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The Best Bathroom Faucet Reviews Give You Buying Confidence

Bathroom Faucet

Buying a faucet for the bathroom can be a challenging experience! If you go to your local provider, there are numerous choices that all look visually similar. You could rely on the salesperson to provide you with complete information… or you could rely on the bathroom faucet reviews that you’ll find right here. You can even eliminate the retail middleman by shopping directly on websites like Amazon for your new faucet!

Here Is the Best Chart for Bathroom Faucets Today!

You need quality information in order to choose the best bathroom faucet possible. The chart below will help you quickly compare and contrast the best makes and models so that you get the best faucet possible.

Decor Star Vanity Faucet$$3.9
Pfister Jaida 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet$$$4.5
Peerless Centerset Bathroom FaucetÊ P131LF$4.3
Light In The Box Waterfall Fauce$$3.8
Pfister Pfirst Widespread Bathroom Faucet (G1496100)$$$3.8
Delta Bathroom Sink Faucet, Chrome (B3596LF)$$$4.6
Moen Brantford Two-Handle 8 in. Faucet (T6620)$$4.4
Moen Eva Two-Handle Faucet (T6420BN)$$$$4.4
American Standard Colony Lever with Handles (2275.505.002)$4.3
Kraus Arlo Faucet (KVF-1200SFS)$$$4.8

How Can You Find the Best Bathroom Faucet Today?

Bathroom faucets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. You could just select one that is visually appealing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will actually work in your bathroom! The first step in the decision process is to determine what kind of installation point you need. Do you have just one installation point and require an all-in-one faucet? Or do you need a bathroom faucet that has the temperature controls separated in a three point design?

The expected moisture content of your bathroom also needs to be taken into consideration. Although every bathroom fixture has some sort of plating to protect it against corrosion, brass fixtures that get a ding or a scratch can quickly corrode. Owner damage isn’t always covered by warranties either, which means your beautiful oil rubbed bronze bathroom fixture might turn blue or green through corrosion and you’d be stuck with the replacement!

The amount of water flow that the faucet can produce is also an important part of the decision. The bathroom faucet reviews that you’ll find here will help you see what the GPM rates are how easy it is to use the temperature controls. This way you’ll get a complete picture of what to expect from a new bathroom faucet before you actually purchase it.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Bathroom Faucet?

The best bathroom faucets will provide three distinct advantages once they have been installed in a home:

  • Visual appeal. Bathroom faucets are typically a focal point. A stunning bathroom faucet will immediately add visual character to a room and invite people in to use them.
  • Durability. In the bathroom faucet reviews, you will find out which faucets have the highest levels of durability. Look for faucets that have strong plating, quality finishes, and a reputation for lasting a long, long time – even under high use conditions.
  • Automatic cleaning features. Even though many homes have water that has been purified, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a high amount of calcium, lime, or other minerals in the water that can build up over time. If this is a known problem for your home, then look for bathroom faucets that have automatic cleaning features associated with them so that you can clean the fixture often with just one touch.

A good bathroom faucet should also be easy to clean. No matter what you do, water spots are going to appear on your faucet. This is true even if you’ve invested into oil-rubbed bronze! Being able to clean these faucets with just the wipe of rag will help you save time during your chores and still help you maintain a visually appealing bathroom.

You’ll also notice that a good bathroom faucet will give you options. Sometimes that might mean providing you with a different water flow. It might mean having longer water lines so that installation can be easy. It could mean automatic options including motion sensors or one-touch activation so that you can have a hands-free washing experience! Whatever options you may need, the best place to begin your journey is through our comprehensive bathroom faucet reviews.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Faucets?

There are four basic types of bathroom faucets to look at as you go about the shopping process.

  1. Compression faucets are unique from the other types of faucets because they are the only ones that include washers within their design.
  2. Ball faucets are very common and are typically the type of faucets that uses a single handle to control a rounded cap that sits above the base of the faucet. These are more common as kitchen faucets than bathroom faucets, but there are certain bathroom models that do exist.
  3. Disc faucets have been developed to increase the durability of today’s bathroom faucets while preventing leaks at the same time. These are also single installation faucets that have a handle that operates above the faucet.
  4. The most common bathroom faucet, however, is the cartridge faucet. These have two control handles that operate a movable cartridge within the faucet that helps to control how the water flows out into the sink.

What type of bathroom faucet is right for you? Most bathrooms might typically have a cartridge faucet, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best bathroom faucet for your home! Bathrooms that are small on space can benefit from the ball and disc faucets today because their compact all-in-one design takes up very little counter space. You can easily add a half bathroom into a home with these faucets because they work with small sinks and have eco-modes to save on water.

To determine which faucets work best for you, be sure to consult the best bathroom faucet reviews for more specific information about each make and model!

What Are the Prices To Expect on Today’s Bathroom Faucets?

In the best bathroom faucet reviews, you will find that the average price for a good fixture is about $150. You can find pocket friendly models that are priced under $100, but these often require more care and the plating on the fixture may come into question. Higher end models can approach $500 in price on websites like Amazon, but in return you’ll receive a solid brass fixture with triple-plated protection. An important point to keep in mind: pricing in bathroom faucets isn’t always a reflection of performance.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Pfister Pfirst Series 2

Your bathroom fixtures should be an investment in your style. It should be the best combination of form and function that you can find! Some bathroom faucets are able to meet some needs in some homes, but the best bathroom faucets will work to fulfill every home’s need. That’s what you’ll find with the Pfister Pfirst!

This polished chrome faucet offers ceramic disc valving for increased reliability, 30% less water consumption, and it works with a standard 3 point installation. Pop-up assembly is even included! There’s a lot of value to be found in this ADA compliant fixture and it is well worth the investment.

Click here to compare prices on Amazon and get the best deal on the Pfister Pfirst Series

Light In The Box Waterfall Feature

Are you looking for a modern look that doesn’t come with an outrageous price? Then you’re going to love the single handled waterfall design that comes with this bathroom fixture! With clean, straight lines that works with a single installation point, you’ll find that it doesn’t take a lot of space to make a very large impression!

Featuring ceramic valves that have been rated for 500k uses, a chrome finish, and a brass foundation, this faucet will add a contemporary flair to any bathroom that you’re going to love.

Click here to compare prices on Amazon and get the best deal on the Light In the Box Waterfall Fixture

Decor Star Bathroom Faucet

With a brushed nickel finish and a single handle design that is reminiscent of a bar sink or a secondary kitchen faucet, this option provides you with the small space, high flow requirements your bathroom may need. It has a short spout height that is perfect for the sink with a Euro design that offers a long lasting, drip-free operation.

It turns smoothly, is NSF certified, and meets lead free compliance requirements. As an added benefit, the water hoses included with this faucet are 26 inches long!

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Delta Windemere Faucet

This bathroom faucet epitomizes the aesthetics of traditional, classical elegance. The gooseneck design matches up with your kitchen faucet as it provides a 1.5 GPM flow rate. Featuring 3/8 inch compression and working on a 3 point installation, the installation of this faucet is really easy thanks to the PEX supply lines that come with it.

They hook up directly to the angle stops so you don’t need to run any intermediate lines. The diamond seal valves? That’s just the icing on this bathroom faucet cake!

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Kraus Arlo Bathroom Faucet

Are you looking for a modern fixture for your bathroom from a reliable manufacturer? Then you’re going to love what the Kraus Arlo can provide for your home! It features a spot-free all-brite brushed nickel finish, which prevents water spots and fingerprints for lifelong shine. A stunning combination of clean, refined lines and an elegantly arched spout give the classically-inspired Arlo vessel faucet a timeless appearance that makes it the perfect accent for any bathroom sink..

The finish has the lifetime limited warranty on it, as does the faucet, and it meets all low-lead level requirements. It’s high-efficiency aerator ensures the economical use of water without sacrificing performance, for a faucet that is over 20% more efficient than the industry standard (it meets or exceeds all EPA criteria). Overall it has a look of upgraded elegance and it may even become your favorite faucet in the entire house!

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What bathroom faucet is right for you? Take a look at these and all of the other options available to you today and be sure to read our bathroom faucet reviews so that you can make an empowered decision. Your bathroom should make an incredible first impression. The right bathroom faucets will help you do just that!

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