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Rainbow-LED-Shower-HeadAdd some color and fun to your shower experience with an LED shower head. Powered by impellers or turbines, a LED (light-emitting diode) shower head will light up your shower with no other power but the water flow. How cool is that!

Often, LED shower heads will light up your shower water with a blue glow when the water is cold and red glow when the water is hot. It’s a great way to see whether your shower is up to temperature, without risking burning yourself or being shocked by the cold. After you’ve owned it for a while, you should be able to recognize the exact shade of color that matches your perfect shower temperature!

Finding a good quality, long lasting LED head can be tricky. This resource will guide you in the right direction to add a splash of color to your great shower.

7 of the best LED Shower Heads

Ana Bath 4" 5 Function LED Handheld and Showerhead Combo
Single Color - Blue$$4.0
LightInTheBox 8" Temperature Sensitive Rainfall LED Shower Head
Temperature Sensitive$3.3

VDOMUS LED Color Changing Bar Light Handheld Shower Head
Rainbow Color Cycle$4.8

10" Rainfall 7 Color Changing LED Shower HeadRainbow Color Cycle$4.1

Handheld 7 color LED shower headRainbow Color Cycle$3.2
MagicShowerhead 7 LED Color Fading Shower HeadRainbow Color Cycle$3.8
LED Color Changing ShowerheadRainbow Color Cycle$4.1

What is a LED shower head?

As water flows through the shower head, impellers or turbines that are inside the head are turned by the flow and generate power for the LED lights which emit a blue or red light based on the water temperature. Most LED heads use a microcontroller with a temperature sensor to change the color of the light emitted by the LEDs. Blue for cold, red for hot, green for warm & sometimes flashing red for very (dangerously) hot. Though not every head will follow this color pattern so please check your product before relying on the flashing red color as a safety sign. Other models do not have the temperature sensors, instead cycling through all of the colors of the rainbow, which some describe as helping to create a party atmosphere in their bathroom.

Other than the addition of the LED lights and the turbines, the shower head is just like any other. It should be noted that water passing through and turning the turbines does create a little extra noise. Different models and different qualities will make this noise either barely audible above ordinary shower noise, or a louder whine. Please use this review guide to find the best LED shower for you.

Advantages of installing LED shower heads

  • Its fun! Add some color and life to your Monday morning shower. Show off to your friends “What? Your shower doesn’t light up?”

  • Visually check the temperature. Tired of standing there with your hand in the cold shower stream while you wait for the hot water to come through? Now you can just wait until the shower turns the right color!

  • Shower in the dark. No need to waste electricity on the bathroom light here. Now you can let your water pressure illuminate your  shower. Get a water saving LED head and you can boast about saving water & electricity. You’re so green!

  • Add a bit of romance & mood lighting. Set the mood with a red light shower (ooh la la), maybe a nice surprise for that someone special…

How do I find the best LED shower head for me?

Looking for a great LED shower head? Here’s what you should consider;

  • How it is powered. Some LED shower heads are battery powered whilst others are powered by turbines and the water flow. Most people would prefer not to have to change batteries, though some turbines can add extra noise to the shower.

  • Color change. Does the color change? And does the color change based upon the temperature of the water or does it cycle through the colors of the rainbow?

  • Quality. Pay attention to the customer reviews and remember you usually get what you pay for. There are more parts to an LED head, so more things can break.

  • At the end of the day, its still a shower. Make sure you’re still happy with the shower head as a shower head, not just as an LED light show. You don’t want to trade pressure, size and comfort for a few LED lights.

Reviews of the Top 3 LED Showerheads

1. Ana Bath 4″ 5 Function LED Shower Head Combo

As the only major manufacturer that is putting our LED shower heads, Ana Bath’s 4″ combination shower head automatically earns its spot at the top of our list. It’s backed with a three year warranty on the single colored blue LED components, and a lifetime warranty on the remainder of the showerhead.

It features a fixed shower head and a handheld unit, plus a three way diverter that allows you to select between either or both of them. Both shower heads also feature the same five different spray patterns as well – saturating, massage, bubbling spray, saturating & massage spray, saturating & bubbling spray.

Read more user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

2. LightInTheBox 8″ Rainfall Temperature Sensitive LED Showerhead

lightintheboxAs the only temperature sensitive LED shower head in our round up, it’s our pick for the best in this category. LightInTheBox sell a whole range of different LED gadgets over on Amazon, which shows that this is a product category that they are experts in.

This particular shower head features a rainfall spray pattern and temperature sensitive LED lighting, so that you will know if you’re shower is too hot with a flashing RED color – otherwise cold is blue, hot is red and “perfect” is green. It’s got a rating of 3.3 over on Amazon from over 110 reviewers.

Read more user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

3. VDOMUS LED Color Changing Wand Handheld Shower Head

The VDOMUS LED Color Changing Wand is a cheap and cheerful shower head that features a color changing LED in the arm of the shower, that also illuminates the stream of water.

Coming in at at less than $15, this is a great value item for a bit of extra fun in your shower. It is the handheld head only, which means you will need to already have the relevant flexible hose installed in your shower to be able to install this quickly and easily.

Read more user reviews and compare prices on Amazon.

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  1. Charlotte

    April 24, 2014 at 12:33 am

    My shower head shown in the demonstration was really good, well still is really good. Unfortunately it stopped working when we went on holiday for two weeks… We came back to the led lights not working… We come from a hard water area and I think it has built up some lime scale.
    What’s the best to clean it?
    Or does this mean it won’t work again?

    Hope you can help.

    Kind regards



    • Richard

      April 24, 2014 at 5:45 pm

      Hi Charlotte,
      You might find that following our guide to change a shower head to remove the shower head, then inspect the power generating mechanism inside to see if you can see any limescale in there will help determine if a buildup of limescale has caused the LED lights to stop working. You could also try following the shower head cleaning steps in our “How to clean a shower” guide.
      Hope these links help you to solve the problem. If not, try getting in touch with the manufacturer of the shower head to see if it is covered under warranty.


  2. Jessica Hebin

    June 11, 2014 at 8:02 am

    I purchased a 7-color changing showerhead on miniinthebox and it would great!… For half of one shower.. During my first use it just randomly stopped the light show. Its been about a month now, and that’s the last time I saw the lights. I didn’t mess with it too much because I didn’t want to break the entire showerhead. What could be the problem?


    • Richard

      June 13, 2014 at 2:58 pm

      It sounds like a problem with the device in the shower head that generates power for the LED lights, which may have been caused by poor build quality or mineral content in your water. Given that it wasn’t one of the recommended ones that we sell from Amazon, I can’t really offer much more help other than suggesting you get in touch with the customer service team from the store that you bought it from, and see if they can help.

      Otherwise, please check out the products we recommend in the table above and purchase one of them to replace the faulty shower head.


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