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The Guide to the Best Handheld Shower Head

6841679294_a05ba3e54aHand held shower heads offer complete flexibility to help you create a great shower area in your home. They’re great for the young and old, but work well for people of all ages in between too. Washing and cleaning become a breeze with a detachable shower head, because they allow you to easily direct the water flow to any area you need to.

Keeping the whole family happy is easy too, as most hand held shower heads can function just like a fixed wall mounted shower head.

The top 15 hand held shower heads

Ana Bath 5" 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo
Combo System$$4.6
Delta Seven-Spray Hand ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount$4.3
Delta In2ition Two-In-One Shower Arm Mounted HandheldHandheld - Arm Mount$$4.3

Peerless 3-Spray/Massage Combo ShowerCombo System$4.4
Hansgrohe Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand ShowerHandheld Head Only$4.7
Rejuvenator Micro Bubble Hand Held ShowerheadHandheld with Mount$$4.7
Grohe Relexa Top 4 Hand Shower in StarLight Chrome
Handheld Head Only$$4.5
Delta Slide Bar Hand Shower SystemHandheld with Slide Bar$$$$$4.7

Delta Arm Mount Massage Handshower System
Handheld - Arm Mount$4.5

Waterpik 6-Mode Massage Handheld ShowerHandheld with Mount$3.9

KOHLER Flipside Handshower
Handheld Head Only$$4.0

Moen 4" Five Function Hand Shower with 59" Hose and Bracket
Handheld - Arm Mount$4.1
American Standard Traditional 5-Function Complete Hand ShowerHandheld with Slide Bar$$$4.9
Speakman Caspian Anystream High Pressure Handheld ShowerHandheld - Arm Mount$4.0

For those with young children, it is easier to wash them in the shower with a hand held shower head, moving the head around the young child rather than moving the child around in the shower. Also, for older persons with mobility issues, it is much easier and safer to wash (avoid slips in the shower). Rather than turning around in the shower, or lifting arms up high, the shower head can simply be brought around to the front, back and under the arms. This means less moving around within the shower, which lowers your chances of slipping and falling.

What is a hand held shower head?

Designed to detach from the fixed or adjustable wall mount, hand held shower heads are very versatile.

The head is attached to a flexible hose which is connected to the water outlet. The head then rests in a clip mount on the shower wall or attaches to a fixed shower arm.

In some cases the head can be a little loose or flimsy in the wall mount with the water turned on high. To combat this there are newer ‘combo’ designs that incorporate both a hand held shower head and a fixed wall shower head. With the twist of a knob or press of a button you can switch between the best of both worlds, or have both heads activated at once for total immersion.

The hand held shower design is becoming very popular due to its flexibility and additional style they can add to a bathroom. Many material finishes are available such as chrome, nickel and brass.

Advantages of a hand held shower heads

  • Wash where you need it. No more performing acrobatics to wash in those hard to reach places. Simply unhook the shower head and move the shower to you.

  • Great with small children. Washing kids in the bath or shower is so much easier when you can gently direct the water spray onto your children. Washing and rinsing soap away effectively whilst keeping yourself dry (well, as much as possible).

  • Best of both worlds, fixed and unfixed. With a sturdy wall mount fitting or a combo system, you can have the best of a fixed wall mounted shower head and a flexible unfixed hand held shower.

  • Helps with low water pressure. If you have low water pressure from the mains pipes or tank, then being able to bring the shower head closer to your body will help you have a much better shower. Being able to move the water flow to the relevant area of your body to rinse, even with lower water pressure you can still have a great shower.

  • Gentle on sensitive skin. As you can hold the shower closer the body, you can use a weaker stream with less water. This can help people with sensitive skin (think sunburn or younger/older people) as there is less of the ‘piercing hard needles’ sensation of strong water jets.

  • Great for older people. As we get older, we lose flexibility and muscle strength. This makes it harder and more uncomfortable to shower with a fixed wall mounted shower head. Also, a fall in the shower is much more dangerous for an older person. Twisting and turning in the shower can be greatly reduced by using a hand held shower. This will reduce discomfort and reduce the chances of slips and falls.

  • Great for washing pets. Save time and money by using your shower instead of a dog washer. Also, washing your dog at home might help with any anxiety they might have about being washed. Sometimes, the outside wash just is not possible due to weather or space – but the hand held shower gives you an inside option. Just give your shower a good clean once you’re done.

  • Easy to clean your shower. Simply spray your shower walls and glass with your ordinary bathroom tile and glass cleaner then rinse off – one of the most dreaded chores becomes almost too easy with the unfixed head.

How do I find the best hand held shower head for me?

When looking to purchase a new hand held shower head, there are a few things you should take into account;

  • Size of the head & length of hose. You don’t want the head to be too big as to be difficult to handle, but you still need some size to ensure a good rinse. Nearly all come with sufficient hose length – but it pays to check.

  • Quality. Check out the user reviews and stay with the good brands. At the end of the day, you often get what you pay for.

  • Wall mounting & fit. Will the hand held shower fit your current shower setup? You will be able to determine this by viewing the product information and pictures. If in doubt, maybe pick up a new mountings to make sure you have the best fit (if not already included).

  • Style & finish. Choose a style and finish that compliments your existing bathroom fittings and features.

Reviews of the best hand held showers

1.  Delta In2ition R Two-in-One Shower Arm Mounted Handheld

The Delta In2ition is a rather unique beast – it’s not quite the same as the fixed/handheld combo shower heads that are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not just a regular handheld that mounts to the shower arm. Instead, it takes the best elements from both of those different types of hand held showers, to create an entirely new type of shower head.

The handheld section of this shower head continues up those diagonal lines from the handle, and lifts out to convert into a handheld shower. Depending on which spray pattern you set, this means you can still have some water falling on you from the two side pieces while you use the handheld, so that you don’t get cold. This unique design is why we’ve put this as number one on our list.

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. Ana Bath 5″ 5 Function Handheld and Shower head combo

This combination unit from Ana Bath has two shower heads – one that is fixed at the end of the shower arm, and a second handheld head that clips into the side. There’s also a three way diverter, which allows you to select between the fixed or handheld shower heads, or activate both at the same time for total immersion.

Both of the heads feature the same 5 function sprayers on them, which allow you to choose between five different combinations of the three spray functions – saturating spray, massage spray, bubbling spray, saturating with massage or saturating with bubbling – allowing you to create a shower that suits your personal preference.

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. Grohe Relexa Top 4 Hand Shower

Unlike the first two products, this one is a more traditional hand shower head. The Grohe Relexa features four different spray patterns, including Wide spray, Needle jet, Champagne (which mixes air with the water stream) and Pulsator. It’s a component system, which means you will need to select a hose and holster to combine with this head to complete your shower.

This is a great hand shower, which has been used on board luxury cruise liners, including the penthouse cabins on the Crystal Cruises Crystal Symphony – so if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, then you should seriously consider this model.

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

4. American Standard 5 Function Complete Hand Shower Kit

The slide rail hand shower is a popular design, because it allows for an adjustable shower height, that can easily be changed for different members of the household – perhaps you’d like to start introducing your children to the shower? Easy – just drop the height of the spray head and the shower becomes a lot less intimidating.

This item is a complete kit – giving you everything you need to upgrade your shower. It has five different spray patterns, allowing you to easily select from a full spray, full/massage combination, pulsating massage, massage/mist combination, or power mist setting – depending on your preferences.

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

5. Speakman Caspian Anystream Handheld Shower

Speakman’s Anystream range of shower heads are renowned for their high pressure and are a common fixture in many luxury hotel rooms. Now you can bring that same experience to your bathroom with this handheld shower head. It allows you to dial in your own unique combination of water flow between the therapeutic center pulsating massage spray and the needling full-flood coverage, just by twisting the head.

Like all Speakman shower heads, this one features their famous lifetime warranty, which means if you ever run into an issue – support and a replacement is just a phone call away.

Click here to read user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

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