A Guide to the Best Walk In Tubs (With Reviews and Prices)

Finding the perfect tub can be a bit difficult sometimes. You need information from good walk-in tub reviews to make an empowered decision. Is there a way that can help you find the best product for your home quickly and easily?

One of the best ways to quickly compare data on walk-in tubs is with a chart of today’s best products. Take a look for yourself to see how your preferred tub stacks up to the competition below!

Deluxe Dual Massage Acrylic Walk In Bathtub$4000-$45005.0
Ariel Bath 51" x 26" Soaker Walk-in Tub<$20004.8

Ella Bath 60" x 30" Companion Massage Walk In Tub$4500-$50004.8

Ariel Bath EZWT3060 Soaker Walk In Bathtub<$20004.8

American Standard Combo Gelcoat Walk-In Bath$5500-$6000N/A
Ella Bubbles Wheelchair Access Walk-in Hydro Bathtub$5500-$6000N/A
Signature Elite SE-101 Walk In Bath Tub$7500-$80004.8

What Is a Walk-in Tub?

Walk-in-BathtubA walk-in bathtub helps people be able to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath without the hassle of stepping over the edge. For those with physical limitations, it makes taking a bath much easier because it eliminates the need for transferring equipment over the edge of the tub. You simply open the door, walk into your tub, and then seal the door behind you!

Who can benefit from having a walk-in tub in their home? They are ideal for people who suffer from:

  • painful arthritis,
  • physical limitations, or
  • other debilitating conditions.

When looking at walk-in tub reviews, it is important to note what the style of the tub happens to be. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from very compact versions to something that resembles a full-sized tub. Once installed, the seals on the door are water-tight, which means you can have the bath that you need without worrying about how much water goes about the room.

Even though these tubs are designed for those with physical limitations, anyone can benefit from having a walk-in tub installed. They bring a classic look into a room while providing easier access! They even make giving a pet bath easier because you simply open the door for your pet and let them walk into the tub. No more fighting with carrying them over the side!

The Advantages of a Walk-in Tub

The primary advantage of a walk-in tub is the fact that it allows people to regain a level of independence. Because each design allows people to enter the tub from the side instead of over the top of it, there is little need for bathing assistance from a traditional sense. You don’t need transfer seats, stabilizers, and other medical equipment to get into the bathtub any more with a walk-in tub installed. If you can open and close a door, then you can take a bath on your own!

A good walk-in tub will provide additional advantages as well:

  • Save time. With a walk-in tub, you won’t have to wrestle with a care provider for minutes on end to make sure you’re safely using the transfer equipment that is installed on a traditional bath.
  • Save money. Because almost anyone can use a walk-in tub on their own, there is less money spent on caregivers. These tubs are also very low maintenance, which means you’ll spend less on your cleaning and repair efforts as well.
  • Less stress. Worrying about when you’ll get a bath becomes a thing of the past with a good walk-in tub. Take a bath whenever you want!
  • Less heartache. The loss of independence is one of the worst things that can happen to people. The walk-in tub helps to restore some of this loss while adding a measure of modesty and dignity to what can sometimes be a difficult situation.

A good walk-in bathtub can also help to solve the specific needs that each person may have. That’s why finding the right walk-in tub for your needs is so important.

How To Find the Best Walk-in Tub

For many, the first determination that needs to be made is the type of walk-in tub that they need. Compact tubs are available for smaller spaces, while full-sized and even over-sized tubs can also be installed as well. It all depends on your space needs!

Looking at how the door fastens in a walk-in tub is also very important. Different manufacturers utilize their own methods of creating a water-tight seal and some of them may be more preferential to you than others. Zippers, Velcro, and even buttons can be found on some tubs, so knowing what your limitations are will help to keep your independence levels high.

The height of the door is also an important consideration to look at when reviewing walk-in tub information. Some doors are very small and difficult to use, while other doors are designed to allow for independent transfers into the tub from a wheelchair. You’ll want to look at non-slip surfacing on the seating by the door and on the floor, safety and support rails, and the height of the step required to get into the tub as well so that it can meet your specific needs.

There are also some other features that you may wish to consider looking at as you shop around for the best walk-in tub. Look for:

  • the quality of the hydrotherapy that a tub provides,
  • the speed of the draining process of the tub, and even
  • how fast a bathtub is able to fill up.

Taking a look at walk-in tub reviews can also help you determine what advanced specific features go with each bathtub so that you can find the perfect one that will meet your needs. From Bluetooth features to extra levels of waterproofing, there are a lot of variations with today’s modern technology that can help you have the perfect experience every time you want a bath!

Style is also an important consideration during the selection process. Some walk-in tubs have smaller doors than their competitors, while others have higher walls so that a deep bath can be enjoyed. Taking the time now to find the right selection of features will help you make sure that the right tub is installed  before the purchasing process has even been completed!

What Are Today’s Walk-in Tub Prices?

There is a wide range of pricing options when it comes to walk-in tubs, which means you’ve got the chance to have one installed for a price that is right for you. The price range for most tubs with standard features begins around $2,000. More advanced options can drive the price up to around $5,000. A top of the line model today may run close to $10,000 depending on what features you may need. These prices don’t always include installation costs.

It is important to note that if a walk-in bathtub is needed because of certain physical limitations, a healthcare insurance plan may cover a portion of the purchasing and installation cost. Before finalizing any purchase, check with your healthcare provider to determine if you qualify for any assistance.

Because this is for medical equipment, you may also qualify for specific low-interest loans or other financing offers that can also help to reduce the overall cost of a new walk-in tub. There are several not-for-profit agencies that provide lending programs for needed medical equipment when insurance won’t cover the bill beyond the local bank or credit union too. Be sure to check on all your financing options – there’s a good chance you really can afford the walk-in tub prices when low-cost financing is available to you!

Bath2Tile Presents an Excellent Walk-in Tub

With dual massage components installed, the acrylic walk-in tub from Bath2Tile includes a fast draining system so you’re not stuck for ages in the tub shivering while you wait for water levels to reduce. There are 10 therapeutic jets to help provide a gentle, yet effective hydro massage and there’s a heater included with this tub to make sure the water stays warm. For added ease in cleaning, the door is removable.

This bathtub is perfect for those who have some mobility, but maybe struggle with aching joints or some physical limitations. There is a small step required to get into this tub and it can take up to 20 minutes to fill it up, but those are small limitations to the great benefits that this great walk-in tub can provide.

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Walk-in Tub Prices That Won’t Break Your Budget

Not everyone has a few thousand dollars to drop on a new bathtub, right? With the soaking walk-in tub presented by Ariel Bath, you’ll get the basics you need without breaking your budget. This entry-level model provides a built-in seat for you to enjoy a private bath. It fills up quickly, drains well, and does what anything bathtub should do.

This tub, however, is more for people who are of smaller stature. The room within the tub is restricted, as it is just 51 in. by 26 in. in size. The bath door also meets just the minimum fire safety standard of 28 inches for an exit, so those with greater levels of physical limitation may notice some difficulties getting in and out of this tub. For those with a limited budget and limited disabilities, however, this tub could be the perfect investment.

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Get Personalization With an American Standard Walk-in Tub

If you’re looking for one of the best tubs on the market today, then this one offered by American Standard must be up for consideration. It offers both right and left-handed options for the entry door. You’ll also find massaging options for the legs only if that’s what you need. Back massages are also possible and best of all, the tub has an automatic cleaning system. It utilizes a free-standing metal frame, which makes installation very easy too!

The primary advantage of this system is the door, which has patented technology. It’s very easy to open and close and the step is greatly reduced, making entry fast. This tub also has quick drain technology installed, making it one of the most advanced systems of bath therapy on the market today.

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Need Wheelchair Access for Your Walk-in Tub?

Some people need a walk-in tub that doesn’t have a step at all to access it. If that’s the case for you, then Ella Bubbles has a great tub for you to consider. It offers a wider door panel to help you transfer directly from the wheelchair into the bathtub. Handrails are included in the tub design so that it is possible for someone to directly transfer themselves into the tub without additional assistance.

This tub is one of the higher priced tubs on the market today, but it does offer a comprehensive water therapy solution and an in-line heater that can provide the soothing relief you or your loved one may need. It’s also got added anti-slip areas included with the design so the entire transference process can be done as safely as possible.

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Signature Series Offers a Fantastic Option

With a lifetime warranty, ADA compliant technology, and an anti-slip seat and floor, this Signature Series elite walk-in tub is definitely worth the added cost. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can also work as a showering tub depending on your current bathroom structure. It takes buoyancy into consideration for its hydrotherapy options as well, which means you’ll feel less stress on joints that can sometimes be painful. Relaxation and comfort will quickly be had with a bath in this beautiful walk-in tub!

The door is tight and solid, which means as long as the door can be opened and closed, a higher level of independence can be had. It’s got good draining and best of all, will likely fit into the location your standard bathtub currently occupies. This tub might be an investment for some, but it is a worthy investment to considering making because of the superior quality it provides.

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Using walk-in tub reviews to select the perfect unit for your home is a smart way to shop. It gives you the information you need to make an empowered decision so that you can take the guesswork out of the process. You really can regain independence, improve your home therapy options, and retain your dignity today with the best walk-in tub that will meet your needs!

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