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Review: Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo

Review: Ana Bath LSS5430CCP 5 Function LED Showerhead Combo Richard

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Are you looking for a unique, creative showerhead to install in your home? Do you like the idea of a lighted LED shower? Do you also want a combo showerhead that gives you a handheld or dual option? All of those wants can be fulfilled by this Ana Bath 5 function showerhead combo. Powered by water and able to spray from both showerheads at the same time, it is an incredible value to get all of this for under $90 on sites like Amazon!

The Features of This Ana Bath Fixture

The primary feature we noticed with this showerhead combo was the 5 foot stainless steel hose that comes with it. It is built well, sits well, and gives some flexibility to the shower for the kids and the pets. Add this to the blue LEDs that provide soft lighting to your shower and you’ll have a great experience in the shower every time!

You may also find these features to be of benefit:

  • five unique spray settings help you to further customize your shower experience every day;
  • most of the entire base of the showerhead lights up; and
  • the diverter valve on this particular combo unit is one of the best made ones we’ve seen.

The Advantages of This Ana Bath Fixture

The primary advantage of this unit that we saw was the flexibility of the combo unit itself. Both showerheads light up and both have the five settings on them. You can change to a handheld model only if you want, use the affixed showerhead only if you want, or stick the handheld into the holder and use both at the same time!

These advantages may also be of benefit to you:

  • it is incredibly easy to install this combo unit, usually within about 15 minutes or so;
  • the chrome finish is incredibly resistant to wear; and
  • the primary attachment components of this showerhead combo are brass.

The one disadvantage we saw with this showerhead is that the bearings within the unit itself can sometimes wear out very quickly. This causes the showerhead to emit a very loud squealing sound that can be incredibly loud! Ana Bath is aware of the issue and will replace units that are covered under the warranty.

If you’re looking for a good combo showerhead experience with LEDs, then this is a good showerhead to consider purchasing. It only comes with the blue color, but in return you get two showerheads that you can use in conjunction with each other that are attached to a patented diverter system. If you want to get the best price on this unit, click here to buy online now from Amazon.

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