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Finding the perfect tub can be a bit difficult sometimes. You need information from good walk-in tub reviews to make an empowered decision. Is there a way that can help you find the best product for your home quickly and easily?

One of the best ways to quickly compare data on walk-in tubs is with a chart of today’s best products. Take a look for yourself to see how your preferred tub stacks up to the competition below!

Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic Walk In Bathtub$4000-$45005.0
Ariel Bath 51" x 26" Soaker Walk-in Tub<$20004.8

Ella Bath 60" x 30" Companion Massage Walk In Tub$4500-$50004.8

Ariel Bath EZWT3060 Soaker Walk In Bathtub<$20004.8

American Standard Combo Gelcoat Walk-In Bath$5500-$6000N/A
Ella Bubbles Wheelchair Access Walk-in Hydro Bathtub$5500-$6000N/A
Signature Elite SE-101 Walk In Bath Tub$7500-$80004.8

What Is a Walk-in Tub?

Walk-in-BathtubA walk-in bathtub helps people be able to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath without the hassle of stepping over the edge. For those with physical limitations, it makes taking a bath much easier because it eliminates the need for transferring equipment over the edge of the tub. You simply open the door, walk into your tub, and then seal the door behind you!

Who can benefit from having a walk-in tub in their home? They are ideal for people who suffer from:

  • painful arthritis,
  • physical limitations, or
  • other debilitating conditions.

When looking at walk-in tub reviews, it is important to note what the style of the tub happens to be. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from very compact versions to something that resembles a full-sized tub. Once installed, the seals on the door are water-tight, which means you can have the bath that you need without worrying about how much water goes about the room.

Even though these tubs are designed for those with physical limitations, anyone can benefit from having a walk-in tub installed. They bring a classic look into a room while providing easier access! They even make giving a pet bath easier because you simply open the door for your pet and let them walk into the tub. No more fighting with carrying them over the side!

The Advantages of a Walk-in Tub

The primary advantage of a walk-in tub is the fact that it allows people to regain a level of independence. Because each design allows people to enter the tub from the side instead of over the top of it, there is little need for bathing assistance from a traditional sense. You don’t need transfer seats, stabilizers, and other medical equipment to get into the bathtub any more with a walk-in tub installed. If you can open and close a door, then you can take a bath on your own!

A good walk-in tub will provide additional advantages as well:

  • Save time. With a walk-in tub, you won’t have to wrestle with a care provider for minutes on end to make sure you’re safely using the transfer equipment that is installed on a traditional bath.
  • Save money. Because almost anyone can use a walk-in tub on their own, there is less money spent on caregivers. These tubs are also very low maintenance, which means you’ll spend less on your cleaning and repair efforts as well.
  • Less stress. Worrying about when you’ll get a bath becomes a thing of the past with a good walk-in tub. Take a bath whenever you want!
  • Less heartache. The loss of independence is one of the worst things that can happen to people. The walk-in tub helps to restore some of this loss while adding a measure of modesty and dignity to what can sometimes be a difficult situation.

A good walk-in bathtub can also help to solve the specific needs that each person may have. That’s why finding the right walk-in tub for your needs is so important.

How To Find the Best Walk-in Tub

For many, the first determination that needs to be made is the type of walk-in tub that they need. Compact tubs are available for smaller spaces, while full-sized and even over-sized tubs can also be installed as well. It all depends on your space needs!

Looking at how the door fastens in a walk-in tub is also very important. Different manufacturers utilize their own methods of creating a water-tight seal and some of them may be more preferential to you than others. Zippers, Velcro, and even buttons can be found on some tubs, so knowing what your limitations are will help to keep your independence levels high.

The height of the door is also an important consideration to look at when reviewing walk-in tub information. Some doors are very small and difficult to use, while other doors are designed to allow for independent transfers into the tub from a wheelchair. You’ll want to look at non-slip surfacing on the seating by the door and on the floor, safety and support rails, and the height of the step required to get into the tub as well so that it can meet your specific needs.

There are also some other features that you may wish to consider looking at as you shop around for the best walk-in tub. Look for:

  • the quality of the hydrotherapy that a tub provides,
  • the speed of the draining process of the tub, and even
  • how fast a bathtub is able to fill up.

Taking a look at walk-in tub reviews can also help you determine what advanced specific features go with each bathtub so that you can find the perfect one that will meet your needs. From Bluetooth features to extra levels of waterproofing, there are a lot of variations with today’s modern technology that can help you have the perfect experience every time you want a bath!

Style is also an important consideration during the selection process. Some walk-in tubs have smaller doors than their competitors, while others have higher walls so that a deep bath can be enjoyed. Taking the time now to find the right selection of features will help you make sure that the right tub is installed  before the purchasing process has even been completed!

What Are Today’s Walk-in Tub Prices?

There is a wide range of pricing options when it comes to walk-in tubs, which means you’ve got the chance to have one installed for a price that is right for you. The price range for most tubs with standard features begins around $2,000. More advanced options can drive the price up to around $5,000. A top of the line model today may run close to $10,000 depending on what features you may need. These prices don’t always include installation costs.

It is important to note that if a walk-in bathtub is needed because of certain physical limitations, a healthcare insurance plan may cover a portion of the purchasing and installation cost. Before finalizing any purchase, check with your healthcare provider to determine if you qualify for any assistance.

Because this is for medical equipment, you may also qualify for specific low-interest loans or other financing offers that can also help to reduce the overall cost of a new walk-in tub. There are several not-for-profit agencies that provide lending programs for needed medical equipment when insurance won’t cover the bill beyond the local bank or credit union too. Be sure to check on all your financing options – there’s a good chance you really can afford the walk-in tub prices when low-cost financing is available to you!

Bath2Tile Presents an Excellent Walk-in Tub

With dual massage components installed, the acrylic walk-in tub from Bath2Tile includes a fast draining system so you’re not stuck for ages in the tub shivering while you wait for water levels to reduce. There are 10 therapeutic jets to help provide a gentle, yet effective hydro massage and there’s a heater included with this tub to make sure the water stays warm. For added ease in cleaning, the door is removable.

This bathtub is perfect for those who have some mobility, but maybe struggle with aching joints or some physical limitations. There is a small step required to get into this tub and it can take up to 20 minutes to fill it up, but those are small limitations to the great benefits that this great walk-in tub can provide.

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal.

Walk-in Tub Prices That Won’t Break Your Budget

Not everyone has a few thousand dollars to drop on a new bathtub, right? With the soaking walk-in tub presented by Ariel Bath, you’ll get the basics you need without breaking your budget. This entry-level model provides a built-in seat for you to enjoy a private bath. It fills up quickly, drains well, and does what anything bathtub should do.

This tub, however, is more for people who are of smaller stature. The room within the tub is restricted, as it is just 51 in. by 26 in. in size. The bath door also meets just the minimum fire safety standard of 28 inches for an exit, so those with greater levels of physical limitation may notice some difficulties getting in and out of this tub. For those with a limited budget and limited disabilities, however, this tub could be the perfect investment.

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal.

Get Personalization With an American Standard Walk-in Tub

If you’re looking for one of the best tubs on the market today, then this one offered by American Standard must be up for consideration. It offers both right and left-handed options for the entry door. You’ll also find massaging options for the legs only if that’s what you need. Back massages are also possible and best of all, the tub has an automatic cleaning system. It utilizes a free-standing metal frame, which makes installation very easy too!

The primary advantage of this system is the door, which has patented technology. It’s very easy to open and close and the step is greatly reduced, making entry fast. This tub also has quick drain technology installed, making it one of the most advanced systems of bath therapy on the market today.

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal.

Need Wheelchair Access for Your Walk-in Tub?

Some people need a walk-in tub that doesn’t have a step at all to access it. If that’s the case for you, then Ella Bubbles has a great tub for you to consider. It offers a wider door panel to help you transfer directly from the wheelchair into the bathtub. Handrails are included in the tub design so that it is possible for someone to directly transfer themselves into the tub without additional assistance.

This tub is one of the higher priced tubs on the market today, but it does offer a comprehensive water therapy solution and an in-line heater that can provide the soothing relief you or your loved one may need. It’s also got added anti-slip areas included with the design so the entire transference process can be done as safely as possible.

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal.

Signature Series Offers a Fantastic Option

With a lifetime warranty, ADA compliant technology, and an anti-slip seat and floor, this Signature Series elite walk-in tub is definitely worth the added cost. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can also work as a showering tub depending on your current bathroom structure. It takes buoyancy into consideration for its hydrotherapy options as well, which means you’ll feel less stress on joints that can sometimes be painful. Relaxation and comfort will quickly be had with a bath in this beautiful walk-in tub!

The door is tight and solid, which means as long as the door can be opened and closed, a higher level of independence can be had. It’s got good draining and best of all, will likely fit into the location your standard bathtub currently occupies. This tub might be an investment for some, but it is a worthy investment to considering making because of the superior quality it provides.

Click here to compare prices and get the best deal.

Using walk-in tub reviews to select the perfect unit for your home is a smart way to shop. It gives you the information you need to make an empowered decision so that you can take the guesswork out of the process. You really can regain independence, improve your home therapy options, and retain your dignity today with the best walk-in tub that will meet your needs!

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Exhaust FanA bathroom exhaust fan is a perfect way to add airflow to your shower.

Increased airflow helps reduce steam and moisture in your bathroom. Also, a bathroom fan will help dry out your shower after use.

A dry shower is less likely to grow mold and other nasties. Also, with less steam you’ll have less foggy mirrors so you can actually see yourself in the mirror once you get out.

PictureNameFlow Rate (CFM)PriceRating

Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan
Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan
Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling 80 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan
Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan
Broan 690 60 CFM Bathroom Fan Upgrade Kit

Broan QTX110HL Ultra Silent Series Bath Fan with Heater and Light110$$$$$4.5
Air King AK100L Deluxe Bath Fan with Light and Night Light
Broan Model QTXE110FLT 110 CFM 42 Watt Fluorescent Light Ultra Silent Bath Fan/Light110$$$$4.5

Delta Electronics VFB25AEH Breez 130 CFM Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan130$$$4.4
Delta Electronics VFB25ACH Breez 80 CFM Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan80$$4.4

Broan 164 2-Bulb Ventilation Heater Bath Fan with Lights70$$4.1
Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM90$4.1
PictureNameFlow Rate (CFM)PriceRating

If you have poor ventilation in your bathroom with small or no windows you definitely should invest in a bathroom fan. Without a fan your shower and bath will stay wetter for longer. This gives mold and mildew a greater chance to grow and make a mess of your bathroom. Also, if you bathroom is moist and damp for a very long time, moisture can start to absorb into the dry wall. This will damage your bathroom walls and eventually be very expensive to replace.

What fan capacity (CFM) do I need?

Rough guidelines:

Bathroom size

Small (5ft x 8ft)

Standard (9ft x 11ft)

Large (9ft + x 11ft +)

CFM you need




When choosing a bathroom fan you want to pick one that is powerful enough. How much power do you need? Well I’m glad you asked.

You need a fan that is powerful enough to move all the air in your bathroom in a reasonable amount of time.

Ideally your bathroom fan is powerful enough to recycle the total cubic feet of air in your bathroom every 7.5 minutes, or fully recycle 8 times every hour.

So you need to know cubic feet of your bathroom to figure out the CFM (cubic feet per minute) you need.

Cubic feet = length of your bathroom x width of your bathroom x height of your bathroom.

For example: Most ceilings are 8ft high as standard. A lot of standard bathrooms are 9ft wide and 11ft long/deep. So the cubic ft = 8 x 9 x 11 = 792 cubic ft.

If we want to recycle 792 cubic feet every 7.5 minutes we need a flow rate of 792 divided by 7.5 or 106 CFM.

If your bathroom was much smaller, say 5ft wide and 8ft deep, you would only need a CFM of around 43. However, please note, most building codes will stipulate a minimum fan of 50 CFM.

Things to consider when buying a fan:

  • Cubic flow per minute (CFM). Make sure your fan is powerful enough to do its job. Read above and calculate the size of your bathroom and choose a fan to match. Too small a fan and it won’t generate enough airflow to stop mold. Too big a fan and you’ll spend money you didn’t need to.

  • Noise. Choose a fan that is quite to run. It’s generally good to run the fan for a little while after your shower as well as during your shower. You don’t want a noisy fan disturbing you. Check the product information and reviews to check how noisy or quiet the fan is.

  • Unit size. Make sure you have enough room to install the shower fan unit in your ceiling. Ideally you’d like the fan directly above your shower for best results. However, if your shower is tucked in a small corner your larger fan might need to be place elsewhere.

  • Color and finish. Choose a fan that matches your ceiling color to blend in, or a classy finish that matches the other fittings in your bathroom.

 Top 5 Bathroom Fan Reviews

1. Panasonic FV-08VQ5 WhisperCeiling 80 CFM

The Panasonic range of fans have all three aspects of the ceiling fan equation spot on – firstly, they actually perform at or above the flow rates that they mention in the product specs, which means you’ll be able to get the moisture out of the air in your bathroom very quickly.

Secondly, because it’s Energy Star rated, it’s very cheap to run – this particular model only consumes 14.7 Watts, which is about 10% of some other ceiling fans.

Finally, it’s quiet. There is nothing more annoying than a loud, rattling fan when you’re trying to relax and enjoy a shower.

Read user reviews (over 110 Five Star Reviews) and compare prices at Amazon.

2. Panasonic WhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan

In some bathrooms, there’s no way for a ceiling mounted fan to be installed. Perhaps you’re in an apartment building, or you’ve got a two stories home and your bathroom is downstairs?  For whatever reason, there are times that you may need a wall mounted fan – and this one from Panasonic has to be one of the best.

Like the rest of their range, this one is exceptionally quiet and very energy efficient. Although it’s designed for internal to external applications, there are many people who choose to use this for internal to internal installs, such as to take the heat out of a computer room, or transfer warmth from a lounge room into a bedroom.

Read user reviews (approx 50 Five Star Reviews) and compare prices at Amazon.

3. Air King AK100L Bath Fan with Light and Night Light

If you’ve got a limited amount of space, then the light/fan combination units are the best way to make use of the space. Some people also prefer them for the visual appeal and neatness of just having a single object in the middle of the room, rather than having both a fan and a light.

This unit has a solid construction, including a glass light diffuser and metal fan assembly box. The fan is rather quiet, especially considering it has 100 CFM flow rate. It even has a night light built in. The bulbs are not supplied for either light with the unit, so be sure to pick some up when you order this bathroom fan.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

4. Broan QTXE110FLT Bath Fan/Light combo unit

This ceiling fan/light combination from Broan features a flow rate of 110 CFM, which is plenty for most average sized bathrooms. Like the Air King model above, it has a regular light and night light built in, which can be handy in small spaces.

It’s a rather quiet fan, coming in at 0.7 sones, with many people reporting that it sounds quieter than their old 50 CFM fan – and with more than double the flow rate, you will find that your bathroom mirror will unfog in no time!

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

5. Delta VFB25AEH Breez 130 CFM Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

Here’s a product that uses technology to solve two of the biggest problems with using an exhaust fan – Firstly, when should you turn the fan on, and secondly, forgetting it is on and leaving it on all day. If you’re like me, you’ve tried turning the fan on before you get into the shower, but it’s always a bit too cold, because there’s no steam trapped in the room to keep you warm. If you leave it until after the shower, there’s too much and you can’t see anything in the mirror.

With this exhaust fan from Delta, it will automatically turn itself on when the humidity level reaches 60%, and will automatically adjust the fan speed and flow rate so that it operates at the lowest required power level. Once the humidity level drops below 60%, it will turn itself off again. It’s that simple – a complete “set and forget” solution, that is perfect for your own bathroom or the kids bathroom where they never remember to turn the fan on (or off).

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

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showerspraybottlePreviously on the site, we’ve talked about how to clean your shower from top to bottom over here, but what is the best shower cleaner product to use?

The best bathroom cleaners are engineered to cut through soap scum, mold and mildew, making it quicker and easier to clean your shower than using basic cleaning products.

Earth Friendly Products Shower Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil 22 ozAfter Shower Cleaner4.1

Scrubbing Bubbles All-purpose Cleaner, Heavy Duty, Antibacterial 32oz
Multi Purpose Cleaner4.2
TECH Grout Cleaner - 32 oz
Grout Cleaner4.5
Tilex Mold & Mildew RemoverMould remover4.5

BabyGanics Scrub-a-Tub,Tub and Tile Cleaner, Unscented, 32 ozMulti Purpose Cleaner4.1

Lysol Power & Free Multi-Purpose Cleaner With Hydrogen Peroxide Citrus Scent 22 ozMulti Purpose Cleaner4.3

Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant, 32 oz.
Multi Purpose Cleaner4.5

Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner Spray with Bleach 32 oz
Multi Purpose Cleaner4.2
Formula 409 All-Purpose Cleaner, Antibacterial, 32 ozMulti Purpose Cleaner4.6
CLOROX Bleach Bathroom Foamer 30 ozMulti Purpose Cleaner4.9
Tilex Bathroom Cleaner 16 oz (Pack of 3)Multi Purpose Cleaner4.3

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit, 34 oz.
Automatic Shower Cleaner3.0

Good shower cleaning products are;

  • Easy to use – You don’t want to have to keep referring back to the instructions on the back of the packet to find out how long it needs to be left on for, how it should be applied or the ratio that it needs to be diluted at. You want to be able to just spray it on from a pre-mixed spray bottle and then wipe it off.

  • Reduce scrubbing – If you’re like us and most other people, you don’t have the time to clean your shower every week, which means there is likely to be a lot of soap scum and grime on the surfaces in your shower. A good cleaning product will make it easy on you, by breaking down the soap scum and making it easy to remove.

  • Smell nice – You want your shower to smell nice and clean once you’ve put in all that hard work, so pick one with your favorite scent.

  • Few fumes – Showers are small, enclosed spaces and the fumes from some cleaners can get a bit much at times. The fewer fumes from your cleaning product, the better.

  • Not too harsh on you & the environment – Some cleaning chemicals can be strong irritants and bad for your skin, eyes. These same cleaners are also typically bad for marine life, or not designed to be flushed into a septic tank system.
  • Inexpensive – You don’t want it to cost $15-$20 every time you clean your shower, so be sure to find a cleaning product or selection of products that are not too expensive. 

  • Work on most surfaces – you’re going to find a few different types of materials and surfaces in your bathroom, which most likely will include tiles, glass and chrome. Finding a multi purpose shower cleaner that can clean a variety of different surfaces will save you from having to take a bucket full of different cleaners when you go to clean your shower.

How to find the best shower cleaner for you;

  • Gentle (unless you’ve got mold). Look for a product that is gentle on your shower tiles, glass, chrome fittings etc. Unless you have mold, then you need a tough cleaner. If you don’t have mold using a gentler cleaner will keep your bathroom looking newer longer. This is because tough cleaners with bleach will somewhat damage bathroom finishes over time. Check the product labels and reviews to see how gentle they are and on what surfaces.

  • Do you have mold? If you have mold you’ll need to find a bathroom cleaner specifically formulated to attack and kill mold. If you don’t have mold, you can opt for a more gentle and cheaper cleaner. Mold killing cleaners will generally use bleach. Bleach can damage certain materials so make sure you check the label for instructions on what it can’t be used on.

  • Spray and wipe or spray and rinse? Sometimes wiping is easier with a damp cloth, other times rinsing is easier, especially if you have a hand-held shower head. Check the instructions on the cleaner to see if you wipe off or rinse off. Pick the one you find easiest.

  • Price. You don’t need to spend big on a bathroom cleaner. Shop around, check the reviews and you’ll find value for money.

  • Automatic? There are some nifty cool cleaning products out there. Some will clean your bathroom shower with the push of a button! Again, shop around and you could find something you’ll love.

Homemade shower cleaner

White-VinegarVery simply, a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. So for every cup of water, add a cup of white vinegar.

White vinegar works best. Don’t use brown vinegar or apple cider, balsamic or any other type of vinegar as they will stain your bathroom!

The advantage of a homemade shower cleaner is that is very natural, can be made cheaply in comparison to many shower cleaners, you know exactly what it is made from and you know it’s safe for your family and children.

The disadvantage is that it won’t clean as well as some commercial bathroom products. Another disadvantage is that you need to mix it up yourself and it doesn’t really save you much money. Some people also do not like the smell compared to the commercial shower cleaners, vinegar can be quite strong smelling.

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My Own Shower - Kids Shower HeadLooking for a kid shower head or a baby shower head? Why not, they’re so fun and cute!

A kids showerhead is a great way to introduce young children to the shower and on the path to adulthood… *sniff*… they just grow up so fast!

Guide to the best kids showerheads


Amico Yellow Duck Shower Head Pal$4.0
Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray$1.6
Rinse Ace My Own Shower Children's Showerhead (Dolphin)
Conservco RDNF-F Handheld Shower head for Kids (Frog)$N/A
Conservco RDNF-H Handheld Shower head for Kids (Hippo)$5.0

Tips for introducing kids to the shower

  • Supervision. We always supervise young children in the bath, the same should also apply when they first start to use the shower. Only once they are older and more confident should you let them shower out of sight.

  • Join in. Take your child into the bathroom when you shower. Show them how it’s done – kids learn lots just from watching their parents. Also you can shower with your child, walking them through how to wash their hair etc.

  • Get a low shower head. Water falling from 6 feet can feel painful and scary to a young child. Try sitting down on your shower floor and see how it feels. Instead, use a kids shower head or detachable hand-held shower. Try to match the distance your head is normally away from your shower head. The water spray should be held at head height for your child or just above.

  • Get a fun shower head. An entertaining shower head in the shape of an animal or cartoon character can make a shower more fun. Kids will be used to playing with all their toys in the bath – we can’t make the shower boring, otherwise they won’t want to wash.

  • Use bath toys. Do you remember playing with toys in the bath? It used to be so much fun! Let your kids play with their toys on the shower floor for a while so they don’t have to give up all the fun.

  • Use a non-slip mat. We don’t want any little accidents with our little ones. Use a non-slip shower mat in the shower to reduce the chance of slipping. Remind your kids to be patient and don’t rush or run into or out of the shower.

  • Use encouragement. A few kind words can go a long way. Encourage your kids, let them know how proud you are of them using the ‘grown ups’ shower.

What is a kids shower head?

A shower head that is both fun and functional, a kids shower head is modelled and designed in a fun shape such as an animal or cartoon character. Other than some additional plastic or rubber, the shower head will function as normal, although some feature a lower flow rate and only one basic spray pattern, to make it more comfortable for children.

Advantages of a kids shower head

  • Lower shower head. Which means a less hard and sharp shower spray. Water coming from very high up on your normal shower head might hurt or scare young kids. A kids shower head helps reduce water height, making it softer and more gentle.

  • Adds fun to the shower. Showers can be boring compared to bath time. There was so much attention and so many toys, now it’s just quickly in and out. Bring back some of the fun with a creative shower head.

  • Helps kids start to use the shower. Showering is an important step on the road to adulthood, it allows us to wash quickly and effectively. With their very own shower head your kids will take more quickly to showering. This will hopefully save you time at bathtime.

How do I find the best kids head for me and my little ones?

  • Colorful. Find a shower head that is colorful and playful.

  • Match your child’s interests. Does your little monster love Elmo? Or Dolphins? Whichever you can find a shower head that they’ll love.

  • Adjustable height. Make sure the shower head is easily adjustable, most will be hand held or use a suction cup, but just check the product description.

  • Easy to change back to the ‘grown up’ shower. Again check the product information, we recommend using either a combo hand-held shower or a shut off valve design. This way you can always have both the kids and grown ups shower ready.

Reviews of the Top 3 Kids Shower Heads

1. Rinse Ace “My Own Shower” with Dolphin

The Rinse Ace “My Own Shower” is available in a variety of different cartoon animal designs – we’ve chosen to feature the most popular one here, which is the dolphin.

The kit includes a diverter valve to allow you to easily switch between your existing shower head and the new kids shower, and a quick-release hose so that you can rest assured that your shower area is safe from hazards when you’re not there to supervise your child.

The one complaint that some parents have had with this unit is with the strength of the suction cup – which can be resolved by either attaching the unit to your taps using rubber bands, or replacing the suction cup with a stronger one. Others have not complained about it, so it might be a problem with tiles being too dirty or not shiny enough for it to grip. All in all though, it’s a very good product at a very affordable price.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

2. Conservco RDNF-H Handheld Shower for Kids with Hippo

The Conservco handheld shower is very similar to the Rinse Ace, except with a plastic diverter unit to switch between the regular and kids shower heads.

It also comes in a range of different character designs, so if you can’t find your kid’s favorite animal in the Rinse Ace collection, then you might find it in the Convervco range.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

3. Amico Yellow Duck Shower Head Pal

The yellow rubber ducky is one of the most popular bath toys for young children – so it makes perfect sense to use this same iconic design to help them transition to showering.

Much like the units from Rinse Ace and Convervco, the Amico unit allows you to easily switch between your regular shower and the kids sprayer, and like the others it also uses a suction cup to attach it to the wall.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

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American-Standard-FlowiseSave the environment and save up to $200 per year on your water & power bills with a water saving shower head.

Back in the day you could either have a great shower or a water saving shower… but now you can have both!

Modern technology and continuous improvements by shower head manufacturers are making shower heads much more efficient at delivering the same shower feel but with less water.

Good quality water at an affordable price is getting harder and harder to find. Most of us don’t have a choice, we use our municipal water supply, no matter what the price or quality is like. Take back some control and save some water with a new shower head.

The best low flow shower heads

PictureNameFlow RatePriceRating
High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head
1.5 GPM$4.7

Niagara Earth Massage 1.25GPM Low flow showerhead1.25 GPM$4.2
Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage 1.5 GPM Showerhead
1.5 GPM$4.4
Niagara 1.5 GPM Commercial Grade High Efficiency Showerhead
1.5 GPM$N/A
Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead1.85 GPM$4.6
American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water Saving Showerhead1.5 GPM$4.1
American Standard Flowise 3 Function Water Saving Showerhead2.0 GPM$4.0

American Standard Flowise Water Saving Showerhead1.5 GPM$4.0
Waterpik Ecoflow Fixed Mount Showerhead1.6 GPM$3.1
PictureNameFlow RatePriceRating

Are you really going to save water?

Yes. Low flow shower heads can reduce your shower water consumption by up to half. Flow rates can go down to 1.25 gallons per minute, down from the maximum allowable 2.5 gallons per minute.

Are you going to save money?

According to a study in 1999 by Mayer et al, the average shower lasts 8.2 minutes. If you had a standard, non water saving shower head with a water flow of 3.8 gallons per minute, you would on average use about 31 gallons of water per shower.

In 2009, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency stated that the average cost of water is $2 per 1,000 gallons.

So, a family of four, showering every day on average would spend around $60 per annum on shower water (4 people x 365 days per year x 20.5 gallons per shower x $0.002 per gallon = $59.86)

So basically, if you already have a modern day shower head (manufactured after the 1992 2.5 gallon/min regulation came into effect) you could save around $30 per year changing to a water saving shower head (assuming 1.25 gallons per minute with the new head).

Prior to 1992, some showerheads had a flow rate as high as 5.5 gallons per minute. If you have one of these older shower heads, you could save $100 per year on shower water.

So if you’re looking to save money, it’s probably only worth it if you have a shower head made before 1992 or you’re using a shower head with the flow restrictor removed.

Please note the costs are solely calculated for water and don’t include electricity or gas costs to run your hot water service. Depending upon your electricity price, if you add in your power bill savings, you’ll likely save as much on power as you do on water. So you’ll save around $60 per year in water and power if you already have a standard flow restricted shower head. Also, you’ll save about $200 per year in water and power if you have an old shower head or unrestricted flow shower head.

Measure your current flow rate

Measure your current shower water flow rate by running your shower for 10 seconds into an empty water bucket. After ten seconds measure the amount of water. Multiply your measurement by six to get the amount of water flow per minute.

For example, if you ran your shower for 10 seconds and captured 0.5 gallons of water in your bucket, you’d have a flow rate of 3.0 gallons per minute.

You may need to tip your bucket of water into a measuring jug to get the most accurate measurement, but it’s easier than running the shower for a full minute. If you have a flow rate of more than 2.5 gl/min you should consider changing your shower head.

If you’re unsure about the results, you can always try a 30 second test to see if you can get a slightly more accurate result.

What is a low flow shower head?

Using a range of different design techniques and technologies such as pressure chambers or reduced shower head size, water saving shower heads are made to deliver a normal shower experience while using less water. By taking steps to use less water in your shower, you can save money on your water supply and heating bills – not to mention you’re doing the environment a favor by working to conserve this precious resource.

Advantages of a low flow showerhead

  • Save water. Eco friendly and wallet friendly, reduces your impact on the environment and reduces the pain of your water bills.

  • Save energy. Less water use means less energy used to heat your shower water. Again, eco friendly and reduces your power bills.

  • Still have a great shower. New technology gives the same shower feel with less water. You don’t have to compromise.

How do I find the best low flow shower head for me?

  • Check the flow rate. Look at the product information and look for a flow rate of less than 2.5 gallons per minute. 2.5 gl/m is standard fare for a shower head, so to really save water you need to get one with a lower flow rate.

  • Check the design. How does the shower head work to save water whilst still maintaining pressure feel? Does the shower head simply offer a smaller compact head or does it use an air pressure system? Choose a design that feels right for you. If you prefer a larger shower spray, we’d recommend sticking with the pressure systems.

  • Check the quality. As always read the product reviews and pick the good supplier and manufacturers, and remember you usually get what you pay for but there are sometimes bargains, especially with the very simple designs and manufacturing techniques used in some low flow shower heads.

Reviews of the top 5 water saving shower heads

1. High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

The High Sierra low flow shower head is one of the best water saving showers on the market. It has a small “mouth” shaped opening for its spray nozzle, which is designed so that it will not clog whilst delivering a strong, full spray of large drops.

Many people report that this shower feels just like a regular shower, and that while it might be using less water, it actually feels better than their previous shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. Delta 75152 Water Amplifying Showerhead with H2OKINETIC technology

The Delta 75152 has two flow rate settings – an ultra low flow of 1.85 GPM and a more standard 2.5 GPM. Most people can’t tell the difference between the two settings, or prefer the lower flow – and this is because of the H2OKINETIC technology in this shower head.

To put it really simply, it mixes air with the water to create bigger droplets so that you feel like you’re getting a full shower experience while saving on your water bill. It’s a really popular showerhead and people have left over 640 5 star reviews for it on Amazon.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. Niagara N2915CH Earth Massage 1.5 GPM Shower head

The Niagara Earth Massage showerhead features three different spray settings – a “needle” setting which is basically a fine spray, a “massage” setting and a “combined” setting that has both spray patterns activated.

Unlike other low flow shower heads, this one uses a pressure chamber design to maintain a high pressure spray while limiting the water usage. There are over 100 5 star reviews for it on Amazon, so there are plenty of fans of this shower head who are using it in their homes.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

4. American Standard 1660.717.002 Flowise 3 Function Showerhead

The American Standard Flowise 3 has been featured in a number of different programs and magazines including Consumer Reports and several TV documentaries about saving energy and natural resources, due to its unique “turbine” system to create a full shower spray from low water pressure.

One unique feature that this shower head has is an “auto-return” to the 1.5 GPM setting whenever you turn off the shower, ensuring that you always start your shower in its water saving mode. With over 110 5 star reviews on Amazon, you know that this one is definitely a winner.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

5. American Standard 1660.613.075 Flowise Modern 3 Function Showerhead

This is second shower head from American Standard’s Flowise collection to make our top 5, and for good reason – they make some really great shower heads. This one is no exception to that rule.

Like the Flowise 3 above this one, it uses a rotating turbine, rather than mixing in air, to maintain a full spray while using less water. It has the same auto-return to water saving spray when the shower is turned off. It just comes in a different style and shape to the one above, which might better suit the design of your shower area.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

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shower-armEver had a shower, but only from the neck down? In a shower with such a low shower head it must have been installed by a hobbit? Stop contorting you poor neck just to get a drop of water on your hair and face… it’s time to change your shower arm and install a shower head extension.

8 of the best shower head extensions

PictureNameHeight IncreasePriceRating
Danze 13-Inch S-Shape Shower ArmApprox 12"$4.6

Moen Waterhill 14-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2.5"$$4.6
Delta 10 Inch Adjustable Shower ArmUp to 9"$4.2
Delta Addison 15-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2"$4.5
American Standard Shepherd's Crook Shower ArmApprox 4"$5.0
Danco S Shower Arm with FlangeApprox 11"$4.5

Danze 15-Inch Sirius Shower ArmApprox 9"$$4.0

MODONA "S" Shaped Shower Arm with Flange
Approx 6"$5.0

What is a shower arm or extension?

A shower arm is the pipe fitting that connects the water supply in your shower wall to your shower head. Over time, your shower arm can become corroded and start to leak, or sometimes the arm is installed too low and you want to raise your shower height. Installing a new shower arm with an adjustable arm or ‘S’ configuration will help increase the height of your shower.

How to replace your shower arm

Use our how to change a shower head guide here. The same principles apply, just in addition to removing the head, use the same process to remove the arm as well. It’s a very simple job, you won’t need much, if any, DIY handyman experience.

How do I find the best shower arm or shower head extension for me?

  • Design/style. Do you need an ‘S’ configuration shower head arm or a multi-arm to raise your shower head up higher? Or do you need a ceiling mounted arm or height adjustable arm fixed to the wall? Take your time to browse the different arms to find the right fit for you. To fix a low shower arm easily, your best bet is probably an ‘S’ configuration arm. It’s easy to install and comes in one solid piece.

  • Shower head fit. Ensure your shower head fits your shower arm. You’ll be able to tell just by looking at the arm and head product pictures and measurements. For example, you can’t go out and buy a 12” monster rain shower head and expect to fit it to the smallest ‘S’ shower arm. It’ll bump up against one of the bends and will not screw on tight. Taking the time to review the measurements of your shower arm and shower head ahead of time will save you a lot of heartache when it comes time to install it.

  • Design finish. Choose a shower arm that matches the color and finish of your other bathroom fittings, especially your shower head. Match chrome with chrome, brass with brass – after all, you don’t want to have any strange color clashes. Also try to match modern with modern. Don’t go with an old Victorian style arm with an ultra modern LED shower head, it’ll just look funny.

  • Quality. As always, check the reviews and look for the bigger, more reputable brands to ensure that you get a great buy that will provide you with many years of showering pleasure.

Top 5 review

1. Danze D481116 13″ S Shaped Shower Arm

The Danze 13″ S shaped arm has to be one of our favorites, because it can add approximately 12″ to the height of your shower head – for less than $30. In a lot of people’s homes, this almost makes it as good as a ceiling mounted shower head.

Adding this sort of height to your shower is a must have if you’re installing a rain shower head, in order to truly feel the effects of “rainfall” in your shower.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

2. Moen S113 Waterhill 14″ Shower Arm

This shower arm appears to be very popular with purchasers of the Moen S6320 Velocity rainfall showerhead (read our review here) as the perfect shower arm to pair with it. It’s available in a range of different colors to match any bathroom style.

This one allows you to move your shower head about 14″ into the shower area, and adds approximately 4″ of height over the wall outlet. If your outlet is already rather high on the wall, then this could be a really good shower arm to pair with your new rain shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

3. American Standard 1660.198.002 12″ Shepherd’s Crook Shower Arm

Like the Moen unit above, this “Shepherd’s Crook” shower arm from American Standard will add approximately 4″ of height to your shower head – perfect for people who find themselves in a shower that was built a little too short for them.

Unlike some of the other units on this page, it is available in a few different colored finishes, to allow you to match it with the other fittings in your existing shower or newly renovated bathroom.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

4. Danze D481144 15″ Sirius Shower Arm

Unlike the rest of the shower arms in the top 5, the Danze Sirius arm has a squarer shape to it, which means that it’ll better match in with a large square shower head.

It adds approx 9″ to the height of the shower – enough to fully enjoy the benefits of a rain can shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

5. Modona “S” Shaped Shower Head Extension Arm

The thing that makes the Modona “S” Shaped shower arm unique is the sharper angles on the bends which closely resemble the shape of a kitchen faucet.

This shower arm will add at least 6″ to the height of your shower head and can be found online for less than $20!

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

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Dual shower headRomance and intrigue!

Kids, we need to talk to the grown-ups now, so if you’re young or easily offended have a look at our kid friendly novelty shower heads here instead.

Go on kids, off you go… ok, just the adults left? Let’s continue.

A double shower head let’s you share a romantic shower with that someone special and can be a loophole in the federal laws for water efficiency… wink wink.

Ever had a sexy shower with your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband with an ordinary single shower head? You’ll know the problems.

One person is always nice and warm in the water, whilst the other freezes. Then one person cops a spray of water to the face and up their nose whilst you dosey doe around in the shower to keep warm… hardly sexy or romantic.

Turn the heat back up to steamy with a double shower head and have a separate shower stream for each of you. Meet in the middle and share a kiss or embrace, but you don’t have to share the hot water. Think of the romantic possibilities…

Ok… let’s take another moment to just calm down. We can discuss government regulation… that should make you calm down quickly.

Federal law states that shower heads cannot be manufactured and sold with a water flow greater than 2.5 gallons per minute. Though the creative people at Zoe Industries Inc have found an entrepreneurial loophole in this federal law. Zoe Industries took the view that 2.5 gallons per minute per shower head is just fine. So, for example, with a triple shower head you could achieve up to 7.5 gallons per minute!

This creativity did not sit well with the Department of Energy (DOE) who came at Zoe with fines initially reported to total $447 million dollars! Talk about finding oneself in hot water…

It seems the DOE, Zoe Industries and three other suppliers have now resolved their ‘creative’ differences but not without fines totalling $165,104. Lucky for us, Zoe are still making shower heads and other bathroom fittings, even with the DOE pouring a whole lot of cold water on their idea.

So, for romance and intrigue you’ve got to check out a dual shower head.

The best dual shower heads

Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head SystemSide-by-side$$5.0
Sportsheets Dual ShowerheadSide-by-side$4.5
Dual Showerhead Bar with Jet Shower HeadsSide-by-side$4.5
GROHE Freehander Dual Head Shower System
Double stack$$$$$4.6
Ana Bath 5" 5 Function Handheld and Showerhead ComboCombination$$4.5
Speakman Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower Head Combo
Waterpik Combination ShowerheadCombination$3.5

Waterfall by ConservCo Multnomah Showerhead Combo-PackCombination$3.9

What is a double shower head or dual shower head?

A double or dual shower head is simply a shower head that allows two separate streams of shower spray. This is achieved by either a split shower arm or a hand-held shower with combo fixed wall shower.

Advantages of a double shower head

  • Great for two. A must have for great times in the shower with your partner. Now both of you can shower warm and comfortably. No more hogging all the water, now you can concentrate on each other.

  • Enlarges your shower. Even if just using the two heads by yourself, there’s more shower spray to go around.

  • Get more water flow. With another head to allow more water flow per minute, you can have a stronger shower.

  • More options. With two shower heads you can use two different spray patterns at the same time. Maybe combine a narrow massage stream with a wider spray setting for the best of both worlds.

  • Save time? Ever needed to really use the shower at the same time as your partner in the morning? Though you might need to have a cold shower to make sure you actually save time…

How do I find the best dual shower head for me?

  • Design. Do you need a dual shower arm or a combo hand-held with fixed head as well? As a more fancy option, you can install a second shower head in the opposite shower wall. Although this will require some plumbing work, the result is stunning.

  • Does it act as a single head? Having the versatility to shut off one of the heads can give you some flexibility to save water or make your hot water last longer.

  • Pressure. Does the double shower head still have good pressure. Check the reviews, cheaper heads might simply split your shower, giving you two weak shower streams.

  • Finish. Does the head and arm match your existing bathroom look and feel? Take your time to browse the different designs – there are some really nice ones.

Reviews of the top 5 double shower heads

1. Zoe First Mate Double Shower Head System

As we mentioned before, Zoe Manufacturing are one of the few brands who are making double showerhead kits and they were in trouble for using a cheeky interpretation of the law surrounding water saving shower heads.

Once you remove the severely limiting flow restrictors from these shower heads, they have plenty of water flow. They’re also a great value for money set.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

2. Sportsheets Dual Showerhead

Sex sells, right? That’s the angle that the manufacturer of this product, Sportsheets, are going for with their dual shower head. These dual shower heads feature four different spray patterns, and provided you remove the water limiting device it has plenty of power from both shower heads.

What more is there to say about this shower head? I’m pretty sure the picture on the packet says it all.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

3. Grohe Freehander Dual Head Shower System

The Grohe Freehander has a unique spin on the dual shower head concept – it has double stacked them to create an inner and outer shower head, rather than the standard side-by-side concept. It also allows you to turn off the inner shower head if it is not required, allowing you to save water.

As with any double shower head, it is best to remove the flow restrictor before installation, to ensure that you have sufficient water pressure to take full advantage of the massage features and benefits of a double shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

4. Ana Bath 5″ 5 Function Handheld and Showerhead Combo

This is one of the combination style dual showerheads, that provide you with both a fixed and handheld shower head that can either be activated individually or you can turn both on at the same time.

For many people, the combination unit is the best of both worlds – you can have a handheld or fixed showerhead when you want it, or both if you’re sharing your shower with a second person. There are almost 200 5 star reviews for this product on Amazon – it’s a really popular model.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

5. Speakman Alexandria Anystream Dual Shower System

The Speakman Anystream range is extremely popular and this unit brings that same quality and power of their shower head technology to a dual showerhead system.

There is one letdown with the default configuration of this showerhead – and that is the diverter, which is only a two way diverter, which means only one of the two heads can be on at any time. Luckily, this is easily fixed by swapping it out with this unit from Delta, which will let you run both at once.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

BONUS – 6. Make your own dual shower

If you don’t like any of these options, then why not consider making your own dual shower head? All you need is this two way shower arm and then two of your favorite shower heads. You can turn each of them on/off as you please, and create an amazing shower that is truly yours.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon


Ultimate Guides

High Pressure Shower HeadGood water pressure is the be all and end all to making a really great shower. You could have the biggest, nicest, stone marble and custom designed shower in the universe, but if you had only a trickle of water pressure you’d be miserable. A good strong flow is essential, you need a powerful shower head.

Help! I have low water pressure!

Low water pressure can be caused by;

  • your municipal water supply (i.e. the pipes to your house)

  • your plumbing (the pipes on your property and in your house)

  • your shower head

If you have low water pressure throughout your entire house it is likely going to be caused by either your municipal water supply or the supply plumbing on your property. You can consult your local plumber who can check your plumbing for corrosion and blockages. If this is the case, you or your plumber might be able to fix the issue by adjusting your pressure reducing valve. Otherwise some old pipework may need replacing.

If you just have low water pressure in your shower it might be caused by your bathroom plumbing or your shower head. If your water pressure has become low, there might be corrosion in your bathroom pipes or your shower head might be starting to clog. Try cleaning your shower head with the how to guide that we’re published here.

If your shower water pressure has always been low and weak, you can check for the presence of and try removing or altering the flow restrictor in your shower head.

Under United States law, shower heads can only be sold with a water flow of no more than 2.5 gallons per minute. To comply with this law, shower head manufacturers and distributor companies add a small plastic flow restrictor to their shower heads.

You can remove the flow restrictor or water saver by unscrewing your shower head. Locating the colored plastic restrictor, then pulling it out with a pair of pliers or a screwdriver. For some of the more difficult ones to remove, you might need to try screwing a screw into it, to give you something to grip so that you can remove it easier.

If you prefer to stay within the law and keep your water bill down, your other option is to find a shower head specifically designed to deliver higher pressure. Though a high pressure shower that replicates the Commando 450 from that episode of Seinfeld, find a high pressure shower head and remove the flow restrictor too.

The best high pressure shower heads

Delta Water Amplifying Adjustable Showerhead$4.6

Speakman Icon Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head$$4.6
High Sierra 1.5 GPM High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head$4.7
Waterpik Elements 5-Mode Showerhead$3.8
Whedon Ultra Saver shower head$4.7

AirJet Showerhead$4.0

Waterpik Original 4-Mode Massage Showerhead$3.9

What is a high pressure shower head?

A high pressure shower head is designed to deliver higher water pressure with the same amount of water flow.

This is achieved through either adjustable spray settings or a pressure chamber design. Adjustable spray settings simply condense your shower head spray for a smaller but stronger shower. A pressure chamber works by adding air and pressure to the shower water, forcing the water out at higher pressure.

Advantages of a high pressure shower head

  • Better washing. Showering in higher pressure water allows you to wash and rinse much easier.

  • Feel better. A hot high pressure shower feels amazing on a cold morning. For most people, water pressure is directly related to their pleasure in the shower.

  • Less water. Use less water for the same pressure and flow feel compared to using an ordinary shower head.

How do I find the best high pressure shower head for me?

  • Which pressure design. Does the head use adjustable settings or a pressure chamber? View the product descriptions, generally some special design or a pressure chamber will give a better shower than some simple adjustable setting.

  • Wide or narrow? Are you looking to just increase pressure or do you have really low pressure in your home? If you have really low pressure, you might consider choosing a narrower head size. This will give you a smaller spray area but a much stronger shower.

  • Water flow rate. You may be tempted to try and find one that has as close to the maximum 2.5 gallons/minute legally allowed, but a lot of the best “high pressure” showerheads are designed for low flow situations, so don’t be surprised if the one you buy is 1.5-1.75 gallons per minute. You can also try removing the flow restrictor on your chosen shower head to increase the water flow and pressure.

  • Quality. Check the reviews and stick with the well known manufactures. As a high pressure shower head will have more parts (such as a pressure chamber), you’ll want to buy a good quality shower head so that it will last, giving you great showers for many years to come.

Reviews of the top 5 high pressure shower heads

1. Speakman Icon Anystream High Pressure Shower Head

When it comes to high pressure shower heads, you really can’t go past the Speakman Anystream range – they are a standard fitting in the showers of many luxury hotel rooms including Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental, Radisson and Crowne Plaza, to name just a few.

The Anystream Icon is the brand’s best selling showerhead and features the Speakman Plunger system to amplify water pressure, allowing it to deliver a high pressure, full body drenching spray even under low water pressure.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

2. Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Showerhead

Waterpik have developed “OptiFlow”, which is their high pressure, full body spray enhancing system that is designed to deliver 30% more water pressure, even in low water pressure environments.

Most people are reporting that they chose to remove the water limiting disc from this shower head before installation to maximise the amount of water pressure – and there are plenty of satisfied people with this shower head in their home – even some who find it better than their pre-water saving shower head. The best part? This amazing shower head costs less than $20.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

3. Waterpik Original 4 Mode Massage Showerhead

Much like the Waterpik Elements shower head above, this massaging showerhead from Waterpik also features the same Optiflow technology to increase water pressure by 30% and help you have an amazing shower.

If you remember to remove the water saving device from this shower head, you’ll enjoy a great full pressure shower at a very affordable price.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

4. Delta Water Amplifying Showerhead with H2OKINETIC technology

This shower head from Delta features their H2OKINETIC water amplifying technology that creates larger water droplets from the shower head, which makes it feel like there is a lot more water pressure and flow than it is actually using by adding air to the water.

With over 640 5 star reviews on Amazon, there are a lot of people out there having amazing showers every morning with this shower head – why don’t you join them?

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

5. High Sierra 1.5 gpm High Efficiency Low Flow Shower Head

I know what you might be thinking upon seeing the name of this shower head – 1.5 gallons per minute isn’t going to satisfy me. However, don’t let its low water usage put you off. This amazing shower head from High Sierra has a unique spray design that concentrates the water flow and as some purchasers have described it, it is almost like getting sprayed by a fire hydrant.

Most people are reporting that this showerhead delivers a lot more pressure than most 2.5 gpm models from hardware stores – and there is amazing after sales support from High Sierra as well.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon.

Ultimate Guides

Shower KitAre you building or renovating your bathroom? Starting out or just starting over? You should really take a look at using a shower kit.

Quick and easy to install, a shower kit can save you time & money. A shower kit can also be a great option for smaller bathrooms.

A number of years ago, prefabricated and ready to install shower kits only came in limited designs and colors, but now a wide variety of color and design options are available. Top of the line shower kits can now give the regular tiled shower a real run for their money.

Get great value-for-money and great design with a shower kit. Make your shower great.

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Shower Kits

DreamLine Prime Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure, Base and Back Walls Kit
DreamLine Solo Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure, Base and Back Walls Kit33"33"N/A
DreamLine Infinity-Z Frameless Sliding Shower Door, Base & Back Walls Kit60"32"N/A
OVE Breeze-34 Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door34"34"N/A
OVE Breeze-36 Premium Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door36"36"4.2
OVE Breeze-38 Premium Shower Kit with Acrylic Base and Walls and Clear Glass Sliding Door38"38"5.0
Sterling Plumbing Ensemble Shower Kit36"34"N/A
Sterling Plumbing Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit30"30"N/A

What is a shower kit?

Made of fiberglass or acrylic, a shower kit is a prefabricated shower cubicle that is ready to be installed the moment you have it delivered to your home. Shower kits come as either a seamless one-piece construction or as multiple pieces which fit and seal together. Generally speaking, seamless one-piece kits are only used for new home builds or room extensions. This is because it can be difficult to get a full shower through completed doors and frames. For renovation and remodelling bathroom projects generally a multi-piece kit is used. This way you can actually get the kit into your house without any hassles.

A shower kit comes with everything you need for the shower. The shower pan or floor, solid side panels and sometimes with shower doors or a bathtub. Some shower kits are sold in three pieces – the wall set, the front frame and door, and the shower base. This is to allow flexibility for consumers – perhaps you’d like to tile the rear walls but not the floor, or vice versa.

Check to see whether the shower head and tapware is included – usually you will need to purchase shower heads and tap fittings separately.

Shower kits should be installed per their specific instructions though will generally be installed using adhesive glue, screws, clips and bathroom sealant caulk.

Advantages of a shower kit

  • Easy to clean. As there are few seals and no tile grout, a shower kit shower is very easy to clean. Just be sure to avoid using any bathroom cleaning products like CLR that are not designed to be used on fiberglass.

  • Easy to install. A shower kit is much quicker, easier and cheaper to install than building a tiled shower from scratch.

  • Quick to install. No waiting for tile adhesive to set and dry, not cutting tiles, no grout work, less mess etc saves you a heap of time.

  • Better for DIY. As it is easier and quicker to install, you’ll get a better shower as a beginner to DIY renovations. Compared to tiling ceramic tiles, which can be very unforgiving, a shower kit is easier to install and more forgiving of mistakes.

  • Cost effective. Because its easy to install, paying a professional installer to fit a shower kit will be cheaper than hiring a professional tiler.

  • Good for small bathrooms. Shower kits offer compact designs which work great in small bathroom corners and nooks. Shower kits can make the most efficient use of space in your bathroom.

  • Light in weight. You need good solid flooring to hold a heavy tiled shower. A light weight shower kit option might be better for second floor bathrooms or houses with weaker joists.

  • Less chance of cracking. Houses move a little or a lot over time depending on how reactive your ground soil is and how good your house foundations are. With a fiberglass shower floor, your shower will flex with any movement instead of cracking and leaking.

How do I find the best shower kit for me?

  • One-piece or multi-piece. If you’re building a new home or extension, I’d go with one-piece as it is nice to have fewer joins. Otherwise, go with a multi-piece kit so you can get the parts into your bathroom in the first place!

  • Style & design. Take your time to find the right design for your bathroom. You don’t have as much choice as compared to a tiled shower, but there is still a large range to choose from.

  • Round or square base? Up to your own personal taste really, though a round shower doesn’t look great when it’s installed in the corner of a room, unless it has square walls for two of the sides.

  • Is it easy to install? Check out the reviews and product details regarding installation instructions.

  • Quality. You can’t go wrong when you buy a reputable brand with good reviews.

Reviews of the top 5 shower kits

1. OVE Breeze-36 With Walls – Premium Shower Kit

The OVE Breeze-36 is a large, corner shower unit that is ready to be installed in your home. It’s a multi piece kit, with featuring acrylic back walls with storage shelves built into and an acrylic base. There are no pre-drilled holes for tapware in this unit, allowing you to use the space however fits best with your bathroom.

By opting for a sliding door and a rounded front, it’s much easier to use this shower in tight spaces, whilst not sacrificing the amount of space in the shower or leaving the user feeling claustrophobic when in the shower.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. DreamLine Prime Sliding Shower Enclosure with Base and Wall Kit

The DreamLine Prime kit is another 36″ corner shower with a rounded front. The rear walls and base are all white acrylic, however the wall panels feature a tile pattern on them, to add a bit of visual interest to the design. There are also two glass shelves that mount in the corner, to provide a suitable space to store shower essentials.

The double sliding door makes it every easy to get into this shower, regardless of what might be installed next to it in a smaller bathroom – and the rounded front makes it feel much larger inside than it looks.

Read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. DreamLine Infinity-Z Sliding Shower Enclosure with Base and Wall Kit

If you’re looking to do a bath to shower conversion, or just like the idea of having a little more space in your shower, then the DreamLine Infinity-Z could be just what you’re looking for. It’s 32″ deep and is 60″ wide but can be shortened down to as little as 56″ wide if you have a slightly smaller area.

This is a full kit, which includes the wall panels and base, as well as the shower door/screen. As with many of the other shower kits, it features a sliding door which means it’s great for rooms of any size.

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4. OVE Breeze-34 Premium 34-Inch Shower Kit with Sliding Door


Like its big brother above, the Ove Breeze-34 is a complete unit with walls and a shower door that is ready to be unpacked and installed into your bathroom. Whether you’re building a new shower, or renovating an existing bathroom, the OVE Breeze units make it really simple to install a shower in a matter of hours, rather than days as no tiling is required.

With no predrilled holes, you can choose exactly where to install the tapware and shower head in this unit, to suit your bathroom’s design and your personal preferences. It’s a solid performer, which is why two of these units feature in our top 5.

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5. Sterling Plumbing Solitaire Neo Angle Shower Kit

A strong competitor to the American Standard kit above, this shower kit from Sterling Plumbing is designed for tight spaces – it takes up just 30″ x 30″ in the corner of a room. It can be affixed direct to the studs in your wall frames, and makes the most of the limited space that it takes up.

This kit has a hinged door, and has three shelves in the back corner of the shower to store essentials like shampoo, conditioner and body wash. No holes have been pre-drilled for your tapware, so they can be placed wherever is convenient to your existing water pipes.

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Shower FilterChlorine in our drinking water or water chlorination is a wonder of modern health and science. When it comes to keeping our drinking water free of germs and disease, nothing really beats chlorine for its efficiency and effectiveness.

Though there are some downsides of water chlorination, such as an altered taste and smell of our water, plus the rare chance of harmful disinfection byproducts not being filtered out completely. To have all the benefits of a reliable disinfectant without the downsides, most of us drink filtered tap water, but did you ever think about the water in your shower?

Research (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10981726) has shown that your body can absorb more harmful disinfectant byproducts from a 10 minute shower than drinking one liter (one quart) of tap water. Disinfection byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THTs) have been linked to bowel and colon cancer in humans, albeit at very low rates. Don’t panic too much, the health benefits of having clean disease-free water far outweigh the small cancer risk.

Chlorine in your shower water also acts to strip the natural protective oils in your skin and hair. This can dry out your skin & hair causing it weaken, lose body & color. The drying nature of chlorine in your shower water can also cause eczema and other skin conditions to flare up.

Want the best of both worlds? Disease-free water for your shower but without the drying effect and harmful chlorination byproducts. A dechlorinating shower filter is just what the doctor ordered.

The best water filter shower heads

Culligan Wall-Mount Filtered Showerhead
Wall mount$4.3
Culligan RainDisc Showerhead with FilterWall/ceiling mount$3.9

Culligan Level 2 Hand-Held Filtered ShowerheadHandheld$3.3
Sprite High Output Filter with Massaging Shower HeadWall mount$4.4
Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Showerhead
Wall mount$$4.1

WaterChef Premium Shower Filter SystemHandheld$$4.0

Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower HeadHandheld$$4.8
Rainshow'r Shower Filter with Massaging Shower HeadWall mount$4.6
Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System
Wall mount$$4.5

What is a shower filter?

Attaching to the shower arm between the shower head, or sometimes forming part of the dechlorination shower head, shower filters use a chemical reaction to remove chlorine from shower water.

The two main types of shower filters that remove chlorine use KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) with carbon or they’ll use vitamin C.

As water passes through the KDF filter, a positive and negative charge is created. The charges then attract and trap chlorine and other water impurities to the KDF surface. The result being, you’re left with very pure shower water.

Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid which reacts with chlorine and acts to neutralize it.

Advantages of a shower filter

  • Healthier shower. Less harmful disinfection byproducts and less chlorine. As you can absorb nasties in your shower water through your skin and pores, plus you can inhale them via the shower steam, removing the nasties will make your shower healthier.

  • Better looking hair and skin. Chlorine is basic or alkaline, whilst your skin and hair are naturally slightly acidic. The reaction between alkaline and acid acts to dry out your skin and hair removing natural oils. Take the chlorine out of your shower to leave you skin and hair looking great.

  • Smells better. No more feeling like you’re taking a shower in a swimming pool. You’re probably used to your current chlorine smell in the shower. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference immediately once you remove the chlorine, it’s great.

  • Less irritation. High levels of chlorine in your shower water will irritate the eyes and skin. For eczema sufferers and young kids, removing the chlorine in your shower is a good idea.

How do I find the best shower filter for me?

Look out for these things;

  • Go KDF or Vitamin C. These two types actually work to remove chlorine from your shower water. Backed by real science, you’ll get what you want – chlorine free water that is better for your skin.

  • Longevity. No filter will last forever but you don’t want to have to change the filter every week. Most last an average of 6 months, others claim to last longer. Of course the length of time before you need to change your filter will depend on how many and how long your showers are. If your filter sits idle (whilst you’re on vacation), it doesn’t degrade or fill up, so you don’t need to count this time.

  • Availability and cost of replacement filters. Before you commit to a certain brand/type of filter, check that the replacement cartridges are cost effective to replace every 6 months (or however long they claim to last on the pack). You want to make sure they are readily available as well, you don’t want to have to buy a full new filter system every time you need to change the cartridge, or being stuck with a system that you can’t maintain.

  • Reputable. You don’t want a filter filled with ordinary sand or marbles! Check the product reviews and you’ll quickly find out whether the product does what it claims to do or not.

Top 5 shower filter reviews

1. Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead

Culligan are one of the best known brands in water filtration, so it makes sense to assume that this filtered showerhead is both high quality and will do what it says on the box – and it does. And it only costs about $30.

There are almost 500 people who have left 5 star reviews for this product on Amazon for one reason – it works so well, and has helped these people improve their showers and better manage skin conditions like eczema.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

2. Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Shower Head with Filter

If you’d prefer the relaxing spray pattern provided by a rainfall shower head, then the Culligan RainDisc is the ideal shower head. The Culligan filter that is inside this shower head removes 97% of the harmful chlorine, sulfur odor and scale from your shower water, leaving you with water that is as pure as rain.

This could just be the best way to enjoy a shower – and it only costs about $30! See what you’ve been missing out on.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

3. Sprite High Output Shower Head with Chlorine Filter

The Sprite High Output Shower Head with Chlorine filter has a much larger filter element than the Culligan, but there’s a good reason for that – it only requires replacing after filtering 25,000 gallons of water, which is approximately one year based on the showering habits of a two person household.

The included shower head, which can be swapped out if you desire, has a full body spray and plenty of pressure.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

4. WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

The WaterChef shower filter system is a bit of a mixed bag – on one hand, there have been a few reports of people that have been having issues with various components of the system breaking or leaking. But, the people who reported issues were also very happy with the after sales support offered by WaterChef and the speed at which free replacement parts were sent out by the company.

In terms of the filtration, it’s the only product on the market that advertises its filters as being BPA free. The effective life is listed at 7000 gallons, which they claim gives you a life span of approx 6 months per filter.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

5. Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Head

The RainShow’r system is similar to the Sprite system, in that is has a larger sized in line filter, which drops the height of the shower head and allows you to swap their shower head for a different one if you desire. The one way around the loss in height would be to use a shower arm that raises the height of the unit.

Because it’s a larger filter, it has an effective life of approx 25000 gallons, which they claim should be approximately 6-9 months for most households.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon