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Review: Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head

Review: Kingston Brass K136A5 Shower Head Richard

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Are you looking for a big showerhead because you’ve got a big shower? Do you want a high quality, incredibly durable showerhead that can keep going, even after heavy use? And do you want something that will look stylish in virtually any bathroom setting? If so, then the showerhead you may want is the Kingston Brass K136A5 shower head. Shaped in the tradition of rainfall showers, this massive 7.75 in showerhead weighs in at 3 pounds and is designed to be wall mounted. Shown here in the “oil rubbed bronze” finish, it’s also available in three other stunning finishes – polished brass, polished chrome and satin nickel – so you’re bound to find one of the items in their range that suits the finish of your other bathroom fittings and fixtures.

The features of the Kingston Brass Showerhead

The primary feature of this showerhead by Kingston Brass is its all brass construction. Rather than having just a few parts made with brass, this showerhead is fabricated from solid brass material and is then given a premium finish so that it is resistant to tarnish and corrosion. Cleaning the brass is simple as well, with your standard brass polish doing an excellent job to remove any build-up you may experience.

The following features may also be found to be beneficial:

  • 169 individual water channels will provide you with a full showering experience that can relax, refresh, and rejuvenate you;
  • a generous product warranty helps to protect your investment into this showerhead that is still highly affordable at under $40 on sites like Amazon; and
  • even though it is a wall mounted showerhead and will not swivel, it still provides people of all shapes and sizes an amazing shower.

The Advantages of the Kingston Brass Showerhead

The primary advantage of this showerhead by Kingston Brass is its durability. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill plastic showerhead that is made from cheap parts so that you get an average showered for about 6 months before it needs to be replaced. It is specifically designed to resist tarnish and corrosion with proper care and is the most durable showerhead you will find in this price range.

As for other advantages, you may find these to be of benefit:

  • it works with standard plumbing features, so you can install extender arms or swivel joints to improve your shower experience from the basic one this showerhead provides;
  • it is compliant with most major diverter valves in case you want a handheld shower; and
  • it is one of the few showerheads that provides a true rainfall experience in the shower on a consistent basis.

If you have hard water, this showerhead could be difficult to clean because is does not have the easy to clean or self-cleaning water jets with it. It is designed like an old-fashioned showerhead, but is also compliant with modern water flow standards. The flow restrictors are difficult to remove from this showerhead as well, so if you want a full PSI shower, this brass showerhead may not be right for you.

If, however, you’re looking for an affordable and stylish showerhead that has the potential to stand up to the test of time, we highly recommend this showerhead from Kingston Brass. It is one of the best in its price range that we have ever had the privilege to use! Click here to browse the full range and buy online.

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