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Review: The Deluxe Dual Massage Walk-in Tub by Bath2Tile

Review: The Deluxe Dual Massage Walk-in Tub by Bath2Tile Richard

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Are you looking for a quality walk-in tub that will help you enjoy a relaxing, warm bath whenever you want one? Do you want a tub that will look as stylish in your bathroom as it is functional? This dual massage walk-in tub from Bath2Tile has a lot of the features you’d see on tubs that cost twice as much as it does. Retailing for right around $5,000, you’ll get the chance to improve on how you or your loved one feels every day thanks to the all-encompassing warmth that this walk-in tub is able to provide.

The Features of This Bath2Tile Walk-in Tub

The best feature that this walk-in tub provides is the removable door. That makes it a lot easier to clean, especially considering how much moisture the joints are exposed to with every bath cycle. You won’t have to worry about soap scum, mildew, or scale interfering with the door thanks to this feature. You just take it out, clean it up, and then reinstall it in just a couple minutes.

You might also like these specific features:

  • Chromatherapy. This bathtub has a halogen lamp that you can turn on and off so that you can turn the light on and off. There’s also color changing options if you want to improve the environment for therapy too.
  • Depth. This walk-in tub is able to hold up to 75 gallons of water when occupied. This improves bouyancy, which means better therapy because there is less stress on each problematic joint.
  • Dual drains. You only need to install one drain line for this tub, but it comes with the option for dual draining so the water can be eliminated quickly. With up to 1 gallon per second removed with both drains in place, getting out of the tub is very easy.

Whether you’ve got severe physical limitations or just a chronic bad knee that locks up on you at times, you’ll get the therapeutic help you’ll need with this tub. It really is versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs!

The Advantages of This Bath2Tile Walk-in Tub

The primary advantage that you’ll gain after installing this walk-in tub is the advanced warranty that you’ll receive upon purchase. There’s a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, door, and shell of the tub so you won’t have to worry about defects. There’s also a 5 year warranty on all of the parts of the tub to further protect your investment as well.

The one disadvantage of this tub is the time that it takes to fill it up. Even with outstanding water pressure, you’re looking at a minimum of 15 minutes of sitting in the tub, waiting for it to fill so that it can be used. It’s also smaller than most standard tubs, but does come with an extension kit to fill a standard 5 foot tub opening.

Despite these two potential concerns, this Bath2Tile walk-in tub is an amazing value. If you or your loved one is looking to claim independent living back, this tub will help to make that possible from a bathing standpoint. It is definitely worth your consideration during the shopping process!

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