Reader Question: Broken Thermostat on Shower Tower


I currently have a white acrylic shower tower which was installed around 2000. The thermostat on it has died, and as it has no markings, I am not able to find out where I can get a replacement. So I think my only option at the moment is to buy a whole new shower system.

The problem is, my bathroom decor is white and gold, and these days, everything is chrome – which would not match. I really would like to find a replacement that is white (even if I have to remove the fittings and gold-plate them myself). Do you have any suggestions?

– Anjuli A.

Hi Anjuli,

Thanks for your great question. Thermostats are often the first things to go, although after 14 year, hopefully you got your money’s worth from your old shower tower.

On the replacement front, one option would be to have a local plumber come out and take a look. While you might not know the exact brand and make of the broken part,, an expert might be able to find a similar enough thermostat cartridge to get your shower tower working again.

That being said, for a 14-year-old shower panel and for the cost of parts and plumbing labor, buying a whole new system might give better value.

This AKDY Acrylic White Shower Panel may suit the color scheme you are looking for. We have not specifically reviewed this one however the AKDY brand is reputable.

This Rozin Champagne Gold Bathroom Shower Panel looks pretty impressive in a gold finish, though again we have not done a specific review.

Thanks for your question,

Richard –

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