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Shower Head Reviews


Have you always wanted to install a rainfall showerhead? Have you avoided doing so in the past because the showerheads you’ve seen just don’t provide the right level of water output for you? Are you also looking for a rainfall showerhead that can give you options while providing a full body experience? Priced just under $90 on sites like Amazon, the Hansgrohe Raindance Air 3-jet showerhead can provide you with the exact solution you’ve been looking to find for a great price!

The Features of the Hansgrohe Raindance

The primary feature we loved about this showerhead is the anti-limescale function that allows for a quick cleaning process with this showerhead. Hard water homes often struggle with rainfall showeres because the scale can quickly buildup and leave water jets clogged and showers feeling less than dynamic. Hansgrohe seems to have solved that problem with this particular unit!

These other features may also be found to be beneficial:

  • a 6 inch spray face allows for full body coverage in the shower without needing to increase water pressure or modify the showerhead in some way;
  • a lifetime limited warranty covers the components of this showerhead so that your investment is secured; and
  • modern styling helps to give your bathroom a unique interior design aesthetic with the installation of this fixture.

The Advantages of the Hansgrohe Raindance

The primary advantage that we noticed with this unit is the air infusion technology. The marketing of this product claims that every drop of water is infused with air to give your shower a more invigorating feel. While we can’t necessarily prove or disprove that there is more air in the water, we can say that the 86 water jets do a great job of making you feel refreshed after taking this shower!

The other advantages to consider with this showerhead are:

  • three unique spray patterns allow for some versatility in the rainfall design, giving you a whirling shower or a fully balanced showering experience as well;
  • made from stainless steel, an integrated chrome finish helps to reduce the risks of corrosion; and
  • switching between the different spray patterns mid-shower is extremely easy to do.

The problems that people have with this type of showerhead are the same with virtually any other showerhead. It is hard sometimes to get out the shampoo or soap from your hair fully while using the rainfall setting. We preferred the whirling setting to eliminate this issue, but some users may still see this problem in any setting. In rare instances, there have also been malfunctions within the showerhead that cause the different spray patterns to not work, but this is covered by warranty.

For a rainfall shower, this Hansgrohe Raindance provides a superior experience to other similar showerheads. Maybe it’s the air injection technology or it is just the fact that it is easy to use to maintain. Whatever the case may be, this showerhead is well worth the investment if you can make it because you’ll be enjoying showers with it for a long time to come! Click here to get the best price and buy online from Amazon.

Shower Head Reviews


Are you looking for a no-frills showering experience that is consistent? Do you want a showerhead that is easy to clean and maintain? Do you also want a fixture to look aesthetically pleasing, even if it only has one function? To meet those needs, you could look far and wide to find a fairly expensive showerhead that can regularly deliver a good shower. Or, for about $50 on sites like Amazon, you could invest into the Kohler Forte series.

The Features of the Kohler Single Function Forte Model

The primary feature we noted with this showerhead is the fact that it is rated at 2.0 GPM instead of the maximum standard 2.5 GPM. This means you’ll save about 20% on your water bill every year or in your personal water usage. That averages out to about a savings of $25 per person, per year, assuming you don’t modify the showerhead to remove the flow regulator!

These other features might also be of benefit:

  • this Kohler model also includes air infusion technology that allows the water to literally explode onto you because of the added air content of the water;
  • it satisfies LEED efficiency requirements if you are a business owner looking for environmental credits; and
  • a reinvented spray pattern helps to deliver more water to where you need it most at any given moment.

The Advantages of the Kohler Single Function Forte Model

The primary advantage we saw with this Kohler Forte model was how easy it was to clean. Other Forte models are low maintenance as well, but this single function model has been given a MasterClean spray face that makes wipe and go cleaning easy to do. The spray face itself is designed to resist scale buildup, which means even hard water users can better enjoy a shower with this showerhead!

These other advantages may also be of benefit:

  • it is made from metal and is protected with a chrome finish, letting it resist corrosion while also looking aesthetically pleasing;
  • the spray nozzles provide a good flow that won’t sting thanks to the low flow technology; and
  • the showerhead face can unscrew by hand in case you need to de-calcify the unit for some reason.

The primary disadvantage we saw with this unit is specifically with its design. If you are used to multi-function showers, you’re probably not going to like this showerhead much. It’s also a little heavier than other showerheads in its class, which may cause some rare problems for homeowners with older plumbing fixtures installed.

If you want a good showerhead for a good price and want a no-frills, consistent shower when you need one, then this is the showerhead for you. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and most importantly, this Kohler showerhead makes it easy to enjoy a shower every day. Want to get the best price? Click here to buy it on Amazon now.

Shower Head Reviews


Do you have low water pressure in your home, but still want to have a good showering experience? Do you need to save water because of environmental conditions around your home? If you want to save up to 40% of the water you use with a shower without compromising the overall quality of your shower, then this water saving showerhead from American Standard is worth considering. Best of all, the investment is a fairly minimal one at just over $30 on websites like Amazon.

The Features of the American Standard Water Saving Showerhead

The primary feature of this unit, outside of the fact that is saves water by restricting water flow to 1.5 GPM, is that you still are able to get three unique spray patterns while still saving water. There is the turbine, full, and combination settings that each allow you to get the right shower every day! You may also find these features to be of benefit as well:

  • even though it is a fixed showerhead, you can still easily adjust the angle of attack for the water flow;
  • turbine technology provides better water force, even while water is being conserved; and
  • the chrome finish of this showerhead is wear resistant, while its unique shape will give your bathroom a cool, modern aesthetic.

The Advantages of the American Standard Water Saving Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this showerhead is that it automatically reverts back to its water saving settings after each use. You can manually adjust the shower to give you output of up to 2.0 GPM, but will automatically try to get you to save water with each shower. This helps you to better maximize the water savings that you can experience!

In addition, you may also find these advantages to be of benefit:

  • installing this unit is simple – just pull off your old showerhead and put this one on;
  • cleaning the unit is rather simple as well – just wipe the scale off of it when you get build-up; and
  • it is a durable unit that can stand up to some tough, regular use.

The primary disadvantage that we saw with this unit is how the turbine part of the showerhead is constructed. It holds the water within the turbine to then spin it out at a higher level of PSI. While this helps the water pressure, you’re essentially robbing your energy bill to save water because the heat of the water begins to dissipate within the turbine. The auto-reset function is helpful for saving water, but it’s also easy to see how it could become annoying for some users as well.

If, however, you’re in a position where you need to conserve water, this showerhead will help you realize a lot of the savings from the shower without compromising the overall quality of the shower. It’s a small investment that can pay off big when you see your utility bills each month! Even if you’re just looking to reduce water consumption, you’ll enjoy this showerhead immensely! Click here to get the best price from Amazon.

Shower Head Reviews


Do you like having a shower that gives you a powerful spray, but some flexibility to be gentle as well? Are you looking for a stylish showerhead that you can used as a handheld unit, yet delivers a powerful enough spray when used in an affixed way? If so, then the showerhead you could be looking for is the Hansgrohe Croma 3-Jet handshower set. Priced right at just under $90 on websites like Amazon, you’ll get amazing quality at a fair price!

The Features of the Hansgrohe Croma

The primary feature we liked with this showerhead set was the length and flexibility of the hose for the handheld unit. At 63 inches, it is one of the longer hoses you’ll find on the market today and it is made from Techniflex, which means it’s a little better than plastic and you don’t have to clean it as often as you would a stainless steel hose! It even prevents kinking, but in return it can be a bit stubborn when you want to use the showerhead as an attached unit.

You might also like these features of this showerhead:

  • installation of this showerhead is easy and allows you to quickly convert to a handheld shower;
  • the sprays of this showerhead are particularly invigorating, even taking into account flow restrictions that are standard today; and
  • the 4 inch spray face allows for full body coverage without needing to install a massive showerhead to get it.

The Advantages of the Hansgrohe Croma

The primary advantage that we saw with this particular unit from Hansgrohe is the overall attractiveness of the unit. Certainly for others the different water flow options or even the shower arm mount might be more of an advantage, but we’ve seen a lot of showerheads here that work great, but look not so great. This showerhead does well in both style and performance!

These are also these advantages:

  • a limited consumer warranty helps to protect your investment in case there is a defect in the manufacturing of it;
  • the chrome finish is resistant to wear and does a great job of protecting the high-grade plastic that was used to manufacture this showerhead; and
  • its durability is higher when compared to other showerheads in its price class.

As for disadvantages, the primary one is the price because not everyone wants to spend $90 on a showerhead. The investment is worth it if your budget can afford it! Otherwise you’re not going to get a lot of fancy features or lighting or other bits of uniqueness with this fixture. It gives you a great shower, every time. What more can you really ask for than that?

Is This Hansgrohe Showerhead Right For You?

With a longer hose, good durability, and with quality construction, this Hansgrohe showerhead is worth the investment in our opinion. It might not be in everyone’s budget, but you’re also virtually guranteed not to have to replace this showerhead within a few months. Over time, it will definitely pay for itself and that’s ultimately why it gets a recommendation from us.  Click here to buy it online and get the best price from Amazon.

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Do you hate the idea of having to clean your showerhead on a regular basis? Are you looking for an option for your shower that will help you to conserve water, yet still give you the feeling of a high pressure shower? The Speakman name has long been associated with delivering a quality shower for a fair price and that’s what you’ll get with this Speakman Hotel Anystream high pressure adjustable showerhead. Priced right around $30 on sites like Amazon, it’s a small investment that will reap long-term rewards!

The Features of the Speakman High Pressure Showerhead

The primary feature that stood out with this showerhead was the fact that it is a self-cleaning fixture. You don’t have to worry about squeezing little nipples or disassembling the showerhead to clean out the scale or mineral buildup you might experience with hard water. It really does help to create a mostly maintenance free bathroom!

There are also these features to consider:

  • five sprays help you to cover your entire body with shower spray, even though the showerhead itself is fairly compact;
  • it swivels to accommodate virtually anyone in the shower without difficulty whatsoever; and
  • the durability of this showerhead, especially in its price range, is almost better than outstanding!

The Advantages of the Speakman High Pressure Showerhead

The primary advantage that we saw in using this Speakman showerhead, outside of the durability of it anyway, is the Anystream 360 technology that it utilizes. Unlike other showerheads that let you adjust the shower stream to say, a massage or a gentle mist setting, the Speakman utilizes a lever that you simply adjust. With over 40 unique sprays, you’ll find the perfect setting each and every time!

You may also find these advantages to be of benefit:

  • installation is a snap because you just take off the old showerhead and put this one on – you don’t even need tools in some cases;
  • Speakman has great customer service that will help you in case there’s an issue with the showerhead for some reason; and
  • it feels like you get more shower than the 2.5 GPM actually provide.

The primary downside of this showerhead is simply the fact that it is made from lightweight plastic. Compared to the metal Speakman showerheads, it isn’t going to last as long. When compared to similar products in this price range, however, the durability that Speakman provides is almost second to none. A little lubricant on the ball joint about once a month will help to resolve the flexibility issues that some have encountered with this unit as well.

To be frank, it’s hard to find good showerheads that will last consistently and over a period of years at this price range. Many are designed to be used for a year and then replaced, but not this self-cleaning Speakman model. If you need a good showerhead and you’re on a budget, this is probably the one you should get. Click here to get the best price from Amazon.

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Do you just want a reliable showerhead that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles? Do you want that showerhead to be stylish, strong, and able to provide you with an optimal amount of water coverage? Then it sounds like what you want is a showerhead from the Kohler Forte line. These affixed showerheads mount to most standard plumbing, don’t do anything but reliably give you a stream of water, and you’re going to get it for about $40 on a website like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Forte

What we noticed about the Kohler Forte almost immediately was the fact that this showerhead has no need for different spray options. It’s got 72 jets of water that it streams through at a fast, yet fairly gentle speed to give you a great shower every single time. If you have multiple shower fixtures, installing a Kohler Forte for each one to get the ultimate experience is highly affordable!

These other features may also be of benefit to you:

  • the spray face on this line of showerheads is specifically designed to resist hmineral or scale buildup from hard water;
  • this showerhead is incredibly easy to clean – just wipe and go; and
  • a lifetime warranty protects your minimal investment.

The Advantages of the Kohler Forte

You’ll notice right away that the primary advantage that this showerhead has is its durability. Built to last twice as long as the industry standard, the finish is literally bonded to the showerhead. This means it does a better job of resisting scratches, tarnishing, and other forms of corrosion that you often find on other showerheads.

You may also find these advantages to be of benefits too:

  • it is pretty easy to install this showerhead – you just need a strap wrench and some plumber’s tape;
  • the wide rim of this showerhead makes it easy to adjust while in the shower, letting you angle your spray to where you need it; and
  • the aesthetics of this showerhead for the modern shower are literally second-to-none.

As for disadvantages, the first topic of discussion is the fact that there are no features on this showerhead. If you want a massaging showerhead or something handheld, you’re not going to want this showerhead. The nozzles are made out of silicone, which is why this unit is easy to clean, but for some users that may also cause a shower that smells of the chemicals in the silicone.

Of course this showerhead isn’t going to provide you with LED lights that change colors or a wide array of spray varieties, but it will provide you with a consistent shower every time you use it. If you just want a durable, basic shower, this is the showerhead to get. Period. Click here to get the best price on this showerhead.

Shower Head Reviews


Do you like the idea of having a handheld shower? Do you want a showerhead that can work just as effectively as a fixed showerhead as a handheld? What if you could have both for a very affordable price? With the Waterfall by ConserveCo, you’ll get a combo showerhead that will give you the best of both worlds! Priced under $40 at online stores like Amazon, you’ll even get a brass ball joint so that you get better durability.

The Features of Waterfall by ConserveCo

The primary feature that we enjoyed with this showerhead is the stainless steel shower hose. If you’ve ever had a stiff, plastic shower hose in your bathroom, then you know how difficult it can be to get a decent shower on a cold morning! This shower hose moves where you want it to move, hangs well, and isn’t overly heavy so you don’t feel like you’re getting a workout with your shower!

In addition, this showerhead comes with these features:

  • 5 unique spray patterns that help you to further customize your daily shower experience;
  • a backflow preventer with the hose to help protect your plumbing fixtures from damage; and
  • durable chrome plating on the primary plastic mounts so that you can enjoy this showerhead combo for more than just a few months.

The Advantages of Waterfall by ConserveCo

Outside of this being a combo showerhead that you can use either separately or together, the primary advantage we saw with this unit was how easy it was to clean it. The nipples of the showerhead are smaller than other self-cleaning options where you squeeze the unit to clean it, but it also makes the unit more friendly to interior design and a quick wipe is often all it takes to remove scale.

In addition, you may also see these other advantages:

  • it is incredibly easy to install, with easy-to-follow instructions so that almost anyone can do it;
  • the product has a limited lifetime warranty in case the manufacturing of the unit does not meet long-term specs; and
  • a three-way diverter helps you to always have the perfect showering experience.

The primary disadvantage of this unit is that the hose itself is only 4 feet in length. The industry standard is about 5 feet and many showerheads that are handheld will go out to 6 or even 7 feet. The shorter hose length creates less overall flexibility and that can potentially be problematic for some users. Some units also seem to be prone to leaking upon the initial installation, but nothing that a little plumber’s tape couldn’t fix!

If you’re looking for a combo showerhead, the Waterfall by ConserveCo is a legitimate, affordable option to consider. Our experiences with this showerhead were good, consistent, and reliable. If that’s what you want in your shower, then we’d fully recommend this showerhead to you. Click here to visit Amazon and get the best price on this showerhead.

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Do you like the idea of a combo showerhead? Are you hesitant to get a combo showerhead because the idea of having two unique showerheads in the bathroom doesn’t quite match up with your ideas of visual success? With the Delta In2ition, you’ll get a 2-in-one showerhead that looks like a standard fixture, but is actually a fixed and handheld combo unit that is priced for less than $80 at online stores like Amazon. It really does solve many of your problems!

The Features of the Delta In2ition 2-in-1

The primary feature promoted for this showerhead is its timeless design. When compared to other showerheads that are a combo-style unit, it does have an advantage because the handheld unit affixes underneath the fixed showerhead. This gives the illusion of one fixed unit when together, rather than having side-by-side units like most other combo fixtures. It works and it looks good, so we’d agree with that assessment!

These other features may also be of benefit to you:

  • multiple spray patterns are available for unique shower experiences;
  • it is very easy to install, likely 10 minutes or less; and
  • it is a relatively light showerhead, making it feasible to install on most standard plumbing fixtures.

The Advantages of the Delta In2ition 2-in-1

The primary advantage we saw with this unit is the pause button on the handheld unit. If you’ve ever had to give toddlers or pets a shower before, then you know how handy this feature can be! You simply press the pause button to stop the flow of water to a trickle, finish the soaping down or shampooing that needs to be done, and then hit the button again to finish off the shower!

You may also find these advantages to be worth your consideration:

  • a lifetime faucet and finish warranty will help to secure your investment into this Delta faucet;
  • a rating of 80 PSI helps your shower feel good without using a ton of pressure; and
  • the chrome finish helps this fixture coordinate well in virtually any bathroom.

The primary disadvantage that some users will find with this unit is that it cannot be shipped to either California or Vermont because of its specs. Other users find that the plastic that is used to create this product is not worth the investment when compared to other metal fixtures within this price range. All in all, however, we found that the positives of this showerhead far outweighed any negatives.

If you want a good combo showerhead for a reasonable price, the reality is that at this price range, you’re getting two showerheads for about $40 each. If you’ve always wanted a combo showerhead, the In2ition version by Delta could be the right one for you! Right now, you can save 50% off the list price – click here to buy it online from Amazon.

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Do you have kids that struggle to take a bath, much less a shower? Have you tried everything you can think of to make the experience fun? Maybe your kids are a little scared of the shower? I’ve got toddlers at home myself and although they enjoy taking a bath, there isn’t always time to make a bath happen. They hated showers, but after using the Rinse Ace children’s showerhead, they began not only loving showers, but preferring them over baths!

The Features of the Rinse Ace Children’s Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead is its overall kid friendly design. It sprays the water out in a gentler stream, making it feel more comfortable against sometimes sensitive skin. The showerhead easily connects to your existing fixture too, providing a more kid-friendly height to their shower then perhaps the Mom or Dad showerhead does.

In addition, these features may also be found to be of benefit:

  • a friendly dolphin character helps to inspire your child’s imagination and ease any remaining fears of a shower;
  • the hose is detachable, making the product fully safe when a toddler might sneak into the bathroom to play with their new dolphin friend; and
  • the entire unit is easy to clean and store after each use.

The Advantages of the Rinse Ace Children’s Showerhead

The biggest advantage our family discovered with this showerhead is the fact that it isn’t a permanent installation. There’s a suction cup on the back of the dolphin that firmly sticks this children’s showerhead to the side of your shower’s wall. It’s moves somewhat if the kids want to play with it, but as long as the wall was wet before sticking the dolphin down, it’ll stay put.

You may also find these advantages with this product:

  • it promotes a sense of independence within your kids because it gives them possession of their own personal showerhead;
  • the initial installation is easy and fast to do; and
  • a 1 year warranty against defects helps to protect the small $15 or so investment you make into this product.

The one potential problem we saw with this showerhead is that all of the fittings are plastic. At this price level, it wasn’t surprising that this was so, but it means that you’ve got to be careful when installing the showerhead for the first time. If you tighten the Rinse Ace equipment to tightly into your existing fixtures, the plastic fixture could break and ruin both fixtures.

Outside of that one potential issue, we believe you’ll enjoy this showerhead just as much as we have! For the kids, it has really made shower time fun, eliminated the fears of a shower, and it saves us time in the long run. Oh – and the kids named their dolphin “Blue!” Click here to buy the Rinse Ace Showerhead on Amazon

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Do you like the idea of a fixed showerhead? Do you want a showerhead that still gives you different spray options, even if it is affixed to your plumbing? If so, then you may just find that you’re wanting the Kohler Flipside showerhead. With four unique spray types that can help to upgrade your overall showering experience, the price is nice for this showerhead as well at just over $50 on many online sites like Amazon.

The Features of the Kohler Flipside Showerhead

The primary feature we saw with the Kohler flipside showerhead was its overall design. Many of the showerheads that you’ll see utilize changes in waterflow to create different spray patterns. With this Kohler unit, there are different spray faces that are dedicated to the different spray types! This lets you fully customize the showering experience and not have to worry about going from a gentle flood to stinging needles on the wrong setting!

In addition, you may also find these features to be beneficial:

  • the flipside technology makes this showerhead easy to change spray patterns – just flip and go;
  • at 5 3/8 inches in width, this showerhead will fit most standard plumbing fixtures and showers; and
  • the finish on this fixture is specifically designed by Kohler to resist wear and tear on the unit.

The Advantages of the Kohler Flipside Showerhead

The primary advantage we saw with this unit is how easy it was to install. All you’ve got to do is take off your existing fixture and install the Kohler one. That’s really all you’ve got to do! There’s no plumbing tape or extra tools needed for most installations. You might need a wrench or a pliers if your existing showerhead is stuck on there like glue though.

You may also see these as advantages as well:

  • the PSI rating of this showerhead allows you to enjoy a decent shower without having to go through the hassle of removing a flow restrictor to be satisfied;
  • the rotation of the different showerheads is smooth, even when your hands are super slippery because of soap or shampoo; and
  • you’ll still experience good water flow even if your home’s water pressure is relatively low.

The primary disadvantage we saw are the two “side” settings of the rotational flipside showerhead. They are quite as pleasant or all encompassing as the the two settings that utilize the entire showerhead. With that being said, for the price tag, it’s a good showerhead that Kohler protects with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you’re looking for a metal showerhead, this is one that you’ll want to avoid. If, however, you’re looking for a unique showerhead that is reliable and gives your shower some variety every day, we think you’ll enjoy what this showerhead can bring into your home. Click here to save 33% off the list price by purchasing online from Amazon.