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A Guide to the Best Shower Arm

shower-armEver had a shower, but only from the neck down? In a shower with such a low shower head it must have been installed by a hobbit? Stop contorting you poor neck just to get a drop of water on your hair and face… it’s time to change your shower arm and install a shower head extension.

8 of the best shower head extensions

PictureNameHeight IncreasePriceRating
Danze 13-Inch S-Shape Shower ArmApprox 12"$4.6

Moen Waterhill 14-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2.5"$$4.6
Delta 10 Inch Adjustable Shower ArmUp to 9"$4.2
Delta Addison 15-Inch Shower ArmApprox 2"$4.5
American Standard Shepherd's Crook Shower ArmApprox 4"$5.0
Danco S Shower Arm with FlangeApprox 11"$4.5

Danze 15-Inch Sirius Shower ArmApprox 9"$$4.0

MODONA "S" Shaped Shower Arm with Flange
Approx 6"$5.0

What is a shower arm or extension?

A shower arm is the pipe fitting that connects the water supply in your shower wall to your shower head. Over time, your shower arm can become corroded and start to leak, or sometimes the arm is installed too low and you want to raise your shower height. Installing a new shower arm with an adjustable arm or ‘S’ configuration will help increase the height of your shower.

How to replace your shower arm

Use our how to change a shower head guide here. The same principles apply, just in addition to removing the head, use the same process to remove the arm as well. It’s a very simple job, you won’t need much, if any, DIY handyman experience.

How do I find the best shower arm or shower head extension for me?

  • Design/style. Do you need an ‘S’ configuration shower head arm or a multi-arm to raise your shower head up higher? Or do you need a ceiling mounted arm or height adjustable arm fixed to the wall? Take your time to browse the different arms to find the right fit for you. To fix a low shower arm easily, your best bet is probably an ‘S’ configuration arm. It’s easy to install and comes in one solid piece.

  • Shower head fit. Ensure your shower head fits your shower arm. You’ll be able to tell just by looking at the arm and head product pictures and measurements. For example, you can’t go out and buy a 12” monster rain shower head and expect to fit it to the smallest ‘S’ shower arm. It’ll bump up against one of the bends and will not screw on tight. Taking the time to review the measurements of your shower arm and shower head ahead of time will save you a lot of heartache when it comes time to install it.

  • Design finish. Choose a shower arm that matches the color and finish of your other bathroom fittings, especially your shower head. Match chrome with chrome, brass with brass – after all, you don’t want to have any strange color clashes. Also try to match modern with modern. Don’t go with an old Victorian style arm with an ultra modern LED shower head, it’ll just look funny.

  • Quality. As always, check the reviews and look for the bigger, more reputable brands to ensure that you get a great buy that will provide you with many years of showering pleasure.

Top 5 review

1. Danze D481116 13″ S Shaped Shower Arm

The Danze 13″ S shaped arm has to be one of our favorites, because it can add approximately 12″ to the height of your shower head – for less than $30. In a lot of people’s homes, this almost makes it as good as a ceiling mounted shower head.

Adding this sort of height to your shower is a must have if you’re installing a rain shower head, in order to truly feel the effects of “rainfall” in your shower.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

2. Moen S113 Waterhill 14″ Shower Arm

This shower arm appears to be very popular with purchasers of the Moen S6320 Velocity rainfall showerhead (read our review here) as the perfect shower arm to pair with it. It’s available in a range of different colors to match any bathroom style.

This one allows you to move your shower head about 14″ into the shower area, and adds approximately 4″ of height over the wall outlet. If your outlet is already rather high on the wall, then this could be a really good shower arm to pair with your new rain shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

3. American Standard 1660.198.002 12″ Shepherd’s Crook Shower Arm

Like the Moen unit above, this “Shepherd’s Crook” shower arm from American Standard will add approximately 4″ of height to your shower head – perfect for people who find themselves in a shower that was built a little too short for them.

Unlike some of the other units on this page, it is available in a few different colored finishes, to allow you to match it with the other fittings in your existing shower or newly renovated bathroom.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

4. Danze D481144 15″ Sirius Shower Arm

Unlike the rest of the shower arms in the top 5, the Danze Sirius arm has a squarer shape to it, which means that it’ll better match in with a large square shower head.

It adds approx 9″ to the height of the shower – enough to fully enjoy the benefits of a rain can shower head.

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

5. Modona “S” Shaped Shower Head Extension Arm

The thing that makes the Modona “S” Shaped shower arm unique is the sharper angles on the bends which closely resemble the shape of a kitchen faucet.

This shower arm will add at least 6″ to the height of your shower head and can be found online for less than $20!

Read user reviews and compare prices at Amazon

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