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Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


Are you looking for a rainfall showerhead that will still look stylish in your bathroom? Do want a full body coverage with that rainfall shower that is gentle like natural rain? If you’re tired of having a shower that stings you with needles of water, then the Pfister Marielle Raincan showerhead could be the right one for you. Priced for less than $60 on sites like Amazon, you’ll find that this showerhead has the ability to deliver a consistent, quality shower for a long time!


The Features of the Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead


The primary feature we noticed with this showerhead was the fact that is was made of brass. Unlike other showerheads that are made of plastic or stainless steel and then finished with a brass or bronzing agent, this Pfister showerhead has a foundation of brass with a finish of brushed nickel to help resist that greenish corrosion that brass fixtures can sometimes get.


These other features may also be worth considering:


  • fast and easy to install, you’ll immediately upgrade your bathroom both aesthetically and with an improved shower experience;
  • a six inch spray face helps to provide a full body rainfall experience that competitive showerheads just can’t provide; and
  • a shower arm is included with your purchase just in case your existing fixtures aren’t complimentary enough for this showerhead.


The Advantages of the Pfister Marielle Raincan Showerhead


The primary advantage we noticed with this unique showerhead was the optimized flow rate that was built into it. So many showerheads, especially rainfall showerheads, leave you desiring more with modern flow restriction technology. With this Pfister model, you won’t be tempted to drill out or remove the flow restrictor because you’ll get the right water pressure for every shower!


You may also notice these advantages with this showerhead:


  • a limited lifetime warranty helps to protect your minimal investment into this showerhead in case there is a problem with the manufacturing of it;
  • the high arc spout of this showerhead will give your bathroom a classical appearance; and
  • the showerhead has easy-to-clean rubber nozzles that will help you remove scale and mineral buildup.


Some users may see that this showerhead doesn’t give a true rainfall affect and to some extent that is true. There is just a slight angle to the showerhead that won’t give you a full vertical experience. On the other hand, that slight angle allows for easier use and a better experience with getting shampoo out of your hair.


Overall this is a fantastic showerhead for those who want a good rainfall type of shower each day. It may not come with a lot of different spray features, but that allows it to do one thing quite well: provide you with a consistent shower. Click here to visit Amazon to buy online and get the best price.



Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


Do you like the idea of a combo showerhead? Are you hesitant to get a combo showerhead because the idea of having two unique showerheads in the bathroom doesn’t quite match up with your ideas of visual success? With the Delta In2ition, you’ll get a 2-in-one showerhead that looks like a standard fixture, but is actually a fixed and handheld combo unit that is priced for less than $80 at online stores like Amazon. It really does solve many of your problems!

The Features of the Delta In2ition 2-in-1

The primary feature promoted for this showerhead is its timeless design. When compared to other showerheads that are a combo-style unit, it does have an advantage because the handheld unit affixes underneath the fixed showerhead. This gives the illusion of one fixed unit when together, rather than having side-by-side units like most other combo fixtures. It works and it looks good, so we’d agree with that assessment!

These other features may also be of benefit to you:

  • multiple spray patterns are available for unique shower experiences;
  • it is very easy to install, likely 10 minutes or less; and
  • it is a relatively light showerhead, making it feasible to install on most standard plumbing fixtures.

The Advantages of the Delta In2ition 2-in-1

The primary advantage we saw with this unit is the pause button on the handheld unit. If you’ve ever had to give toddlers or pets a shower before, then you know how handy this feature can be! You simply press the pause button to stop the flow of water to a trickle, finish the soaping down or shampooing that needs to be done, and then hit the button again to finish off the shower!

You may also find these advantages to be worth your consideration:

  • a lifetime faucet and finish warranty will help to secure your investment into this Delta faucet;
  • a rating of 80 PSI helps your shower feel good without using a ton of pressure; and
  • the chrome finish helps this fixture coordinate well in virtually any bathroom.

The primary disadvantage that some users will find with this unit is that it cannot be shipped to either California or Vermont because of its specs. Other users find that the plastic that is used to create this product is not worth the investment when compared to other metal fixtures within this price range. All in all, however, we found that the positives of this showerhead far outweighed any negatives.

If you want a good combo showerhead for a reasonable price, the reality is that at this price range, you’re getting two showerheads for about $40 each. If you’ve always wanted a combo showerhead, the In2ition version by Delta could be the right one for you! Right now, you can save 50% off the list price – click here to buy it online from Amazon.

Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


The Speakman Icon adjustable showerhead is one of the most affordable solid metal showerheads we’ve seen come along in a long, long time. Made of solid brass, with one of four unique finishes for you to consider, this showerhead speaks of durability from the moment you take it out of the box! Six jets create a forceful shower experience that will let you start your day fresh or end your day on a positive note. Priced near $100 with its MSRP, online stores like Amazon carry this showerhead for under $60 in many instances.

The Features of the Speakman Icon Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead is the Anystream technology that is associated with it. It is a patented technology that lets you fully customize your shower experience every day. Simply turn the lever on the showerhead in either direction, up to 360 degrees, and you get an infinitely diverse set of showering options!

In addition, these features may also be of benefit:

  • the patented plunger system in this showerhead will maximize the force of your water stream, no matter how good or bad your water pressure happens to be;
  • installation of this showerhead is very simple – just take off your old showerhead, apply plumber’s tape that is included, and then screw on this showerhead; and
  • 6 jets provide you with 48 different sprays on an easy to clean and maintain product.

The Advantages of the Speakman Icon Showerhead

Why are so many reviewers calling the Speakman Icon the best showerhead they’ve ever owned? Because it provides a long-term quality result, even when used by multiple people on a daily basis. Whether it is the metal design or the craftsmanship, you will notice the difference immediately that this showerhead will provide you with a long lasting experience and that is its primary advantage.

In addition, these other advantages may be of benefit:

  • you will always have consistent spray, even under low water pressure conditions;
  • it doesn’t drip or leak like other showerheads tend to do, especially when they are first installed and the rings are working on expanding; and
  • a lifetime limited warranty helps to protect your investment in case there is a defect within the metal or construction of this showerhead.

The primary complaint and issues surrounding this showerhead result from the outward jets themselves being plastic instead of metal. It is true that older Speakman showerheads included metal jets, but considering the price of this showerhead, a 100% metal showerhead is unlikely and if it does exist, the metal is likely to be inferior.

Is the Speakman Icon the right showerhead for you? It is a quality showerhead at a good price. The all metal exterior design gives this showerhead more durability, making it a good investment for larger families. There are similar showerheads made from plastic instead of metal that provide a similar result like the Speakman Hotel Anystream (Approx $30, read our review), but if you want something that will last years instead of months, this is one of the showerheads to consider purchasing. Click here to buy online from Amazon and save 40%.

Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


Have you always wanted to have a combination shower experience? Has the cost of installing one always been prohibitive to you? Is one of the reasons why you haven’t tried a multiple showerhead experience been because you only have one plumbing fixture? Thanks to this combo showerhead from Ana Bath, all of those questions have been effectively answered in one cost-effective package! How affordable is this showerhead combo? It’s less than $80 on sites like Amazon!

The Features of the Ana Bath Showerhead Combo

Forget all of those showerheads that come with a plastic hose that is super stiff until the water heats it up a little bit to make it pliable! The hose on this combo showerhead is made from stainless steel and is the perfect stylish component to add into virtually any bathroom. It takes a beating and keeps on ticking, being leak resistant even if you happen to drop your showerhead multiple times.

In addition, these features may also be beneficial:

  • you can upgrade your fixture thanks to the tool-free installation process that accompanies this combo showerhead;
  • a large 3-way diverter mount helps to keep water flowing the right way without being so bulky that it pulls at your plumbing fixtures;
  • you have the flexibility to use the handheld shower, the affixed shower, or both at the same time; and
  • there are five unique flow settings with this showerhead that let you further customize your daily shower experience.

The Advantages of the Ana Bath Showerhead Combo

Rated with a water pressure of 80 PSI, the Ana Bath combo showerhead can deliver two streams of this within standard water flow to give you an all encompassing experience that a standard showerhead just can’t provide. There are additional advantages that may also be of benefit:

  • this combo showerhead speaks of longevity, with many users reporting frequent use over a period of 3 years without any problems with the showerhead whatsoever;
  • some of the internal parts are made of plastic, but the quality is high and for the MSRP of this combo unit, you won’t find a better deal; and
  • you’ll get ample water coverage wherever you need it, whenever you need it thanks to the flexibility this combo showerhead provides.

Issues with this Ana Bath handheld/showerhead combination 

There is one issue to report with the Ana Bath combo showerheads, specifically with the diverter. About 1 in every 200 diverters that were made are defective in some way and this is an issue of which Ana Bath is aware. The problem lies in the swiveling mechanism and for some reason it seems to strip out during either the manufacturing or the shipping process. These defective units are exchangeable.

Is this Ana Bath combo showerhead the right one for you? It’s a great value purchase in our eyes because you’re getting two showerheads to use that can really give you a customized experience. Installed showers with multiple heads can cost thousands of dollars, but this fixture gives you a similar experience for less than a hundred bucks. For us, that’s a deal that really can’t be beat! Click here to get the best price on this Ana Bath combo shower head

Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


Your time in the shower is precious. It’s one of the few places in the world where time just seems to pass you by! You can relax, get refreshed, and either get prepared for your day or wind down from a busy day in a perfect way. You could settle for a less expensive faucet than this Hansgrohe Raindance or you could invest into yourself and get a quality brass showerhead that will endure through time itself. The MSRP is $515.00 on this product which is what you might pay if you walked in to a bricks and mortar bathroom store, but you can find it online from stores like Amazon for less than $200.

The Features of the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead

The primary feature of the Hansgrohe Raindance showerhead is the innovative AirPower technology. You can get a gentle shower that simulates a Spring rain or a blasting water massage based on what the needs of your day happen to be. In addition, you may also find these features to be beneficial:

  • limescale comes off easily thanks to the QuickClean features of this showerhead;
  • 180 spray channels remain clog-free for a consistent, refreshing showering experience;
  • a 10 inch spray face gives you full body coverage within the shower; and
  • the product is made of solid brass, giving you quality beyond compare.

The Advantages of the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead

The Hansgrohe Raindance showerhead’s primary advantage is its environmentally friendly design that delivers a 5 gallon per minute feeling for the industry standard 2.5 GPM. The design is flexible enough that a simple 3 inch faucet extension is often all you need to create a genuine rainfall experience in your bathroom! In addition, you may also find these advantages to be beneficial:

  • this showerhead has the ability to spray out at an angle with just as much pressure as it does with a direct rainfall setting;
  • a heavy duty ball joint at the base of the showerhead allows each user to easily create their own unique showering experience without a danger of plumbing damage;
  • it can be mounted from ceiling or wall plumbing without difficulty; and
  • incredible durability allows for multiple years of daily use with minimal maintenance.

The only real negative regarding this showerhead is the price. Not everyone can afford a $150+ showerhead, but if you can, this product has the ability to deliver consistency and quality to make your shower become a place of refuge.

Is the Hansgrohe Raindance Showerhead Right For You?

The Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour AIR showerhead is one of the best that is available on the market today. Made from quality parts to deliver a quality result, you will definitely get value for the investment you make with this product. It is easy to install, can be used in a variety of ways with its different settings, and is one of the easiest showerheads to clean that we’ve seen. If you need a showerhead, then we highly recommend this one! Click here to compare prices and get the best deal on your new showerhead.


Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads


Are you looking for a reliable showerhead that will have consistent output on a daily basis with low maintenance requirements? Do you love to sing in the shower or to pretend that you’re the next contestant on The Voice? If so, then you’ll love the Kohler Moxie showerhead and how it can start or end your day. Not only can it let your groove to your favorite tunes, but it can help you listen to the news or sync with a preferred Bluetooth device.

Best of all, however, the wireless speaker is easy to remove from the showerhead and can be used independently, letting you have a Bluetooth speaker that syncs from over 30 feet away!

What Features Does This Kohler Showerhead Have?

With a silicone sprayface, the Kohler Moxie showerhead is extremely easy to care for. A simple wipe with your standard bathroom cleaner is often all it takes to clean! If you’ve got hard water deposits, however, you can still simply soak it in your preferred cleaner because the silicone stands up to most deposit thinners. In addition, this showerhead provides you with:

  • a rechargeable lithium ion battery that has up to 7 hours of play time;
  • a polished chrome finish that lets your new showerhead match with virtually any bathroom interior design;
  • a 2.5 GPM flow rate that lets you get clean without running up your water bill or harming your local environment; and
  • the speaker itself provides less than 1% harmonic distortion.

What Are the Advantages of This Kohler Showerhead?

The primary advantage of the Kohler Moxie showerhead is that it has over 60 angled nozzles that provide you with a full spray coverage. You won’t have to worry about having to tilt or move this showerhead to get those difficult soapy spots in your hair washed away! In addition, you may find these advantages as well:

  • the wireless speaker works through the use of magnets, making removing it or replacing it as simple as a quick snap;
  • when paired with your mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection, you can take phone calls through your shower;
  • the music continues to play, even if you are done with your shower; and
  • this showerhead works with most plumbing configurations, making installation very easy for anyone.

Is the Kohler Moxie Showerhead Right For You?

If you’re looking for a reliable way to listen to some tunes while in the shower and you want a great showerhead that will let you enjoy your time in the only room where time can truly stand still, then you’re next perfect moment could come thanks to this Kohler Moxie showerhead. Though it is more expensive than other standard showerheads, the inclusion of a wireless Bluetooth speaker provides the value that comes with this price. It may be an investment, but it is definitely an investment worth making today! You can save 25% off the list price that most bathroom retailers charge for this amazing showerhead by clicking here to buy it on Amazon.

Shower Head Reviews, Top Rated Shower Heads

If you’re looking for a rain shower head for your bathroom renovation, then the Moen Velocity should be number one on your list, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is the only rainfall style showerhead that has been recommended by Consumer Reports – which is a glowing endorsement for this product and a strong indicator that this product is the best rain shower head on the market.

Secondly, with its two different modes, you can switch between a more traditional style shower by concentrating the water to have just 30 of the nozzles activated in the center of the shower head which results in a high pressure flow, or expand it out to a full rainfall experience with all 100 nozzles. This is a great feature if you want a rainfall shower head, but your partner doesn’t – or vice versa.

The Advantages

c26-B0013J654C-1-lUnlike some of the other rain shower heads on the market, the Moen Velocity S6320 features two different modes, as mentioned previously, which can be great if not everyone in your household is keen on the spray pattern that is generated by a rainfall shower head.

It has a strong, well built feel to the construction of this shower head, as you would expect from any Moen product, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty against the most common things that can go wrong with a shower head – leaks, drips and finish defects.

The Moen Velocity is available in a range of different colors and finishes, to suit any bathroom – as well as the standard “chrome” finish, you can also get it in a shiny antique bronze finish, brushed bronze, brushed nickel or a really dark “oil rubbed bronze” finish as well. This means that no matter what color scheme you’ve selected for your tapware in your bathroom, the Moen S6320 Velocity will look the part in your home.

Water usage from the Moen Velocity is a low 2.5 gallons per minute, so if you’re upgrading from an older shower head then you’ll probably be able to save some water… or stay in the shower for longer before the hot water runs out.

The Disadvantages

If your house doesn’t have enough water pressure, the rainfall mode can turn into more of a “dribble” than the full rain effect. Some people have had success in rectifying this fault by removing the light green colored flow restrictor, which can also help by increasing the water flow.

The spray head on the Moen Velocity is rather large, with a diameter of 8 inches. If you’ve got a smaller sized shower, then you may find that the Velocity looks oversized in your shower – but its performance is sure to win over any critics.

There are conflicting reports from reviewers on Amazon about whether or not an installation manual is provided with this shower head. Even if you don’t receive one, it’s very easy to install a shower head if you choose to do it yourself – we have a guide on installing a showerhead that should help you, and you should be able to finish the job in 30 minutes or less.


The Moen Velocity S6320 isn’t the cheapest rainfall shower head on the market, but it is a strong candidate for the best on the market – based on its sturdy feel and excellent build quality and backed with Moen’s lifetime warranty, you should be able to enjoy amazing showers for many years to come.

Rather than buying from your local bathroom superstore, you should consider buying it online – at the time of writing this, you can get a 25% discount on the list price buying this online, which means that you can pick up this excellent shower head for less than $170 at Amazon – click here to go buy it now.