Reader Question: Rainfall Showerheads

Hi, I love your site. I’m looking for a great rainfall showerhead, and wondering why your top rated option, the ALFI 16″ Round Ultra Thin, doesn’t have a review. Is this truly your favorite, or was it a ratings error? How does it compare with the Moen S6320, the Hansgrohe Downpour, and the square version of the same model?



Hi Matthew,

Thanks so much for the love. Unfortunately, we simply can’t review every shower head out there, even all the excellent top quality ones. We try our very best to add something unique in our individual reviews when compared to our top 10 selection so sometimes other product reviews can be more useful and get a slight preference. On comparisons to the Moen S6320 there are a lot of differences. ALFI’s has a lower flow rate and a much bigger spray area so the ALFI will have a lighter rain feel than the Moen.

Aesthetics is the other big difference with the Moen available in a few different finishes which may be the only option for you if you are looking for an oil rubbed bronze or brushed finish, plus being smaller as mentioned. A tough call to make and really depends on personal taste and the space that you have available in your shower. The Hansgrohe Raindance Downpour is pretty much in the middle of the two for size, but a lot more expensive than the competition. Square versus round difference in the ALFI is simply in how it looks, performance is the same.



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