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Review: MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head

Review: MagicShowerhead 7 Color LED Shower Head Richard

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Do you spend a lot of time in your bathroom every day? Are you looking for a way to make that time be more fun than it is now? Do you have children that you’re looking to encourage to take more showers throughout the week? The MagicShowerhead 7 color fading fixture has the ability to meet all of those needs! Powered by water and available for just $49.95 on sites like Amazon, you’ll get a showerhead that will really make your shower time light up!

The Features of the MagicShowerhead

The primary feature of this unit is, of course, the 7 color LEDs that are installed within the showerhead. When you turn on the shower, the flow of water powers these lights. Over time, the lights fade out and a new light begins to glow. This process then repeats through the 7 unique colors over and over again until the water is turned off!

These other features may also be worth considering:

  • it is built to meet the maximum standards of flow and pressure for modern showerheads at 2.5 GPM and 80 PSI;
  • it easily installs on any standard ½ inch plumbing fixture; and
  • a 1 year limited warranty helps to protect your investment into this fun product.

The Advantages of the MagicShowerhead

The primary advantage we noticed with this showerhead is again just the fact that it is fun. It’s a cool toy to have in the shower and it can alleviate the fears that some young children might have in taking a shower. The LEDs are bright enough to allow for a shower to happen in the dark if you want, while the colors themselves are still light enough to not be bothersome to the eyes.

There are other advantages to consider as well:

  • there is no need for a battery with this unit, nor does any charging need to occur with it as the water pressure itself powers the unit;
  • the unit itself is relatively quiet when compared to other LED showerheads; and
  • it is able to provide a consistent showering experience each and every time.

The primary disadvantage we could see with this unit would happen if you have hard water or a problem with scale buildup. These could work against you with this LED showerhead and cause it to either not work or have a very loud chopping sound as the internal generator attempts to work to power the lights. The light rotation happens up to every 5 seconds, which could also be annoying for some users.

Overall this showerhead can provide you with a fun experience in the bathroom and encourage the little ones to want to take a shower. For this minimal investment, as long as you don’t have a problem with hard water, this unit is worth the purchase price. Click here to buy the MagicShowerhead from Amazon.

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