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Review: Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter

Review: Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115 Showerhead with Filter Richard
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Culligan_RDSH-C115_RainDiscCombining durability, affordability, and quality together in one refined package, the Culligan RainDisc showerhead is perfect for people who want the classic rainfall shower. As an added bonus, this showerhead also comes equipped with a filter that reduces up to 97% of the scale, sulphur, and chlorine that can be in some treated or well waters. While some brick and mortar outlets will charge the full retail price for this unit ($49.99), online stores like Amazon sell this showerhead at a discount, and you can often buy it for less than $30.

The Features of the Culligan RainDisc

System tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 177, this Culligan RainDisc offers you the chance to filter your shower water for up to 6 months or 10,000 gallons with a Level 2 filtration system. This is comparable to filtered showerheads that are more than triple its price! For hard water issues or chlorine and/or sulphur fumes, this gives you an immediate and affordable way to improve your daily shower. In addition:

  • it is protected by a 5 year limited warranty;
  • it is incredibly easy to install and can even be done without any tools;
  • it can be installed on any existing ½ inch shower arm; and
  • it can help you reduce your water bill over time because of its water saving features.

The Advantages of the Culligan RainDisc

Many rainfaill showers cost twice or three times the amount of this Culligan RainDisc, even when they’re made of similar products, which is why its value is the biggest advantage there is with this showerhead. In addition, these advantages might be found to be of benefit:

  • the initial filter for the showerhead is included with the purchase price;
  • you’re purchasing from an organization with a proven reputation; and
  • an optional hi-lo shower arm can further customize your shower experience with this particular showerhead.

To bring this showerhead into this price range, a majority of the product is made from plastic. For some consumers, this can be a big turnoff and so if you are looking for something with higher quality, this showerhead might not be right for you. Damaging this showerhead can happen if it is dropped as it is not designed to withstand impact. It will not soften your water, but it will eliminate odors that could be harmful to your health.

Is the Culligan RainDisc Right For You?

If you are looking for an affordable rainfall showerhead that will deliver a consistent performance, then the Culligan RainDisc could be the right showerhead for you. Designed for people who want quality and affordability combined, it isn’t going to outperform a metal showerhead that is top of the line. It will, however, give you a comfortable shower at a comfortable price, and with the added benefit of removing some of the harmful chlorine from your shower water.

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