, some flexibility with it should you desire it, and it’s all done with a very low maintenance profile. In addition:

  • the massage setting on this showerhead is comparable to more advanced settings;
  • the key components for this showerhead are metal, adding to the durability of the product; and
  • the finish itself is resistant to typical bathroom cleanliness issues, such as scale and mildew.

A vast majority of customers are very satisfied with the value that this Moen showerhead provides. The primary complaint associated with this showerhead is in regards to it being constructed primarily of plastic. All metal showerheads are very rare in this price range, however, but the quality of this showerhead is agreed upon by almost everyone, even if it is made of plastic components.

Is This Moen Showerhead Right For You?

If you’re looking for a quality showerhead and you don’t want to shell out a ton of cash in order to get it, this Moen showerhead should be strongly considered. It is stylish enough to give your bathroom a modern look, durable enough to provide consistent showers over time, and has enough flexibility to give you the perfect shower you need. There may be better showerheads on the market today… but finding one at this price is pretty hard to do. Click here to learn more or buy this shower head from Amazon.

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