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Review: Waterpik AquaScape AST-233 Dual Mode Oval Showerhead

Review: Waterpik AquaScape AST-233 Dual Mode Oval Showerhead Richard

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Are you looking for a total body experience in the shower every day? Do you want the rainfall shower experience, but not have to break your budget in order to obtain it? If so, then what you might enjoy having in your bathroom is the Waterpik AquaScape showerhead. With a retail price of $36.99, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you wouldn’t find it much cheaper online. This isn’t the case – online prices through websites like Amazon are often less than $20! In return, you get a showerhead that provides you with what could be the perfect shower experience!

What Are the Features of the Waterpik AquaScape?

This Waterpik AquaScape has many of the features of a showerhead that is three times its price tag, including the fact that it can work with horizontal or vertical positioning. This allows you to be able to maximize your existing shower space without needing to adjust your plumbing to get the best rainfall experience! In addition, these features make this showerhead a tempting proposition:

  • advanced OptiFlow technology provides you with up to 30% more water force for a full body spray, something many rainfall showers simply cannot provide;
  • two spray modes to give you a gentle, relaxing experience or a power spray to get the grime off of you after a tough day or long workout session;
  • various settings within the spray modes so that you can get a relaxing water massage while you get clean; and
  • a bright chrome finish that allows this showerhead to work with virtually any bathroom.

What are the Advantages of the Waterpik AquaScape?

Outside of its incredibly affordable price, the primary advantage users get with the Waterpik AquaScape showerhead is its innovative design that makes installing it simple and easy. Simply take off your current showerhead, screw on this showerhead, and you’re done. No assembly is required! In addition, you may find these advantages working for you as well:

  • 60 individually directed nozzles give you up to 50% more overall shower spray coverage than other comparable showerheads;
  • a removable flow restrictor allows you to customize how many gallons per minute you use in your shower every day;
  • instead of having to rotate the showerhead itself to switch options, there is a simple button to press that lets you switch shower modes; and
  • the showerhead swivels so that you can fully customize your daily shower experience.

Is the Waterpik AquaScape the Right Showerhead For You?

Priced in a range that almost everyone can afford, the Waterpik AquaScape could be just what you need to improve the look of your bathroom and your overall shower experience. As one of the easiest showerheads in its class to install, all you really need is a wrench or a set of pliers to get this showerhead put into place. In many instances, you don’t need any sealants or even Teflon tape to complete the installation! Combining value and comfort, this showerhead makes a strong case to be your next showerhead – but don’t just rely on our word… head over to Amazon to read over 300 reviews and get the best price on this showerhead.

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