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Are you tired of fogless shower mirrors that just don’t live up to their promise? Do you want a product that will deliver consistent results every day in an easy-to-use way? Then you’re going to love what this shower mirror from ToiletTree Products has to offer. It’s guaranteed to be fogless for life and you’ll never have to use those fog free sprays or run it under your shower stream to make that happen! Best of all, you can save up to 25% on off the MSRP of this item right now by shopping on a website such as Amazon.

The Features of the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

The primary feature of this fogless shower mirror is its unique design. Instead of having a heating element installed that requires batteries that could corrode, you’ll get a fogfree experience by filling the reservoir of this mirror with hot water before starting the shower. Do it as you start your shower and you’ll never have to run the mirror under the water again!

There’s also these features to consider as well:

  • it mounts to the shower by a silicone adhesive and double-sided tape so you don’t have to deal with suction cups every again;
  • a built-in squeegee lets you clean off the mirror after filling it with hot water if need be; and
  • it is built with a shelf that allows you to store your razor, tweezers, or washing sponge in a convenient location.

The installation process is simple, easy, and it isn’t permanent – but it will give you a permanent result. It really is one of the best designs of a fogless mirror that is on the market right now.

The Advantages of the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror

The primary advantage that is seen with this product is the fact that the reflective surface is made with a shatterproof acrylic material. You won’t have to worry about this mirror dropping and leaving little shards that can penetrate your feet! Despite the acrylic surface, you’ll receive a lifelike reflection as you would with any other mirror and that lets you get your job done quickly and effectively.

There’s also the additional advantages to consider as well:

  • the mounting bracket of this fogless mirror is fully adjustable so that everyone in the family can use it;
  • the mirror detaches easily if you need to have a more hands-on approach in the shower; and
  • it is specifically designed not to rust, damage your bathroom, or discolor in any way.

The one issue that has been seen with this design is the added weight of the hot water in the back reservoir in relation to the strength of the bracket and adhesives that are used. If the water isn’t removed after the shower and sits all day, then over time this can cause premature wear on the swivel bracket or cause the mirror to fall from its installation point.

On the whole, however, this bathroom mirror has the innovation to deliver a quality result when you need it most. For that reason, we offer you our recommendation if you’re looking for a quality fogless mirror that won’t break your budget. Click here to compare prices and get the best price on the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror.

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Are you looking for a rainfall showerhead that will still look stylish in your bathroom? Do want a full body coverage with that rainfall shower that is gentle like natural rain? If you’re tired of having a shower that stings you with needles of water, then the Pfister Marielle Raincan showerhead could be the right one for you. Priced for less than $60 on sites like Amazon, you’ll find that this showerhead has the ability to deliver a consistent, quality shower for a long time!


The Features of the Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead


The primary feature we noticed with this showerhead was the fact that is was made of brass. Unlike other showerheads that are made of plastic or stainless steel and then finished with a brass or bronzing agent, this Pfister showerhead has a foundation of brass with a finish of brushed nickel to help resist that greenish corrosion that brass fixtures can sometimes get.


These other features may also be worth considering:


  • fast and easy to install, you’ll immediately upgrade your bathroom both aesthetically and with an improved shower experience;
  • a six inch spray face helps to provide a full body rainfall experience that competitive showerheads just can’t provide; and
  • a shower arm is included with your purchase just in case your existing fixtures aren’t complimentary enough for this showerhead.


The Advantages of the Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead


The primary advantage we noticed with this unique showerhead was the optimized flow rate that was built into it. So many showerheads, especially rainfall showerheads, leave you desiring more with modern flow restriction technology. With this Pfister model, you won’t be tempted to drill out or remove the flow restrictor because you’ll get the right water pressure for every shower!


You may also notice these advantages with this showerhead:


  • a limited lifetime warranty helps to protect your minimal investment into this showerhead in case there is a problem with the manufacturing of it;
  • the high arc spout of this showerhead will give your bathroom a classical appearance; and
  • the showerhead has easy-to-clean rubber nozzles that will help you remove scale and mineral buildup.


Some users may see that this showerhead doesn’t give a true rainfall affect and to some extent that is true. There is just a slight angle to the showerhead that won’t give you a full vertical experience. On the other hand, that slight angle allows for easier use and a better experience with getting shampoo out of your hair.


Overall this is a fantastic showerhead for those who want a good rainfall type of shower each day. It may not come with a lot of different spray features, but that allows it to do one thing quite well: provide you with a consistent shower. Click here to visit Amazon to buy online and get the best price.



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Do you like to move and groove in the shower? Would you like to have some music come into the shower with you so you don’t have to sing by yourself/ Do you also want a consistent showering experience every day with these tunes? The Knox MusicJet showerhead with a waterproof Bluetooth music player could be the answer to your problems. Priced at $100 on sites like Amazon and available in a wide array of different colors, you’ll have style and music in your shower every single day with this fixture!

The Features of the Knox MusicJet Showerhead

Outside of the audio components of this showerhead, the primary feature we noticed were the 88 jets of water that come streaming out from around the Bluetooth equipment. Though the showerhead itself is plastic, it is still wide enough at 4 inches across to provide space for the equipment and a decent showering experience.

You may also enjoy these features:

  • noise canceling technology allows for better overall music playback while you are in the shower;
  • if for some reason you wish to take a phone call while you’re in the shower, the microphones pick up your voice readily and the Bluetooth easily connects to your smartphone up to 33 feet away; and
  • the lithium ion battery in the unit provides up to 10 hours of talk or music time so that charging the unit only needs to be done once per week or so.

The Advantages of the Knox MusicJet Showerhead

The primary advantage of this unit is the fact that you don’t have to pause life just to take a shower. For some, it is an inconvenience to step into the shower for a few minutes, or worse, they take their phones to the bathroom and use them like they would this speaker! This showerhead eliminates that as an issue.

The other advantages of this unit are:

  • the Bluetooth speaker can be removed from the showerhead, providing an easy way to charge the speaker or to use it in other ways beyond the shower;
  • it fits all standard ½ inch fixtures; and
  • the automatic features of this unit allow it to be virtually hands-free.

The primary disadvantage seen with this showerhead is that you’re paying more for the speaker than you are for the overall showering experience. If you’ve already got a great showerhead, you might consider purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker independently as this showerhead, although mildew resistant, is still mid-grade plastic.

Overall this showerhead is a great way to increase the amount of fun that you have in the shower every day. Made for those who love to groove out to some great tunes, those who need to be on-call and still take a shower can benefit from this product as well. It is well worth considering if you’re looking for a Bluetooth addition to the bathroom! Click here to get the best price and buy online from Amazon.

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Do you like the idea of the classic rainfall shower experience? Are you looking for more than just a rainfall shower, but still want that classic look in your shower for aesthetic appeal? Then what you’re going to want is the multifunction showerhead that comes courtesy of the Kohler Forte line. With its ability to compliment virtually any bathroom interior decoration design and priced right around $70 on sites like Amazon, this is an investment that is well worth making!

The Features of the Kohler Forte Multifunction Showerhead

The primary feature that we liked about this showerhead were its four different spray functions that are available. Aside from the typical rainfall-type of experience that you’d expect from the Forte line, you’ll get three other spray patterns that can help you target a specific shower you want each day. It’s easy to transition between the different patterns as well because you just grab the rim of the showerhead and rotate.

You may also find these features to be beneficial:

  • it is wider than you’d expect at almost 6 inches across, allowing you to get a full body experience on each spray setting;
  • it is easy to install the showerhead with just a strap wrench and some sealant tape with your existing standard fixtures; and
  • a limited lifetime warranty helps to protect your investment when you use this showerhead in typical residential settings.

The Advantages of the Kohler Forte Multifunction Showerhead

The primary advantage we noticed with this showerhead was its style. It’s a very striking showerhead and it creates a classic design compliment for your bathroom’s interior design. It’s also available in a wide array of finishes, allowing you to fully customize the look of this Forte showerhead.

These other advantages are also worth considering:

  • made from durable materials so that you get a long-lasting showerhead, the finish you select is bonded to the showerhead itself to give it more strength to resist corrosion;
  • its output may be a restricted 2.5 GPM, but with a higher PSI it doesn’t feel like you’re sacrificing any water flow for a good shower; and
  • you’ll get a consistent water spray no matter which setting you utilize in this multifunction showerhead.

The primary disadvantage we can see with this multifunction showerhead is its overall size. At six inches in width, it just isn’t going to work for every shower. For homes with weaker water pressures below 2.5 GPM, this showerhead may not provide a good PSI for you to enjoy either because there is no pressure accelerator within this unit. The interior water jets are also a bit difficult to clean if you’ve got hard water.

Overall this showerhead will provide users with a classic showering experience with some options. If you like a little variety in your shower, but you also want the classic traditional look of a showerhead, then this is likely the one for you. Holiday Inn Express utilizes these fixtures in their rooms because of their quality and it is worth considering for your home as well. Click here to get the best price when you buy online from Amazon.

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Do you have chlorinated water that is bothersome to you when you take a shower? Are you looking for a compact showerhead that will also filter the water for you so that your showering experience can be more consistent? Unlike other filtered showerheads that incorporate a separate filtering unit and a showerhead that is extended below it, the Culligan WSH-C125 showerhead features a filter and showerhead all-in-one of standard length. It’s also priced right, at just over $25 on sites like Amazon.

The Features of the Culligan Filtered Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead, outside of its ability to filter out chlorine and some hard water minerals, is the fact that it is incredibly easy to install. The filter goes inside the showerhead and then you twist on everything! No tools are needed unless your existing showerhead happens to be stuck on your fixture.

In addition, these other features are worth considering:

  • a 10,000 gallon capacity filter helps to remove scale from your water as well if you have lime issues;
  • anti-clog water jets will deliver a consistent shower every day and if you happen to notice any build-up, the showerhead itself is easy to clean; and
  • this showerhead is NSF certified and comes with a 5 year warranty upon purchase.

The Advantages of the Culligan Filtered Showerhead

The primary advantage we noticed with this unit, outside of the fact that it fits into the value priced category, is the fact that it will also reduce sulphur fumes from your water. Many filtered showerheads today are specifically targeted to chlorine or specific minerals and to find a multi-faceted filter that is so effective at this price is both unusual and quite welcoming.

These other advantages are worth considering too:

  • 5 unique spray settings are available on this showerhead, including a very effective massage setting;
  • the spray face is nearly 5 inches across as well, letting you have a full body experience with this showerhead even though it is a filtered unit; and
  • the classic styling of the fixture allows it to work within many bathrooms from a visual standpoint.

The primary issue we could see developing with this showerhead is its weight. The filter within the showerhead itself creates a weight discrepancy that some bathroom plumbing fixtures just weren’t made to withstand. Some users may need to reinforce their plumbing over time, especially if this unit is  being installed in a home built before 1990.

Overall this showerhead is going to provide you with a lot of value for a very minimal investment. That investment is backed up by a 5 year warranty and you get to customize your showering experience. With regular changing of the filter, even people with hard water can enjoy a better shower every day! That’s why this showerhead is well worth considering. Click here to compare prices and buy online from Amazon.

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Do you spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day? Are you looking for a way to make that time be more fun than it is now? Do you have children that you’re looking to encourage to take more showers throughout the week? The MagicShowerhead 7 color fading fixture has the ability to meet all of those needs! Powered by water and available for just $49.95 on sites like Amazon, you’ll get a showerhead that will really make your shower time light up!

The Features of the MagicShowerhead

The primary feature of this unit is, of course, the 7 color LEDs that are installed within the showerhead. When you turn on the shower, the flow of water powers these lights. Over time, the lights fade out and a new light begins to glow. This process then repeats through the 7 unique colors over and over again until the water is turned off!

These other features may also be worth considering:

  • it is built to meet the maximum standards of flow and pressure for modern showerheads at 2.5 GPM and 80 PSI;
  • it easily installs on any standard ½ inch plumbing fixture; and
  • a 1 year limited warranty helps to protect your investment into this fun product.

The Advantages of the MagicShowerhead

The primary advantage we noticed with this showerhead is again just the fact that it is fun. It’s a cool toy to have in the shower and it can alleviate the fears that some young children might have in taking a shower. The LEDs are bright enough to allow for a shower to happen in the dark if you want, while the colors themselves are still light enough to not be bothersome to the eyes.

There are other advantages to consider as well:

  • there is no need for a battery with this unit, nor does any charging need to occur with it as the water pressure itself powers the unit;
  • the unit itself is relatively quiet when compared to other LED showerheads; and
  • it is able to provide a consistent showering experience each and every time.

The primary disadvantage we could see with this unit would happen if you have hard water or a problem with scale buildup. These could work against you with this LED showerhead and cause it to either not work or have a very loud chopping sound as the internal generator attempts to work to power the lights. The light rotation happens up to every 5 seconds, which could also be annoying for some users.

Overall this showerhead can provide you with a fun experience in the bathroom and encourage the little ones to want to take a shower. For this minimal investment, as long as you don’t have a problem with hard water, this unit is worth the purchase price. Click here to buy the MagicShowerhead from Amazon.

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Are you looking for a quality walk-in tub that will help you enjoy a relaxing, warm bath whenever you want one? Do you want a tub that will look as stylish in your bathroom as it is functional? This dual massage walk-in tub from Bath2Tile has a lot of the features you’d see on tubs that cost twice as much as it does. Retailing for right around $5,000, you’ll get the chance to improve on how you or your loved one feels every day thanks to the all-encompassing warmth that this walk-in tub is able to provide.

The Features of This Bath2Tile Walk-in Tub

The best feature that this walk-in tub provides is the removable door. That makes it a lot easier to clean, especially considering how much moisture the joints are exposed to with every bath cycle. You won’t have to worry about soap scum, mildew, or scale interfering with the door thanks to this feature. You just take it out, clean it up, and then reinstall it in just a couple minutes.

You might also like these specific features:

  • Chromatherapy. This bathtub has a halogen lamp that you can turn on and off so that you can turn the light on and off. There’s also color changing options if you want to improve the environment for therapy too.
  • Depth. This walk-in tub is able to hold up to 75 gallons of water when occupied. This improves bouyancy, which means better therapy because there is less stress on each problematic joint.
  • Dual drains. You only need to install one drain line for this tub, but it comes with the option for dual draining so the water can be eliminated quickly. With up to 1 gallon per second removed with both drains in place, getting out of the tub is very easy.

Whether you’ve got severe physical limitations or just a chronic bad knee that locks up on you at times, you’ll get the therapeutic help you’ll need with this tub. It really is versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs!

The Advantages of This Bath2Tile Walk-in Tub

The primary advantage that you’ll gain after installing this walk-in tub is the advanced warranty that you’ll receive upon purchase. There’s a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, door, and shell of the tub so you won’t have to worry about defects. There’s also a 5 year warranty on all of the parts of the tub to further protect your investment as well.

The one disadvantage of this tub is the time that it takes to fill it up. Even with outstanding water pressure, you’re looking at a minimum of 15 minutes of sitting in the tub, waiting for it to fill so that it can be used. It’s also smaller than most standard tubs, but does come with an extension kit to fill a standard 5 foot tub opening.

Despite these two potential concerns, this Bath2Tile walk-in tub is an amazing value. If you or your loved one is looking to claim independent living back, this tub will help to make that possible from a bathing standpoint. It is definitely worth your consideration during the shopping process!

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal on this walk in tub at Amazon.

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Do you have problematic chlorine issues with the water that comes into your home? When you take a shower, does your skin feel very dry? Do you color your hair and the shower makes it fade quickly, despite your best efforts to care for it? If these are issues for you, then you could likely benefit from a filtered showerhead in your bathroom. If you’re on a budget, but still want an effective, long-term way to remove up to 90% of the chlorine your water supply has, then this Rainshow’r showerhead priced below $50 on sites like Amazon might just be right for you.

The Features of This Rainshow’r Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead is the filter attachment that is installed about the showerhead. It runs the water from your home through the filter before coming out of the showerhead, reducing free chlorine and fumes as you take your shower! Unlike other filters that cease to work after 10,000 gallons, however, this certified KDF filter will give you 2.5 times more life for up to 25k gallons!

You might also find these features to be beneficial:

  • featuring Amcor massage heads, you can relax after a tough day at work or start your day off right with good pressure;
  • the showerhead itself is rated for regular use over several years with just minimal maintenance on the unit; and
  • for a filtered showerhead, it is pretty easy to install as the entire fixture is one unit.

The Advantages of This Rainshow’r Showerhead

The primary advantage that we saw with this showerhead is that the filter works independently of the showerhead itself. This means you can replace the Amcor massaging heads later on if you decide that you want something else. The filtering unit also works well with handheld showers or combo units, although the filter and diverter together would create a lot of fixture weight for some homes.

These other advantages may also be of benefit:

  • for Americans who like to purchase local products, the components of this showerhead are all made in the USA;
  • skin can feel softer from the first shower thanks to the hard water reductions the filter can also provide; and
  • it provides consistent filtering action, which not every filtering showerhead can provide.

The primary drawback with this unit is similar to other filtering showerheads. Because there is a filter attachment on the unit, this extends the length of the fixture. This often creates a lower overall showerhead, which for taller people can cause a problem because it requires them to crouch. The filtered water has been known to cause a skin reactions in very rare instances as well, so this may be a concern to some users.

For those who have chlorinated water to the extent that it is bothersome to their skin and hair, this Rainshow’r filter and showerhead combo set is a good investment for a more comfortable life. Long lasting and very consistent, if you have problems with hard water even we would recommend this filtered showerhead to you. Click here to compare prices and buy online from Amazon.

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Are you looking to save money on your utility bills every month? Do you also want to be able to conserve water without compromising the overall quality of your shower? With the High Sierra high efficiency showerhead, you’ll be able to accomplish both goals very quickly! Once installed, the showerhead saves families up to $50 per person, per year, on their utility bill. Priced at $34.95, it can pay for itself in just one year many times over!

The Features of the High Sierra Showerhead

The primary feature is the flow restrictor that is in place with this showerhead. Limited output to just 1.5 GPM, you’ll still get a fairly powerful shower experience with large drops. A spray guard helps to keep the water focused as well, letting you get the best stream possible for your shower ever day! You might also find these features to be beneficial:

  • a 5 year warranty helps to protect your investment, while your purchase is also protected with a 30 day guarantee;
  • the showerhead is a certified Green product because of its compact design, in addition to its water saving features; and
  • this showerhead can help you save up to 1,700 gallons of water per year.

The Advantages of the High Sierra Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this showerhead was its patented FCS nozzle. High Sierra is the only manufacturer who produces this strong spray, low flow combination for showerheads and best of all, even with hard water it doesn’t seem to clog. It’s small and compact, which makes it easy to clean too!

These other advantages might also be of benefit:

  • it is 100% made in the USA with guaranteed quality and parts;
  • it is made of solid metal, no plastic, and has a solid chrome finish to resist corrosion; and
  • it is incredibly easy to install, taking just a couple minutes to remove your old showerhead and to twist on the new one – it can even be tool free in some cases.

The primary disadvantage we saw when using this showerhead was the fact that it is so small. It will give you large drops of water and a great spray, considering the 1.5 GPM output, but the width of the spray is compact. If you like a full body showering experience, you’re probably not going to like this showerhead much.

If, however, you have a need to save some cash on your water bill every month or you’re looking to conserve water because of drought or you just want to be environmentally conscious, then this High Sierra high efficiency showerhead is a good choice for you. It feels like a real shower, provides you with an environmentally friendly design, and will help you accomplish your personal goals of conservation in a unique way. Click here to buy the High Sierra Showerhead on Amazon now!

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Are you looking for a low maintenance showerhead that is ridiculously easy to clean? Do you also want some variety in your showering experience so you can get a massage on bad days, but a full flooding shower on other days? If you want variety and ease of use, then you’re going to want to look at this Waterpik Elements 5 mode showerhead. It looks great, feels great, and most importantly, costs less than $20 on sites like Amazon.

The Features of the Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Showerhead

The primary feature that we really liked with this showerhead was how easy it was to clean. You don’t have to hold a cup of cleaner up by the showerhead to soak out the nozzles from hard water buildup. You simply squeeze the small silicone nipples that protect the water jets and you’ll clear the showerhead of any clogging. Not bad for a value priced showerhead!

There are also these features to consider:

  • no assembly is required for this showerhead, making the installation of it incredibly easy and sometimes even tool free;
  • a variety of settings is incorporated with this showerhead, giving you the perfect shower each and every day; and
  • you’ll get a durable performance out of this unit even though it fits into the value-priced category.

The Advantages of the Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Showerhead

Outside of the price, the primary advantage we saw with this unit is that it includes Waterpik’s OptiFlow technology, even though it is in the value category. OptiFlow helps provide you with better overall PSI output from your shower, meaning you won’t have to modify the showerhead to get a good shower. This helps you save water over older, more traditional models.

These other advantages are also worth considering:

  • the chrome finish on this showerhead helps to make it mildew and corrosion resistant;
  • it helps to increase the water flow for homes that already have very low water pressures; and
  • it will provide you with a consistent showering experience each and every time.

The one disadvantage we saw with this showerhead was in its settings. The mist setting in particular makes the shower become more of a sauna experience than an actual shower. That setting likely has good uses, of course, but if your primary needs is for a shower, not all of the settings seem to provide that great experience.

Considering the price and the consistency you get with this showerhead, the Waterpik Elements 5-mode showerhead is a value buy that you should strongly consider. It’s easy to clean and maintain, provides a strong water flow, and will help you enjoy your showers every day with very little hassle! Click here to get the best price on this showerhead from Amazon.