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Shower Head Reviews


Are you looking for a shower that will give you the highest quality result every single time? Do you want a handheld shower that can double as an affixed shower so everyone can have the personalized showering experience they want? If so, then this showering unit from Delta with universal parts might just be right for you. It is priced around $150, so it isn’t the cheapest showerhead you’ll ever find, but it does provide you with enough flexibility to justify the expense.

The Features of the Delta 51708 Showerhead

The primary feature of this Delta showerhead is the slide bar that comes with the equipment. It’s incredibly easy to install and allows for the shower holder to move vertically over a wide range of heights so that each person in the family can have a great shower that is consistent. In addition, you may also find this features to be beneficial:

  • it is solidly made, giving you a durable, consistent performance each and every time;
  • it helps to extend the heigh of fixtures that are mounted to low in your current bathroom setup;
  • it has a consistent PSI output so your water flow always feels natural and refreshing; and
  • it is incredibly easy to install, including setting the slide bar on the mounting brackets to the tile or other bathtub/shower backdrop.

The Advantages of This Delta Showerhead

This Delta showerhead’s primary advantage is the fact that it is universal in nature. It will work with most bathroom systems, most plumbing fixtures that are considered standard, and will still look awesome despite being such a generic product! You may also find these advantages to work in your advantage:

  • despite being made of plastic, the quality of the showerhead is excellent and you won’t find peeling or cracking issues creeping up with it;
  • the mounting hardware of this united is brass, plated with your preferred finish; and
  • it has multiple spray functions for you to enjoy a customized shower every time.

The one disadvantage that you may discover with this unique Delta showerhead faucet is the fact that is looks very similar to a shower grab bar. It also mounts like a grab bar would mount, so visitors using your bathroom may mistake it for one and dislodge the fixture accidentally. Other users may be disappointed to discover the plastic components of the showerhead for the list price of this faucet, considering cheaper showerheads are all metal, but the Delta durability does make this a reliable fixture.

Overall this showerhead is of fantastic quality and durability and will certainly make a wonderful addition to any bathroom! If you’re looking for a long-term replacement for your existing showerhead or need a new one for some reason, this particular Delta faucet has the capability to meet your needs for years to come. Click here to find the best price and buy the Delta 51708.

Shower Head Reviews


Are you looking for a unique, creative showerhead to install in your home? Do you like the idea of a lighted LED shower? Do you also want a combo showerhead that gives you a handheld or dual option? All of those wants can be fulfilled by this Ana Bath 5 function showerhead combo. Powered by water and able to spray from both showerheads at the same time, it is an incredible value to get all of this for under $90 on sites like Amazon!

The Features of This Ana Bath Fixture

The primary feature we noticed with this showerhead combo was the 5 foot stainless steel hose that comes with it. It is built well, sits well, and gives some flexibility to the shower for the kids and the pets. Add this to the blue LEDs that provide soft lighting to your shower and you’ll have a great experience in the shower every time!

You may also find these features to be of benefit:

  • five unique spray settings help you to further customize your shower experience every day;
  • most of the entire base of the showerhead lights up; and
  • the diverter valve on this particular combo unit is one of the best made ones we’ve seen.

The Advantages of This Ana Bath Fixture

The primary advantage of this unit that we saw was the flexibility of the combo unit itself. Both showerheads light up and both have the five settings on them. You can change to a handheld model only if you want, use the affixed showerhead only if you want, or stick the handheld into the holder and use both at the same time!

These advantages may also be of benefit to you:

  • it is incredibly easy to install this combo unit, usually within about 15 minutes or so;
  • the chrome finish is incredibly resistant to wear; and
  • the primary attachment components of this showerhead combo are brass.

The one disadvantage we saw with this showerhead is that the bearings within the unit itself can sometimes wear out very quickly. This causes the showerhead to emit a very loud squealing sound that can be incredibly loud! Ana Bath is aware of the issue and will replace units that are covered under the warranty.

If you’re looking for a good combo showerhead experience with LEDs, then this is a good showerhead to consider purchasing. It only comes with the blue color, but in return you get two showerheads that you can use in conjunction with each other that are attached to a patented diverter system. If you want to get the best price on this unit, click here to buy online now from Amazon.

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The Speakman Icon adjustable showerhead is one of the most affordable solid metal showerheads we’ve seen come along in a long, long time. Made of solid brass, with one of four unique finishes for you to consider, this showerhead speaks of durability from the moment you take it out of the box! Six jets create a forceful shower experience that will let you start your day fresh or end your day on a positive note. Priced near $100 with its MSRP, online stores like Amazon carry this showerhead for under $60 in many instances.

The Features of the Speakman Icon Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead is the Anystream technology that is associated with it. It is a patented technology that lets you fully customize your shower experience every day. Simply turn the lever on the showerhead in either direction, up to 360 degrees, and you get an infinitely diverse set of showering options!

In addition, these features may also be of benefit:

  • the patented plunger system in this showerhead will maximize the force of your water stream, no matter how good or bad your water pressure happens to be;
  • installation of this showerhead is very simple – just take off your old showerhead, apply plumber’s tape that is included, and then screw on this showerhead; and
  • 6 jets provide you with 48 different sprays on an easy to clean and maintain product.

The Advantages of the Speakman Icon Showerhead

Why are so many reviewers calling the Speakman Icon the best showerhead they’ve ever owned? Because it provides a long-term quality result, even when used by multiple people on a daily basis. Whether it is the metal design or the craftsmanship, you will notice the difference immediately that this showerhead will provide you with a long lasting experience and that is its primary advantage.

In addition, these other advantages may be of benefit:

  • you will always have consistent spray, even under low water pressure conditions;
  • it doesn’t drip or leak like other showerheads tend to do, especially when they are first installed and the rings are working on expanding; and
  • a lifetime limited warranty helps to protect your investment in case there is a defect within the metal or construction of this showerhead.

The primary complaint and issues surrounding this showerhead result from the outward jets themselves being plastic instead of metal. It is true that older Speakman showerheads included metal jets, but considering the price of this showerhead, a 100% metal showerhead is unlikely and if it does exist, the metal is likely to be inferior.

Is the Speakman Icon the right showerhead for you? It is a quality showerhead at a good price. The all metal exterior design gives this showerhead more durability, making it a good investment for larger families. There are similar showerheads made from plastic instead of metal that provide a similar result like the Speakman Hotel Anystream (Approx $30, read our review), but if you want something that will last years instead of months, this is one of the showerheads to consider purchasing. Click here to buy online from Amazon and save 40%.

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When you hear the Speakman brand, you think of a powerful showerhead that is built with incredible quality. What you get with this Speakman Hotel Anystream showerhead is the same kind of showering experience that you’d get at the best 5 star hotels anywhere in the world! You’ll discover that for just a small investment of about $30 on sites like Amazon, you can literally transform your shower from something you have to do into something you want to do!

The Features of the Speakman Hotel Showerhead

As with any Speakman showerhead, the primary feature that you’ll find is the patented Anystream 360 technology that is incorporated with the product. With a simple lever, you’re able to fully customize your shower experience from flooding gentleness to a stinging massage! Instead of having to literally twist the showerhead, you simply rotate the lever up to 360 degrees for a completely unique experience.

In addition, you may find these other features beneficial:

  • self-cleaning nozzles help to make this showerhead a low maintenance, quality addition to any bathroom with standard plumbing fixtures;
  • five adjustable jets give you full showering coverage in the bathroom to kickstart a day or clean off the grime from a tough day at work; and
  • it is made from lightweight plastic specifically engineered by Speakman to be the highest of quality.

The Advantages of the Speakman Hotel Showerhead

Are you looking for a showerhead that has the quality of metal fabrication, but you don’t want to pay the cost that metal quality brings with it? Then this is the showerhead for you! It might be a lightweight showerhead that Speakman has offered with this hotel line, but this showerhead is meant to take a beating and keep on going. It’s perfect as an affordable showerhead for families big and small!

The other advantages of this Speakman showerhead are similar to other products by this manufacturer that are on this site for your consideration:

  • Speakman products provide a consistent spray pattern thanks to the self-cleaning fixtures and and ability to provide good water PSI;
  • though it is made from plastic, it won’t drip or leak when installed properly; and
  • you receive a lifetime limited warranty on this product in the unlikely instance that the showerhead you receive is not up to Speakman’s high standards.

The reviews on this product are very consistent and most complaints originate from damage that happened during the shipping or returns process. Our experience with this showerhead was very similar to what you’ll find online: it’s a decent showerhead, it has the ability to last a long time, and it provides consistent results.

If that’s what you’re looking for in a showerhead, then you’ll want to consider this showerhead as the next fixture you purchase for your home. Click here to buy it online from Amazon and save 50% off MSRP.

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Are you looking for a big showerhead because you’ve got a big shower? Do you want a high quality, incredibly durable showerhead that can keep going, even after heavy use? And do you want something that will look stylish in virtually any bathroom setting? If so, then the showerhead you may want is the Kingston Brass K136A5 shower head. Shaped in the tradition of rainfall showers, this massive 7.75 in showerhead weighs in at 3 pounds and is designed to be wall mounted. Shown here in the “oil rubbed bronze” finish, it’s also available in three other stunning finishes – polished brass, polished chrome and satin nickel – so you’re bound to find one of the items in their range that suits the finish of your other bathroom fittings and fixtures.

The features of the Kingston Brass Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead by Kingston Brass is its all brass construction. Rather than having just a few parts made with brass, this showerhead is fabricated from solid brass material and is then given a premium finish so that it is resistant to tarnish and corrosion. Cleaning the brass is simple as well, with your standard brass polish doing an excellent job to remove any build-up you may experience.

The following features may also be found to be beneficial:

  • 169 individual water channels will provide you with a full showering experience that can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate you;
  • a generous product warranty helps to protect your investment into this showerhead that is still highly affordable at under $40 on sites like Amazon; and
  • even though it is a wall mounted showerhead and will not swivel, it still provides people of all shapes and sizes an amazing shower.

The Advantages of the Kingston Brass Showerhead

The primary advantage of this showerhead by Kingston Brass is its durability. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill plastic showerhead that is made from cheap parts so that you get an average showered for about 6 months before it needs to be replaced. It is specifically designed to resist tarnish and corrosion with proper care and is the most durable showerhead you will find in this price range.

As for other advantages, you may find these to be of benefit:

  • it works with standard plumbing features, so you can install extender arms or swivel joints to improve your shower experience from the basic one this showerhead provides;
  • it is compliant with most major diverter valves in case you want a handheld shower; and
  • it is one of the few showerheads that provides a true rainfall experience in the shower on a consistent basis.

If you have hard water, this showerhead could be difficult to clean because is does not have the easy to clean or self-cleaning water jets with it. It is designed like an old-fashioned showerhead, but is also compliant with modern water flow standards. The flow restrictors are difficult to remove from this showerhead as well, so if you want a full PSI shower, this brass showerhead may not be right for you.

If, however, you’re looking for an affordable and stylish showerhead that has the potential to stand up to the test of time, we highly recommend this showerhead from Kingston Brass. It is one of the best in its price range that we have ever had the privilege to use! Click here to browse the full range and buy online.

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With a name like Thunderhead, you almost expect to get results from your shower. You won’t be disappointed if you decide to invest into the Thunderhead high pressure rain showerhead because it does what it says it will do. You’ll get a quality shower that simulates rain every single time, and best of all, you can easily clean the scale and deposits from this showerhead by squeezing the water jets one at a time. With 90 total water jets, you may just get the perfect shower experience!

The Features of the Thunderhead Rain Showerhead

Priced at $69.95, this rainfall showerhead is not the cheapest in its class. It is also made from plastic components instead of brass or other rust-resistant metals, meaning you are going to get a showerhead that is white and not polished chrome. What you do get, however, is one of the easiest to install and maintain showerheads in its price class.

The other features of this showerhead include:

  • four self-locking wratchet joints that allow you to move your showerhead easily to your preferred position;
  • it converts even a small standard shower into an overhead shower without any need for tools in many instances; and
  • this showerhead can literally fold into itself so that you can have a standard shower if that’s what you prefer.

The Advantages of the Thunderhead Rain Showerhead

The primary advantage of this showerhead is that it delivers a true vertical rainfall experience. Many other rainfall showerheads simply move to an almost vertical position to deliver your shower at a slight angle. With the Thunderhead, you get the real thing, directly positioned above your head so that most users can have the exact showering experience they want.

In addition, these advantages might also come in handy:

  • the flow control valve is easy to take out with just a pair of needlenose pliers if you are so inclined, but beware that this could void the warranty of the product;
  • it is wide enough to give you a full body rainfall showering experience; and
  • it can provide a good shower even in homes with low water PSI.

The primary disadvantage seen with this showerhead is the warranty, which is just one year. This showerhead is not going to be a multi-year product for your home, but it can easily last upwards of 2 years with consistent use and regular maintenance. The name says it is high pressure, but it meets the 80 PSI / 2.5 GPM standards when it isn’t user modified, which may also be misleading to some.

Is this a good showerhead? For its price, it is a reasonable investment that will last you a long time, especially if you’re the only one using it! Even with family use, a good expectation for two years of regular use can be had with this product. It’s not a metal showerhead, but it is a good, reasonably priced fixture that you’d enjoy having in your home. Still not convinced? Click here to read user reviews and buy online from Amazon

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Do you have a lot of mineral deposits in your water? Do they clog up your water jets, forcing you to clean your showerheads routinely of the scale buildups? Are you disinclined to purchase a filtered showering system? If all of that is true and you’re not looking to spend a ton of money on a brand new showerhead, then the Delta 7 spray handheld showerhead could be perfect for you! Equipped with anti-clog technology, the water jets on this showerhead stay consistently clear!

The Features of the Delta 7 Spray Handheld Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead is described within the name of the product. With 7 unique sprays that can customize your showering experience, this Delta showerhead delivers you a consistent shower of high quality for less than $30 from sites like Amazon! This showerhead definitely proves that you don’t have to pay a high price to receive a high quality showerhead!

You may also find these features to be beneficial:

  • the hose on this handheld shower is 6 feet long instead of the 5 feet that other showerheads provide, giving you more flexibility in use and coverage;
  • it includes some brass features to improve the quality of the product when compared to its peers that are 100% plastic; and
  • it is incredibly easy to install and can even be done without tools, although your existing showerhead might need a wrench to unscrew.

The Advantages of the Delta 7 Spray Showerhead

The primary advantage that you’ll find with this showerhead is its overall low maintenance. The showerhead is anti-clog, but over time you may find some build-up occuring on the surface of the showerhead itself. A simple wipe with a clean washcloth is often all it takes to restore the cleanliness of the unit

These other advantages may also be of benefit to you:

  • the hose looks like metal, but is in fact plastic, giving you the ability to protect the finish of showers that may be less resistant to dings and scratches;
  • it provides a strong, simple water stream that lets you enjoy your shower without complication; and
  • it is durable enough to be used by the entire family every day and still be able to last for years instead of months.

The primary disadvantage that comes along with this showerhead is associated with a personal need for a strong shower. All new showerheads come with flow regulators in them that limit water flow to 2.5 GPM. Some showerheads are unnoticeable because they have a strong PSI, but that’s not the case with this showerhead. And, unlike other showerheads of similar design, the flow regulator is difficult to remove if you are so inclined.

Is this the right shower for you to use? This is a good showerhead for the price. It won’t provide you with anything flashy, but it will provide you with a consistent shower. Click here to buy it online from Amazon and save over 40%

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Are you looking for a showering experience that is better than average, but still your traditional type of shower? Do you want a showerhead that is handheld, but yet strong enough to provide the standard shower when affixed to its station? If so, then this 5 function shower kit from American Standard could be the right investment to make.

You can save 50% off the MSRP by choosing to buy this online from Amazon. Even with the discount, it isn’t the cheapest showerhead you’ll get – adding this to your bathroom will set you back about $130. It will, however, give you a durable, daily use showerhead that should provide you with many years of great showers.

The Features of This American Standard 5 Function Shower Kit

The primary feature of this shower kit is the five different flow functions that come with it. From a massage spray to a gentle flood, you can always create the perfect shower that you need on any given day. It also comes with one of the strongest finishes in the industry right now, which means you won’t be getting those little vapor bubbles in your showerhead any time soon.

In addition, you may also enjoy these features:

  • a 59 inch hose is shorter than many other handheld options you’ll find on the market today, but the hose is more flexible and useful than many of the hoses you’ll find on the market today as well;
  • a 25 inch standard slide bar is included with this shower kit;
  • the kit includes a wall supply and a double check valve; and
  • the product is covered under American Supply’s limited lifetime warranty.

The Advantages of This American Standard 5 Function Shower Kit

The product description says it all when it comes to the advantages received when you purchase an American Standard product. “Drip-free ceramic disc valves, high-grade lead-free brass alloys, and turbine shower heads cables name just a few of the features which make American Standard shower components the industry’s longest lasting.” You won’t find plastic parts that help the manufacturer save $0.30 here!

You may also see these advantages:

  • the showerhead pivot on the slide bar can be changed to give you a full array of spray angles, from straight vertically to a horizontal delivery to give you a near rainfall experience;
  • the choice of sprays may be basic when compared to other showerheads in its price class, but what you don’t receive in variety, you make up for in quality; and
  • you get a straightforward product with simple instructions that are easy to follow and understand.

It is hard to find anything negative with this product. Would it be even better if it were made of a tarnish or rust resistant metal throughout? Possibly, but you can’t really argue with the results that you receive from this product. In this price range, this showerhead is definitely one of our favorites. When you use it, we suspect that it will become one of the best showerheads you’ve ever used as well! Click here to buy it online and save 50% off MSRP.

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Combining a modern style with simple elegance, the Waterpik Elements 5-mode handheld shower is an affordable option for people on a budget, but demanding a great shower. Providing up to 30% more water force than other new showerheads that have restricted flows of 2.5 GPM, this showerhead is easy to clean and care for on a daily basis. With an MSRP of $29.99 in store at your local bathroom retailer, online retailers such as Amazon offer a 20% discount or more if you choose to buy this quality showerhead online!

The Features of the Waterpik Elements Handheld Shower

The primary feature of this Waterpik showerhead is its versatility. It is incredibly easy to clean with just a damp washcloth because you just rub it and go. It is easy to install, requires no assembly, and has a 5 foot hose that allows you enough flexibility in the shower to clean where you need to clean. In addition, these features may also be of benefit:

  • five unique shower settings let you have a comforting shower, a massaging shower, or anything in-between that you may need to customize your shower experience;
  • equipped with OptiFlow technology, you won’t notice the fact that you’re actually conserving water with this showerhead; and
  • with a showerhead size over 3 inches, you’ll get full body coverage without sacrificing space in your shower to get it.

The Advantages of the Waterpik Elements Handheld Shower

One key advantage of this Waterpik showerhead is its affordability. With a maximum price right around $30 before shipping and/or taxes, you’re getting a stylish, high quality showerhead without having to pay an exorbitant price. There are showerheads that cost triple the amount of this showerhead that won’t provide you with the performance that this one provides consistently!

In addition, these advantages might be of benefit:

  • a tiltable bracket allows for left/right customization within the shower if you keep the handheld showerhead affixed for a more standard shower;
  • it attaches to any standard bathroom fixture designed for a shower; and
  • it comes in a variety of different finishes so you can compliment your bathroom in your favorite style.

The primary complaints that are associated with this product revolve around the fact that this showerhead is plastic. For the $20-$30 price range where this showerhead typically falls, however, a metal showerhead is simply not a reasonable expectation! There are also some complaints about the showerhead leaking, but keep in mind that internally there are rubber seals that send the water along and your new showerhead may need a day or two of heated recovery before installation due to high altitude shipping.

Is the Waterpik Elements Showerhead Right For You?

If you’re looking for an affordable showerhead that can give you a consistent delivery, this one isn’t too bad. It’s easy to install and really easy to clean, plus it has some adjustable features on it that allow you to customize your shower’s experience. Is it the best showerhead we’ve ever tried? No… but it is one of the best showerheads we’ve tried that is in this price range. It is definitely worth a consideration if you’re looking to improve your showering experience without breaking your budget. Click here to find the best price online for this shower head.

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Are your kids struggling to take showers on a regular basis? Are you looking to make the showering experience more fun for all of the members of your household? If you are or you just want something different and unique in your bathroom, then this LED color changing showerhead could be the perfect addition to your home! For around $40, you get a shower head that has water-activated LEDs integrated in it that change the streams of water in your shower different colors.

The Features of the LED Color Changing Showerhead

Outside of the water activated LEDs, the primary feature of this showerhead is that it is incredibly easy to install. You don’t need any batteries or any tools beyond maybe some plumber’s tape. Just unscrew your current showerhead and then install this one. That’s all you need to do in order to have a shower that transforms into a rainbow of transitory colors!

In addition, you may also find these features to be of benefit:

  • the showerhead is able to swivel, allowing you to tilt/pivot the direction of the water stream in a limited capacity;
  • starting with primary colors, the showerhead automatically transitions into secondary colors while taking a shower; and
  • the showerhead has good flow output.

Is This LED Showerhead Worth the Cost?

To be fair, there are LED showerheads that do a pretty good job and only cost half as much as this showerhead. This showerhead, however, has an advantage over the others because of the durability of the showerhead. The LEDs are well placed within the showerhead, making cleaning it hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about batteries corroding or running flat inside the showerhead like some of the cheaper models either, because the power to light the LEDs is generated from the flow of the shower water itself.

Because of the technology involved in making this showerhead run, certain minerals or scale within the water can coat the electrical interfaces that power the LEDs. When this happens, the showerhead will still operate, but the lights will not. Considering the marketing is for a lighted shower, you may not wish to purchase this product if you have hard water issues that you know about, otherwise you will need to clean your showerhead regularly to keep it lighting up. A filtered showerhead may be more appropriate for you.

Is this Showerhead the Right One for Me?

This isn’t going to be a showerhead that gives you multiple flows of water or massage options. It’s a showerhead with a light gimmick that makes showering more fun or maybe romantic, depending on your viewpoint. This product is not going to be for everyone, but it is a unique item to install in a home if you’re looking for a fun conversation piece or a way to encourage your kids to get the dirt and grime off of them.

Is it the best showerhead we’ve ever used? It is not, but it is a way to make showers more fun. For that, the investment may be worth it. Click here to read user reviews and get the best price on Amazon.