Reader Question: Bathroom Fan for Condo


I live in a small condo built in 1983. The fan does not vent to the outside. It is not
strong enough to collect all the moisture and creates mold. Which fan is best for my
small bathroom.

Ellie M.

Hi Ellie,

Thanks for your question. Condo bathroom fans can present a tricky problem.

Unfortunately a newer and stronger fan might not fix the problem. In best practice the fan should be vented to the outside of your home. This is often quite difficult given the tight spaces between concrete ceilings and floors.

What should fix the problem is to find a way to get the ducting and all that moist air right out of your condo. That might mean running ducting back down through the ceiling then turning so that it can go out through an exterior wall.

Another option may be to use two fans to solve the problem. If you have any windows or can modify an exterior wall, then potentially a window or wall fan will ease the load on your current fan. This might give a better look for less, but it will be less effective than sorting the ducting.

There are simple, cheap ducting kits available like this one on Amazon, although the real cost is in the labor to have it installed.

I hope this advice will solve your problem.


Richard –

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