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Review: Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld & Showerhead Combo

Review: Ana Bath SS5450CBN Handheld & Showerhead Combo Skyedog
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Have you always wanted to have a combination shower experience? Has the cost of installing one always been prohibitive to you? Is one of the reasons why you haven’t tried a multiple showerhead experience been because you only have one plumbing fixture? Thanks to this combo showerhead from Ana Bath, all of those questions have been effectively answered in one cost-effective package! How affordable is this showerhead combo? It’s less than $80 on sites like Amazon!

The Features of the Ana Bath Showerhead Combo

Forget all of those showerheads that come with a plastic hose that is super stiff until the water heats it up a little bit to make it pliable! The hose on this combo showerhead is made from stainless steel and is the perfect stylish component to add into virtually any bathroom. It takes a beating and keeps on ticking, being leak resistant even if you happen to drop your showerhead multiple times.

In addition, these features may also be beneficial:

  • you can upgrade your fixture thanks to the tool-free installation process that accompanies this combo showerhead;
  • a large 3-way diverter mount helps to keep water flowing the right way without being so bulky that it pulls at your plumbing fixtures;
  • you have the flexibility to use the handheld shower, the affixed shower, or both at the same time; and
  • there are five unique flow settings with this showerhead that let you further customize your daily shower experience.

The Advantages of the Ana Bath Showerhead Combo

Rated with a water pressure of 80 PSI, the Ana Bath combo showerhead can deliver two streams of this within standard water flow to give you an all encompassing experience that a standard showerhead just can’t provide. There are additional advantages that may also be of benefit:

  • this combo showerhead speaks of longevity, with many users reporting frequent use over a period of 3 years without any problems with the showerhead whatsoever;
  • some of the internal parts are made of plastic, but the quality is high and for the MSRP of this combo unit, you won’t find a better deal; and
  • you’ll get ample water coverage wherever you need it, whenever you need it thanks to the flexibility this combo showerhead provides.

Issues with this Ana Bath handheld/showerhead combination 

There is one issue to report with the Ana Bath combo showerheads, specifically with the diverter. About 1 in every 200 diverters that were made are defective in some way and this is an issue of which Ana Bath is aware. The problem lies in the swiveling mechanism and for some reason it seems to strip out during either the manufacturing or the shipping process. These defective units are exchangeable.

Is this Ana Bath combo showerhead the right one for you? It’s a great value purchase in our eyes because you’re getting two showerheads to use that can really give you a customized experience. Installed showers with multiple heads can cost thousands of dollars, but this fixture gives you a similar experience for less than a hundred bucks. For us, that’s a deal that really can’t be beat! Click here to get the best price on this Ana Bath combo shower head

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