Reader Question: Water Saving Rainfall Shower Heads

I have just read your article about rain showers which I found very informative. I am looking at them for my bathroom given their good reviews. I am wondering however if they save any water? Also I have read about air technology where air is pushed into the water to create larger droplets of water which saves you money. Is this what a rain showerhead does? And saves me money or are they two separate things as I can’t find a definitive answer online.


Hi James,

Thanks for your question. A rain shower is designed to make a shower flow feel more like natural rain, which means making droplets of water instead of jets of water. Generally a rainfall shower head does not save you water and money.

The high-pressure shower heads can use air to increase the pressure feel of the water flow, this allows actual gallon per minute flow to be reduced. This saves you water and money without giving up a good shower feel (the jets of water feel). Though generally you don’t get the rainfall effect with the low flow shower heads.

So unfortunately they are two separate things, rainfall or water saving.



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